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With apps releasing almost every week, it’s hard to decide which app you should get on your cell phone or tablet. I’m always reading reviews looking for interesting apps that will suit my lifestyle.
One really stood out for me this week: Folr. It’s very similar to the find my phone app but instead it’s you who can find your loved ones. At first I thought, why do I need to follow anyone? That sounds like I’m invading someone’s privacy especially my husband’s. I decided to download the app before I could make a conclusion about it.

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Folr, is a location-tracking application, that gives real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more. Installed on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet), it unobtrusively updates you on the locations of the most important people in your life.

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Let’s talk about how it can actually assist you:
• Cell phones get stolen every day, hijacking when you least expect it…How would anyone find you? Well if a family member has you on folr, they can find your phone’s location.
• Parents are always worried about their kids whereabouts, folr gives you peace of mind by letting you know where your child is.
• Great tool for long distance traveling, allowing your family access to your ‘holiday’. This can really help in case of an emergency.
• Teachers/Parents can use it at school camps to keep tabs on pupils attending.

Not everyone likes being followed, I’m sure many teenagers would refuse to download an app like this. Yes, it’s understandable but knowing my child is safe, is more important to me than the privacy problem. Use the app for an emergency situation and it can be a positive contribution to the safety of your loved ones. I never thought I would need this app until yesterday when my car GPS tracker sounded an alarm and my mum was driving the car at the time. I unfortunately couldn’t get a hold of her and I was quite worried. I tried calling several times but no answer so I decided to go on the app to see where she is! Thanks to Folr, I was able to track down my mom.

My husband, Vije, is a frequent traveler and I’m always worried about him, hoping he reaches his destination safely. Sometimes he can’t call as soon as he reaches, having this app will really help me relax when he’s overseas.

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How do I use it?

1. Download Folr from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Activate location-based services for Folr in your devices’ “Settings”.

3. Open Folr to create an account and log-in.

Folr can only track someone if he or she gives you permission to do so thus preserving security without compromising privacy. The app can be downloaded for free and if you need to keep track of the history of the locations, requires a yearly fee of $29.99 USD.

Folr app can be downloaded on the app store or google play store.

Folr is about you knowing your loved ones are safe.

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  1. Lauren
    2014-09-22 / 13:45

    Oh wow. I keep hearing about Folr but haven’t found anything that really explains it. Will download tonight with hubby. My man also travels and with Rosie in the picture, I’m a lot more protective nowdays. Will be good to know he’s safe and well.

  2. 2014-09-22 / 15:44

    Interesting! I could see this being useful, especially when my kids get older. I hope they don’t resist (as you would expect teens to), but I think as long as there’s a healthy conversation about it, it should be ok. It would help me in giving them some freedom that they will want but still give me that peace of mind.

  3. 2014-09-22 / 17:03

    That would come in really handy with a teenager! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  4. melissajane01
    2014-09-22 / 22:22

    This is awesome! I actually like having my family know where I am….especially if I’m out running. I would definitely use this with my kids.

    • Shan
      2014-09-23 / 22:22

      You should, I’m really enjoying it.

  5. 2014-09-26 / 09:16

    This is interesting! Thank you for always letting us in on the coolest mommy things 🙂 I like that teachers can be tracked using it

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2014-11-04 / 17:15

    That sounds like a really useful app! Especially for when my kids get cell phones.

  7. Courtney
    2014-11-04 / 21:08

    Looks like an interesting app!!! Gunna look into downloading! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. 2014-11-04 / 21:24

    i like this.. i am going to be checking into it, so i can make sure my kids are where they say they are.

  9. 2014-11-04 / 22:44

    This would definitely come in handy for children. I’m not so sure my Hubby would like it, but I could definitely see us using this with our son.

  10. 2014-11-04 / 23:27

    Sounds like a great app, especailly if you need to keep track of your kids!

  11. 2014-11-05 / 00:26

    This is a great app for parents! I know my sister would totally object to it and so would my boyfriend! But for safety precautions I can totally see why its useful!

  12. 2014-11-05 / 03:28

    This seems like a great way to keep tabs on your kids. This would be really useful as a parent.

  13. michele d
    2014-11-05 / 03:30

    Looks like an app that I need for my household. I’m going to check them out. Thanks!

  14. 2014-11-05 / 04:32

    Does this app work even without wi-fi or Internet connection? Robbers here are expert in hijacking cellphones and resetting everything so the owners won’t find it anymore.

  15. 2014-11-05 / 06:06

    We have been needing something like this. I will download it tonight!

  16. Elizabeth O.
    2014-11-05 / 09:32

    Thank heavens for these apps. Making life easier.

  17. 2014-11-05 / 11:50

    For kids in those in-between ages who often forget to tell their parents where they are, this is genius. It’s peace of mind!

  18. 2014-11-05 / 18:47

    I think if used correctly and for the right reasons its a great app and especially for parents worried about their kids on school trips abroad etc

  19. 2014-11-05 / 19:32

    Wow, I haven’t heard about this. Thank you. I’m certainly going to download this one.

  20. 2014-11-05 / 21:12

    This sounds like a great app indeed. I would like to have it for my son. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-11-05 / 23:37

    Sounds like a great app for keeping track of children. Thanks for sharing.

  22. 2014-11-06 / 02:16

    I think these are great for your children. If they want a phone, I’d make this a requirement.

  23. 2014-11-06 / 04:43

    I would love this for my preteens and teenagers :). Thank you for sharing.

  24. 2014-11-06 / 05:55

    This would be a good app for children, but couldn’t the children shut it off so you wouldn’t see where they are if they didn’t want you too? Guess I just don’t get it .

  25. 2014-11-06 / 06:22

    Interesting app.It’s amazing how far technology comes and makes my wonder why we don’t think about retrying the beeper type method and these can be synced with the app. This will allow children to not have a phone, but have something for that “just in case.”

  26. 2014-11-06 / 07:27

    It’s an interesting app. There seriously is an app for everything at this point. I’ll be checking this one out. Thanks for your thoughts.

  27. 2014-11-06 / 08:41

    I’ve never heard about this app before, but it sound like a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  28. 2014-11-06 / 15:12

    I have never heard of this app! It’s a really good idea.

  29. 2014-11-06 / 19:42

    What a great app for tracking kids down too. Especially teenagers!

  30. 2014-11-06 / 20:29

    I think this could be helpful to use with your kids. I was also wondering if the kids could just shut it off though.

  31. 2014-11-08 / 01:22

    I think it’s excellent for exactly what you said. Watch out for those kids and to help find a lost or stolen phone 🙂

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