10 reasons why we love the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy!

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I cannot believe it that my son is a year old already, almost walking and is uttering the words “Bye”, “Mumma” and “Dadda”! It feels like just yesterday I brought him home covered up in a tiny blanket and now he is crawling around, throwing kisses to random girls in the shopping malls.

Today, hearing my son say “bye” when I waved goodbye to him while rushing off to a meeting, made me tear a little! It reminded me of how quickly our little ones grow.

Kiaan is learning something new every day. This is such a crucial time in his development.


He is a little person on a mission! He gets tired of toys quickly and only a few really captures his attention.

When I purchase toys for my kids, I always think about longevity and the developmental benefits behind it.

The truth is that toys cost a fortune these days! Our kids love it and we are obligated to purchase them for special occasions but, as parents, we have to start making smarter decisions about the type of toys we purchase for our little ones. After all, if we are going to spend money, let us start investing in our children’s future.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy has always been one of our favourite “characters” at home. The reason as to why I say character is well, because we have been on a journey with Puppy for the last 3 years! I guess that you have to really experience puppy to love him, and who can resist cuddles that teach.


We discovered Puppy when Kitana was an infant and it was so random!

I remember searching the app store just before Kitana’s first big trip to Sri Lanka and I came across a few Fisher-Price apps which have been a hit ever since then!

Fisher-Price doesn’t just sell quality toys; they offer you a journey until preschool, a journey that is filled with educational stories and sing along apps!

Their goal is to keep enriching the lives of families with young children.

To help parents soothe newborns to sleep.

To encourage babies to make that next “I did it!” move.

To see the wonder as toddlers, discover the magic of play.

To hear a pre-schooler, imagine new worlds and explore everyday ones.

To keep bringing joy to generations.


Puppy has recently become Kiaan’s favourite too and now that we finally adopted Puppy, he goes everywhere with us!

Learning has just got fun in the Vijendranath household thanks to the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy.

10 reasons why you should consider the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy:


1. Puppy is a soft, cuddly and huggable friend that can be taken along anywhere. He is perfect for long distance traveling.

2. Puppy helps your little one explore and helps encourage imaginative play.

3. Puppy helps baby develop at their own pace.

4. It has 50+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases that encourages first words.

5. Puppy’s paws, tummy, ears and light-up heart respond to baby’s touch (7 activations in all!)

6. The product helps introduce body parts, letters, colours, counting and more.

7. Puppy helps develop sensory and fine motor skills.

8. It’s is an interactive quality toy that grows with your child.It has the smart Stages™ technology—3 levels of play!


9. It’s a value for money product that can be used up until 18m+.

10. Online apps to continue the learning and engagement.

Kiaan is so fascinated with puppy that he smiles when puppy talks and dances when puppy sings. He is now trying to sing with puppy.

To find out more about Puppy and his friends, visit https://goo.gl/oA5uPw. He might just charm his way into your house too! 😉

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  1. 2016-10-11 / 14:04

    That is such a cute little toy! I love that it helps with education as well as being fun and exciting for the little ones.

  2. 2016-10-11 / 20:58

    My kids got this toy as a gift when they were babies and loved it. I’m not too thrilled when toys make a ton of noise, but this one was a hit with them!

  3. 2016-10-12 / 03:24

    My friends little girl has this toy and she loves it. It would be a great gift for any toddler.

  4. 2016-10-12 / 08:53

    Your baby is so adorable! Yes, fisher price is the best choice for kids.

  5. Kathy
    2016-10-12 / 14:58

    This is a great toy! My girls would have loved it when they were younger. My friend is having a baby any day now and I think I should get her this!

  6. 2016-10-12 / 18:12

    We absolutely love Fisher Price toys, especially the Laugh and Learn Puppy! It’s great for interaction and my kids love pushing the different sensor points for music!

  7. uprunforlife
    2016-10-12 / 18:55

    He is growing up way too fast. I remember when you were pregnant with him.
    My son also had the Laugh and Learn Puppy. As a mom, I loved educational toys too. I think this one is a great one to have too.

  8. 2016-10-13 / 04:50

    Wow, what a lovely toy! This reminds me so much of my son’s younger years.

  9. 2016-10-13 / 05:03

    Your son is such a cute little guy! That looks like a really fun toy and I can see why he would want to take it everywhere with him.

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