Christmas is around the corner and if you are still looking for that ultimate gift to get your little one then look no further! FURBY Connect will be that “aaaawh” gift for any 6+-year-old who is looking for a new best friend to play with over the holidays!

furby connect

Hasbro has introduced Furby years ago and ever since then it became a hit in many homes!

Furby recently underwent a modern reinvention to re-emerge with LED eyes and app connectivity.

Hasbro is known for keeping up with trends and technology. Ever since they launched the new Furby, many other brands have launched similar toys to try to keep up with this trend.

Did you know?

The original Furby was the hottest Christmas gift of 1998.

I finally understand why adults worldwide are also going crazy for this so-called “toy”! Furby is a gorgeous little creäture who is perfect to cuddle and play with. 😉

furby connect

So the big question on many parent’s minds is…. what is so good about this expensive toy?

To be honest, at first, I thought it was overpriced and useless. It takes a bit of time to understand a toy like this and you have to play around with the app to get Furby working at its best.

10 reasons why we love Furby Connect:

1. Furby’s Appearance

Furby comes in a few different colors that will grab your attention at the store. Furby has this “real” pet like look that would make you want to play with him instantly. I love the touch and feel of its fur.

2. Bluetooth enabled – supports iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire devices.

The best part about this toy is that it connects via Bluetooth to an app that will always be updated with loads of entertainment.

Kiaan loves Furby and is so fascinated with how he speaks that he ends up giggling every time Furby utters something.

3. Light up Antenna

You will notice that Furby has a glowing antenna on its head. The antenna turns blue when it gets an update and it will change to other colors, too, to match whatever type of emotion Furby is experiencing. It’s important you keep Furby’s instructions so you can track these changes and identify them by color.

Furby Connect

Furby also has the usual motion sensors, motors, mic, and speaker.

4.  Full-colour LCD screens.

Furby has full-color LCD screen eyes which help capture his emotions and feelings clearly.

5. Furby Connect World app

The Furby connect app is the best part of this interactive toy. On the app, you will get to “create” Furblings. You will have to wait for their eggs to hatch before you start interacting with them.

The best part is these babies grow. You will need to nurture them and give them attention from time to time. They are super adorable, they all have unique personalities which make each one different from the other and makes the app more exciting in the long run.

6. Furby can say over 1,000 phrases!

This is the most exciting part of listening to Furby. He speaks his own lingo which you will slowly learn and sometimes he also utters something familiar that will make you chuckle! I remember the first time my mom greeted him, his reply was: “Hello grandmaaaa!”

7. Furby’s sleeping mask

When you are tired of hearing Furby speak, all you need to do is put on his sleeping mask and he will go to bed. This is more like an On and Off button for a toy but a more clever accessory which makes the experience more “real” for a child.

furby connect

8. It can track the date and time, ask for food and sleep.

Furby is very intelligent and can surprise you by letting you know the time and date. He is a lot like having a pet at home hence he needs to be taken care of time to time. The best part is when he needs to use the toilet. 😉 It is hilarious and very REAL, Kitana couldn’t stop laughing!

9. Furby sings and dances.

Furby has some moves and sings some very popular songs from time to time.

10. Mini-games on the app

The mini-games in the app can keep a child entertained for hours. There’s so much to do and build in the Furby world that you would try to perfect it all.

The Good?

The best part for me is interacting with Furby via the app and raising virtual FURBLINGS. Without the app, the toy would be boring. The app allows Furby to connect with the real world.

furby connect

The Bad?

It sucks battery life and hence you will spend a lot of money on batteries unless you buy the rechargeable ones.

furby connect

Furby Connect teaches your child from a young age about taking care of something and how important it is to be responsible. It’s a toy that one won’t get bored of easily and can be passed down from one child to the other. Furby is now a part of the Vijendranath family and goes visiting with us to family and friends.

Kitana loves Furby and gives it a big thumbs up!

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