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Last week Wednesday Vije and I had the opportunity to review Filo yoghurt. I’m always excited about yoghurt whether its frozen or from Woolworths.

The process is simple: You start of with a blank canvas – a cup of virtually fat-free, calcium rich, probiotic and protein packed frozen yoghurt – a mouthful already, right? Wrong. The real art happens now. Their toppings counter has you spoilt for choice. Feeling a bit health conscious today? No problem, they have a variety of fresh fruit toppings. Tomorrow you may feel a little indulgent. In that case, you’re in for many sweet, chocolatey, fudgey, sugary treats. The final masterpiece is up to you. However you choose to create your work of art, they guarantee you’ll love it. After all, it’s frozen yoghurt, your way.

The first thing that caught my eye was the tiny feet leading up to the store. This is very clever and I’m sure most children like my toddler followed it, leading us straight to Filo. Once we reached the store, the lovely art work inside and outside caught my attention. I love the fact that they paid attention to detail. Another clever trick Filo excelled in, is putting their social media usernames on the glass outside the store. People like myself who are social holics will immediately go and tweet them a picture.



I love simplicity and I think Filo captured their brand perfectly. I absolutely love the setup and art work of the store.

The BIG Q is what makes Filo different from other brands?

1. The interior decor.

Most of thee other brands scream out loud while Filo is simple but still makes a statement.

2. You can buy take-away yoghurt.

Yes if you addicted like me, you can buy and freeze it. I was extremely impressed with this.

3. The staff is friendly.

Happy faces to welcome and help you in whatever way they can. While I was at the store, there was a lady who seemed a bit difficult when it came to finding the right flavor. Thembi (Staff member) went up and helped, which made her eventually give in and purchase the product. Im sure I’ve blogged about this before and I will say it again. Customer service is extremely important to me and I take note of the little things.

4. They serve waffles. Yummmmy! However I feel they can introduce more options with the waffle to make it more exciting. The cream was lovely but the waffle itself didn’t taste the best. This is a new product in their store, so Im sure they will improve as time goes.

5. They have a loyalty card and you can buy gift vouchers for those that are yoghurt holics. 😉

6. They introduced a signature drink: Filospresso.

A hot and fragrant Italian espresso, poured like an avalanche over a mountain of plain or Greek yoghurt, topped off with a touch of chocolate sauce.

7. They serve smoothies.

Made with their signature frozen yogurt and high quality ingredients like fresh, hand-cut fruit, or indulgent peanut butter banana.

Filo only use premium ingredients, both sourced locally and internationally, and serve it up with the trademark Filo twist. They promise to offer you real frozen yoghurt made only with hormone free ayshire milk

My favorite was the chocolate frozen yoghurt and the caramel syrup which is an optional extra. The strawberry syrup was also very nice, works well with the different flavors. Actually they all yummmmy 😛 you just have to find your favorite.

They have a variety of flavors including: Cheesecake, coffee and white chocolate.


My overall experience: Very nice and neat, I would love to see flake in the toppings 😛 and I think some music in the store will give it a better vibe.

Would I visit Filo again? Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes



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