How to get free product samples for baby in South Africa


It seems like South Africa still needs to catch up with other countries when it comes to product samples and coupons.

We don’t have a variety available here like the USA does (I couldn’t believe the number of brands that offer samples) but there are a few ways you can get your hands on baby product samples in South Africa!

Many of the stores mentioned below are places you most likely will shop at anyway, so why miss out?

I’m going to share with you a few places/websites you can visit to get baby product samples, nappy bags, discount vouchers and even the full product to review and keep!

Sound interesting…? Let’s begin!

How to get Free baby product samples in South Africa:

1. Dis-chem Baby Bag

This is one of the most popular “freebies” at the moment for first-time moms. I received one when I was pregnant with my son and to be honest, I still use the nappy bag. I think Dis-chem has done a brilliant job in creating this baby program (good marketing tool) and I am hoping more stores/brands jump on board to do something similar.


Please note that Dis-chem has recently changed their terms & conditions for getting the nappy bag.


  • Simply register your pregnancy and due date in-store.
  • Earn 975 or more Benefit Points* on your card.
  • Book a consultation with their Clinic Sister. The starting price for a consultation is around R100.

Once you have met the above conditions and are in your third trimester of pregnancy, Dis-chem will contact you to collect your bag.


  • Dis-Chem Baby members will be eligible for special offers, in-store events, bonus points, exclusive promotions and a fabulous Benefits Mother & Child magazine every quarter.
  • Dis-Chem Baby members can look forward to regular newsletters with informative information on Pregnancy and Childcare.
  • Baby Wellness clinics can be found in most stores and their trained clinic sisters can offer you advice on many topics including breastfeeding and vaccinating your baby. Some of their clinics even stock government vaccinations.
  • You will have access to pregnancy, baby and toddler advice through our Dis-Chem Baby Portal, their Benefits magazine and Baby Wellness Clinics in store, plus some fantastic offers and money off the things you really need.
  • Through your membership and participation, you will be making a positive contribution to the Dis-Chem Foundation.

What’s in the bag?


Samples of breast pads, maternity pads, nappies, wet wipes, bum cream, cotton wool, surgical spirits, assorted baby toiletries and Hand sanitizer. Any additional items that are included are sponsored and limited in availability.

For more information, visit

2. MomSays

Are you keen on reviewing baby products or would you like to attend focus groups that offer you massages and awesome goodie bags?


MomSays is a platform created for moms to voice their opinion! We help make brand experiences fun for mom!

How do I sign up?

Click here -> and fill in the form then join the Facebook group ->

Why should you join?

1. Opinions – Moms can review, recommend and setup quick-fire questions about brand experiences.

2. Connecting moms to brands – Moms can access products they want to purchase and attend exclusive events.

3. MomSays Rewards gives moms an opportunity to earn an extra income based on her influence on the platform.

Current campaign:

One lucky mom will get to review and keep the Tiny Love 3-in-1 close to me bouncer!

tiny love

3. Clicks Baby Club

The Clicks Baby Club offers expecting parents great benefits on various baby products and services within the Clicks such as expert parental advise and discounted offers on selected products.

If you are currently in possession of a Clicks Club Card you don’t need a separate card to get Baby Club benefits. All you need to do is notify the Clicks call centre and your existing club card will be linked to the Clicks Baby Club. Each time you purchase baby products you will earn points and get discounts on selected products.


Why should you join?

  • Earning double points on selected baby products and clinic services.
  • You get an additional 10% OFF on selected Clicks branded /private label products.
  • You also receive SMS reminder for your clinic vaccination appointment.
  • Access to Paed-IQ expert advice from a professional paediatrician online (
  • Exclusive access to competitions and an invitation to the annual Clicks Baby Event that showcases new baby products at Clicks *Subject to location plus you also get an awesome goodie bag to take home after the event!
  • Each time you buy Clicks brand baby products, you are also contributing to the Clicks Helping Hand Trust. The Trust aims to help lessen the burden on state facilities by offering free clinic services to moms and their babies born in state facilities without access to medical aid, on Thursday afternoons.

Even though Clicks doesn’t give you a free nappy bag, I think they offer some good benefits on their programme like the events and clinics that they have introduced in-store. The points you accumulate on your card can eventually be used to purchase something.

