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You, Baby and I is excited to announce our Startup – Momsays.
Please note we are currently rebranding the website. 
Hello mom, are you keen on reviewing products and services in your area?
We want to give you the opportunity to work with the best brands in South Africa! 
Share you opinions, connect with like-minded moms and earn rewards!

Did you know?

70% of moms get their buying advice from other moms?

80% of moms feel the brands don’t speak their language?

Brands have it tough trying to capture the attention of busy moms when they prefer to get recommendations from whom they trust. The sheer volume of products compounds and it’s overwhelming. Our platform – Momsays solves this problem.

What is Momsays?

Momsays is a platform created for moms to voice their opinion! We help make brand experiences fun for mom!


Please note: We are currently working on the BETA platform which requires moms to sign up!

Sign up now so you don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the testing phase.


Share with us your unique ideas, thoughts, and experiences so we can make Momsays work for you. 

Create your own personal profile to be a part of Momsays testing phase or submit your story if you keen on starting your blogging journey.


Past campaigns include:

Tiny love


Momsays members can access awesome photographers around the country for pregnancy, family or good old party photos anywhere in South Africa! Check the site here and get that shoot for the family and watch for any specials in your area.


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