The First Day of School is always the hardest…

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There comes a time in motherhood where us moms have to take a step back and let go of our kids as they venture into the world. We think that this happens only when our children finish matric or get married, but the truth is that it all begins on the first day of school…

The first day of school is when I have to let go of my child’s hand even though I don’t want to and let my her become a little independent.

It is the day that I have to cut that umbilical cord and believe that my child will be just fine without me around.


It is the day that I will also most probably be staring at my clock counting down hours until school finishes… because this is another FIRST for me in motherhood.

The first day that my daughter wears a school uniform…

The first day that she carries her new school bag filled with brand-new stationary.

The first day that she meets her classmates and … the first day that she walks in her big girl shoes – taking the first step to 12 years of school.

Saying goodbye to my “baby” is going to be one of the hardest things that I will have to do because I know that my emotions will take over on the day.

Even though I promised myself not to cry in front of her, I might end up sitting in my car weeping like a 2-year-old.

Already emotional…

I know that you probably felt that way when you dropped your child off at crèche or at playschool.

This somehow feels different for me.

Many of us left screaming kids with the strange teachers and called the minute that we got home or arrived at work just to check if everything was okay.

Many of us sat weeping guiltily because we could not stay at home with baby and felt like we failed at motherhood.

I am anxious. I am scared.

Am I overreacting?

I keep thinking about the WHAT Ifs.

What if she cries? I won’t be there to wipe her tears and tell her it’s okay.

What if she doesn’t make any friends? Thinking of my child sitting alone fills my eyes with tears already.


What if she falls? I won’t be there to pick her up and console her if she gets hurt.

What if she forgets to wash her hands? I won’t be there to remind her.

My daughter isn’t so little anymore –  this is what I need to remember.

I need to trust…

Myself – I did my best in molding her into the person that she is becoming.

My daughter – Trust that she knows what to do.


Her teacher – Trust that she will take care of my little girl when I am not with her.

Letting go may be hard but it also brings some exciting FIRSTS.

The first school concert.


The first school report and the first class picture.

This is the beginning of another chapter in motherhood.

There will always be those emotional FIRSTS, but it’s only there to reminds us of how far we’ve come and what we have ahead.

We will always be there when they need us but letting go of their hands on the first day of school is something we all have to do one day…

True I don’t want to let her go – knowing that I won’t be there to protect her but letting go is one of the greatest steps to letting her grow.


It will get easier every year and there will come a time where the first day is just another year in school for your child so don’t be afraid — embrace it because you will never get that FIRST day again…

You are allowed to cry, take gazillion pictures and hug your child for as long as you want.

Like many mothers before me – I will be putting on my brave face and leaving my child to the first day of her latest journey.

I would love to hear your experiences. Was it worse for you or your little one?


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