For more information, visit

4. Huggies

Playtime is not only fun, it is also important for your baby’s development. For this reason, Huggies® has introduced new Nappy Pants, the nappy for little explorers. Huggies Nappy Pants provides up to 12 hours of absorbency, during the day and night and fit like underwear with an all-around stretchy waistband.

Huggies provides samples for the new Nappy Pants – I think this is one of the reasons why the brand is doing so well at the moment. They are giving moms an opportunity to test out their product before purchasing it which not many brands are willing to do these days.


All you need to do is visit their website and fill in a form.

Sizes available for samples:


5. Bennetts for babies

Bennetts hasn’t officially put it out on their website that they provide samples but when I phoned their offices yesterday they did confirm they do if the mom contacts their marketing department. I also suggest you join their mommies club!


For more information, visit

6. Your Medical aid

I think almost every medical aid in South Africa has a mom and baby programme. I’m with Discovery medical aid – they offer Vitality Baby.

Discovery Vitality members who are pregnant or have a baby under the age of two can join the Vitality Baby 1 000 days programme.

Some benefits:

  • Vitality gift pack (nappy bag/box filled with samples) and 10% discount card – 10% off selected baby gear at Toys R Us stores including car seats, booster seats, travel systems, strollers, high chairs and camp cots.
  • Get up to 25% cash back on: Your Well Baby check-ups at Clicks or Dis-Chem pharmacies.
    Products in the HealthyCare baby catalogues at Clicks or Dis-Chem (this includes selected necessities like nappies, wipes, baby accessories, baby cleansing products, baby medicine, baby creams as well as maternity care items).

For more information, visit

I’ve been told that some medical aids will even cover your breast pump and baby monitor purchase! So please call yours to find out the benefits when it comes to these purchases.

7. Antenatal classes

I think Antenatal classes for first-time parents is a must (your medical aid might cover a portion of it). You learn so much from experts in the industry plus you also learn a bit about the different products and services available. I received a ton of free goodies/samples at my antenatal class. Don’t be afraid to ask the sister running the class.

8. Your Gynaecologist offices

Not many preggy mamas know this but Pampers has allocated ambassadors to chat with moms at your gynaecologist’s offices. I called Pampers yesterday and they confirmed that they do have a few ambassadors that do their rounds in hospitals that give moms-to-be a pack of newborn diapers! Unfortunately, they don’t do sample packs like Huggies but they do sponsor a few baby events and are in partnership with Dis-chem nappy bags at the moment.

Chat to the receptionist at your Gynae’s office to find out what brands visit the practice and when.

9. Your hospital

Many hospitals also have their own mom and baby programme at a price of course but it is worth it.

Netcare hospital bags include: 

  • Various product samples and ample information to assist you.
  • First baby immunisations at the hospital.
  • With your consent, your baby’s first immunisations (BCG and polio) will be administered free of charge before discharge from the hospital.
  • The first baby check-up at two weeks.
  • Your baby’s developmental milestones will be assessed at no charge.
  • Netcare 911 registration for 18 months.
  • This includes access to Netcare’s 24-hour advice line and select emergency medical services.

medical aid

Mediclinic hospital bags include:

Please note: This is part of the Mediclinic baby programme.

  • A luxury baby bag with everything your baby will need for the first few days – excluding baby clothes (selected hospitals do supply clothing).
  • A certificate with your baby’s footprint.
  • The option to announce your baby’s arrival with a photo on our website.
  • A special celebration surprise for new parents.
  • “Baby’s First Year” book with valuable information and tips.
  • First vaccinations: Polio and BCG *Stock dependant.

10. Parenting seminars

I love attending parenting seminars because their goodie bags and raffle draws are always awesome! You get tons of samples at these type of events that can be used when you traveling long distance or just to keep in the nappy bag.

11. The MamaMagic baby expo

I know, the baby expo can be overwhelming but if you dedicate an entire day to it, it can be worth it. There’s so much to learn at the baby expo when it comes to brands and products available. The best part is that many of the brands at the expo will give you samples if you ask.

MamaMagic runs the Pampers Baby On Board Competition at every expo. Pampers Premium Care knows the cost of having a child can be daunting, so they are giving one lucky mom the chance to WIN a complete Pregnancy Starter pack worth over R100 000!

MamaMagic also has the new product awards which they are always looking for moms to judge. If you do judge the awards, you get a little goodie bag as a thank you gift.

