Ford is one of South Africa’s most popular car brands. The New KUGA promises to stand out and wow you, but the question is; Does it really?

To be honest, after Ford was in the press not so long ago for all the wrong reasons, I was a bit scared to test drive this vehicle. Like who wouldn’t be right? But I think Ford has handled the situation pretty well to bring back their reputation.

They launched a newer model that impresses and is fuel-efficient which is a big plus for me. After testing out the SUV, I understood why the KUGA has always been popular with many South Africans.


I got to review the Titanium model (2.0 TDCi Titanium Powershift 6AT AWD).

The starting Price of this vehicle is R 516,600. The model I reviewed had some extra features.

Ford gives you the following options for the KUGA:

  • SYNC ® 3 system with Bluetooth and Voice Control; 8″ Touchscreen and navigation (Branded Audio + 9 speakers) – Trend & Titanium only.
  • Driver Assistance Pack (read down below).
  • Styling Pack (more details on the website).

Now before this, I’ve been driving a Mini Cooper for a very long time so when I sat in this vehicle for the first time, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Couple days after using it, I fell head over heels for it mainly because even though it’s an SUV, it is still very compact and if you are used to small vehicles, the transition to this one wouldn’t be very difficult.

If you have a big family, more than 3 kids with 2 children in car seats then the KUGA is not for you because it is still a tiny car even though you do have good boot space. I suggest you check out the Ford Everest (converts to a 7-seater).

There’s a handful of times that I travel with all 3 kids together and now that Kitana is moving to a booster seat, it does make life a little easier in the back seat especially because an ISOFIX takes loads of space.

The Ford Kuga is the perfect everyday vehicle and it can be used off-road which is a big plus if you love traveling with the family.

I must say, I enjoyed this vehicle, it grew on me especially and the extra features definitely made it a luxury drive.

Is it practical for my family of 5? No, we need more seats, but I would buy it as a second car any day!

The drive is good, the seats are comfortable, and the interior is modern.

Features you need to know about:


  • Airbags

The Kuga has seven airbags – including side curtain airbags – offer extra protection for both front and backseat passengers. That’s safety in numbers.

  • Adaptive cruise control

Instead of having to turn Cruise Control on and off, the Kuga adapts. If it senses traffic is slowing, it slows. When the traffic clears, it goes back to your pre-set speed.

  • Active City Stop

When traffic is crawling along, it can be easy to miss someone suddenly stopping up front. In speeds of up to 50km/h, Enhanced Active City Stop can detect if the car in front has unexpectedly stopped and automatically apply the brakes if you don’t.

  • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) – LOVE THIS!

It’s a small thing but a very important one. Indicator lights in the side mirrors let you know when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot when changing lanes. So, you can see what you can’t see.

  • Lane Keeping Aid

You probably don’t ever mean to drift into the next lane. But don’t worry. As soon as you do, your steering wheel will vibrate to alert you and steering torque will automatically direct your Kuga back into your lane.


  • Hands-free power tailgate

The hands-free power tailgate opens (and closes) with a wave of your foot under the bumper.

  • Electronic Parking Brake

Kuga’s space-saving electronic parking brake lets you park securely with the touch of a button. At the same time, rear parking sensors beep to help let you know how close you are to any hidden obstacles.


  • Auto Stop/Start

Why waste fuel at idle? Kuga knows when you’ve stopped at lights or stuck in traffic and shuts down the engine automatically. When you’re ready to drive again, just press the accelerator and the engine restarts.

The Kuga Eco Boost delivers a small engine that is fuel economy and big engine power in one.

To fully enjoy the engine’s responsiveness, the 6-speed SelectShiftTM automatic transmission lets you switch to ‘manual mode’ so you can work the gears – without the clutch.

I didn’t fall in love with the Kuga immediately but after experiencing the vehicle for a few days, my impression changed on the Kuga and I feel like I trust Ford more now than before.


Definitely worth a test drive if it fits into your budget. Find out more about the vehicle here.

After driving this car, the only question I really have is, does it come in black? 😉

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