Sending your child to school for the first time is such an important moment in your life as a mother. You filled with emotions but proud that your child has reached this exciting milestone. I thought I found the perfect play school for my daughter until they decided to close down 3 days before opening. I had no backup plan!

I’m so angry and disappointed! We paid for this school last year and all of a sudden they have issues. It makes me question the ethics and professionalism of some schools.

This was the perfect school for me, it had everything I wanted for my child and at a reasonable price.

Since last week thursday, I’ve been researching. Checking on the internet for suggestions, chatting to friends and visiting schools in the area to find one that can accommodate my child last-minute.

I’m a confused and frustrated mother at the moment.

We want the best for our kids. But sometimes trying to find the best can overwhelm you.

It’s not a big deal to put Kitana in school right now because she’s only 2 and a half but I really want her to go so she can interact with other kids and learn. It also gives me some time to work while she’s in school.

I always thought picking a school would be easy but I was so wrong. Here I am sitting and looking at a ton of forms from different schools thinking which one should I pick?!

This is such an important phase for my child and I don’t want to mess it up. How do I compare schools that are so different but so much alike? Is that even possible?

I’ve learnt so much from this experience and it definitely taught me a lesson that I will use in the future.

tips for finding the right school in South Africa

  1. Start looking at schools at least 24 months before your child needs to attend. (Some schools get booked years in advance).
  2. Visit schools in the area and chat to friends who have kids in the school if possible.
  3. Have a backup plan. If school A doesn’t work out, you need at least 2 more options.
  4. Think about your budget and what fits your price range.
  5. What does the school offer for the price? Do they have after school activities?
  6. How good is security in the school? What’s the process of dropping and fetching your child?
  7. Take your toddler to the school you interested in and leave them for at least 2 hours a day before they actually start so they can get used to the environment and people.
  8. Check for positive and/or nurturing relationships between teachers and children. What is your instinct about the teacher?
  9. Find out about their daily routine and the type of meals provided.
  10. Think about the distance of traveling every day. Will you be sitting in traffic? Paste the address into google maps and look for different route options.

I wish I could start all over again. Now I have to make a quick decision because it’s almost the end of the month and school has already started. I’m hoping Kitana likes the school we chose and I’m hoping this one works out.

Moms, you need to be the smarty pants and question from day 1. Don’t be fooled.

Do you have any advice and tips for me?

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