For more information, visit

12. TENA

During pregnancy, childbirth and the months that follow, your body goes through huge changes, physically and hormonally. Not surprisingly, your bladder is put under a lot of stress. Bladder weakness during and after this time is very normal.

If you’re looking to test out a product for this, contact TENA for a sample. They have a huge range available to sample.

For more information, visit

13. Woolworths Littleworld

The Littleworld community focuses on babies and kids (up to age 7).


Why should you join?

  • An exclusive welcome voucher emailed to you.
  • Automatic entry into their monthly Littleworld competition with purchases of R450 or more.
  • Instant WRewards savings.
  • R50 Woolworths voucher towards a birthday treat.
  • Giveaways and regular updates on Woolies fashion, food and events.
  • Invitations to Mom’s Tours with nutrition experts.

For more information, visit

14. Unilever deals

Unilever Deals is a mobile coupon and rewards site where you can get up to 40% off your monthly shop, or get the value back in real-time rewards.


Mobile coupons are paperless coupons or vouchers delivered to your phone that entitle you to savings on a particular product or products.

A reward is a free item you receive on top of your purchase when you buy a particular (specified) product.


I was introduced to the website by my cousin and I am already loving it! Unilever offers deals with SPAR, Pick n Pay, Dis-chem, Checkers, and Shoprite.

For more information, visit

15. Drynites

Not exactly a baby product but more of a toddler one so I thought I would mention it anyway.

DryNites® absorbent pants for the night are specially designed for children aged three years and older who wet the bed. Test the drynites® products by requesting a free sample for optimal protection during the night!

new product launches

For more information, visit

If I missed out anything, please do let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. 2017-04-21 / 09:27

    Awesome! Thank you.
    When I had my son, I knew about the Netcare bag but they didn’t actually give me one until I asked for it! When they did eventually give me the bag after my son was born while I was in hospital, it didn’t contain the things they said it would like the spirits and cotton wool so I had to get my hubby to get those (to sort his navel umbilical cord thing out)

    • 2017-04-21 / 10:12

      Unfortunately not every bag is the same but they suppose to have the standard essential items!

      • Thandeka
        2017-11-02 / 03:18

        I’m so4ray here that.I got everything my baby needed and helpful handbooks and also things for me.I only started buying toiletries for my son when he was six months.The only thing that ran out was nappies coz they where in really small pack. t

        • melanie
          2018-03-06 / 09:22

          Hi thandeka
          How does one get this bag ?

          • 2018-03-08 / 09:00

            You need to sign up to Dischem for their baby bag.

  2. 2017-04-21 / 10:29

    o freebies no but really good in saving money like baby products they say buy 4 and get 25rand back and then u can keep that money and grow it and then reuse it but its on random everyday grocery shopping so we buy our groceries and snap our slips and we use it to buy our babys milk we have made over 1500rand using that app and then we ise it to huy our baby milk or nappies really helps us durring the mid month when money is tight we have that for back up

  3. Shair
    2017-04-21 / 10:53

    Very helpful info…thank you Shan

  4. Halima
    2017-08-21 / 10:40

    Who Doesn’t like free stuff LOL… I loved this article thank you so much

  5. 2017-08-26 / 11:55

    Hi my name Vanessa I really need a babby bag . In single mum with 2 boys fell pregnant with my third im 20 weeks now.

  6. Chante
    2017-10-09 / 12:10


    do you pay anything extra for joining the baby vitality 1000 day program?

    • 2017-10-10 / 13:27

      No, you don’t. Check the website under – baby when you log on. 🙂

  7. CAndice
    2017-11-15 / 12:28

    loved this page

  8. Meagan
    2018-01-04 / 07:31

    Hi all, I’m deciding on hospital options for delivery. Would you recommend Gatesville Melomed, Chriatiaan Barnard Netcare or Kingsbury Life?
    Would appreciate the advice thanks

    • 2018-01-08 / 09:47

      Eeek I actually dont know both well. I’m sorry. 🙁

    • 2018-02-14 / 14:16

      I wanted to give birth in Christiaan Barnard Netcare my Medical aid was not covering that hospital as it was out of Network. I settled for Gatesville Melomed I had wonderful experience .
      Life Kingsbury is also good but well I know the ICU was good to my Dad

      • 2018-02-23 / 15:30

        Glad you had a good experience. Thank you for reading. I actually want to make a list of hospitals and their pricing.

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