10 Value for Money Baby items you can find at Game stores

My Paradigm shift to a one stop baby shop….
How often do you actually research before shopping for baby products?

The typical new mother ends up spending thousands of dollars each year purchasing so-called “baby essentials” because of lack of information. I ended up buying a pink pram for my daughter because I thought it was so “pretty”. Vije and I are planning a second child and if our second is a boy, what will I do with a pink pram?

Not every baby item needs to be an expensive one, we need to trust brands around us and give them an opportunity to prove themselves.


1. Research brands and essential items you will need for your baby. Listen to other mother’s – take what they say to heart.
2. Read review blogs and ratings on the brand’s products.
3. Compare prices by looking at sale papers.
3. Get something gender neutral with the big items (stroller etc.) if you planning on having more than 1 child and you’re on a budget.
4. Always find out about the guarantee and warranty of the product.

Game stores South Africa

Game stores in South Africa (owned by Walmart International) has proven to me that they are one of the contenders for quality baby products at a reasonable price.

To be honest, I never thought about visiting the store for baby products because for I thought Game was a store for appliances, etc. They were just not “the” baby store. Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping at Game but for the odd essentials. Believe it or not this is what I thought, then Game decided to prove me wrong.

They sent me a box full of goodies from their baby range to touch, feel and see, as well as experience the quality of the brands they promote. I was impressed. A brand which I always believed was better for electronics than baby products wowed me with their George Baby Range.

Baby George range

George, a much-loved fashion brand in Britain has proven to be a hit for South Africans since its clothing launch. The brand stands for quality, style and value, which is exactly what the Game customer expects when visiting the store.

After all anything that shares the name of Royalty should have the edge.


1. George baby range

George rangeGeorge range

2. Strollers/Prams/Slings

Game stores SA

3. Car seats

Game stores South Africa Game stores South Africa

4. Camp cots

Camp cots

5. Nappy bags

nappy bags

6. Bedding’s and blankets

Game stores

7. Feeding solutions – Everything you need from the milk to feeding chairs.

Game stores South Africa

8. Toiletries – From bath wash to wet wipes, even your medication is catered for.

Johnson's baby products

9. Baby safety solutions

Game stores South Africa

10. Toys

Game stores South Africa

From stylish 3 pack bodysuits for boys and girls, to incredible value-for-money newborn starter sets, the George Baby range also includes colourful bibs and scratch mitts. This is practical and provides value for money.

Prams, Car Seats, Nappy Bags, etc has always been a priority for parents-to-be. There’s such a huge market for these products but it all depends on what your pocket can afford. 99% of prams and car seats do the same thing, so it depends if you want a specific name brand or not. Game offers a range for those watching their pockets. Giving you quality at a reasonable price!

Game stores South Africa

A pram is not just a pram, neither is a car seat a car seat, like a car each person has his/her own needs and with their wide variety on display – These helpful consultants can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle needs.

It’s become a store that you can buy almost everything and I’m so glad they finally expanded their baby range.

I think that besides all the products listed above, the thing that impresses me about Game is the constant striving for success and the willingness to expand and make it a 1 stop shop. They provide value that you can afford and are so sure about their quality that they have a price beat policy. SO next time you go shopping – try stopping at your nearest Game Store…. Saving you money, time and energy.

Thank you Game for giving me a much-needed paradigm shift.

Please note: Prices shown in pictures above could possibly change.

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  1. 2015-03-12 / 17:07

    What a store! I wish there had been something like this around when my kids were little. I had to go to so many different stores to get everything I needed!

  2. lameez
    2015-03-12 / 19:20

    No more searching 4me Game is one of fave shops for baby stuff , our campcot is from Game and great qaulity2 , affordable and hav a variety of baby stuff 🙂

  3. 2015-03-12 / 19:33

    I wish I had all the money I wasted on nonsense baby products (think pink pram) when my kids were small. This looks like a great selection of quality products at a good price.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2015-03-12 / 23:15

    These are all must haves when it comes to baby! Getting a great item at a great price is always a great idea!

  5. 2015-03-13 / 01:11

    That’s a lot of great baby stuff! Some of those are my favorites from when my kids were babies.

  6. 2015-03-13 / 01:24

    It certainly looks like a one-stop shop for all baby’s needs. Now that sounds super convenient.

  7. 2015-03-13 / 01:33

    Definitely looks like you can get all you need there! They have some cute stuff!

  8. Elizabeth O.
    2015-03-13 / 03:28

    Wish there’s one like that here. Baby products can sometimes be really tricky to buy…

  9. 2015-03-13 / 03:57

    They have such a wide array of products! And I am absolutely loving those stylish nappy bags! I will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. 2015-03-13 / 06:13

    Bunch of adorable baby items! I love shopping for baby gear and accessories, this store looks like a great place to shop.

  11. There are so many great baby items available now! Listening to other mothers is definitely good advice as there are so many things you think you’ll need but will never use.

  12. michele d
    2015-03-13 / 14:54

    It looks like they have a wide selection of babies necessities which is awesome for moms to find everything they need in one stop shopping. Love viewing your pictures!

  13. 2015-03-13 / 16:10

    That little girl’s bunny outfit is the cutest thing ever! I NEED that for when I have a baby!

  14. 2015-03-13 / 17:05

    Gotta love stores that sell awesome products yet at very reasonable prices. Love those toys and nappy bags. So cute!

  15. 2015-03-13 / 19:01

    I used to do my research online before going to the store but will ended up buying a different thing. It helps though because you get to read reviews about other parents.

  16. 2015-03-13 / 20:19

    These are great tips. Many times as parents we tend to impulse buy when we purchase for babies. I am also guilty of doing this for other family members when shopping for gifts. It is so time consuming to shop around for all things for baby.

  17. 2015-03-14 / 00:25

    It is always nice when you can get everything you need right at one store instead of driving all over town looking. Love all these pics. The kids are so adorable.

  18. Bonnie @ wemake7
    2015-03-14 / 00:48

    I’ve never heard of this store before. They have so much to offer. I wish I would have known about them when my kiddos were born.

  19. 2015-03-14 / 02:51

    We don’t have Game stores here, but I guess they are similar to Wal-Mart since they are owned by the same company. Looks like they have a lot of great stuff!

  20. 2015-03-14 / 04:05

    Wow, such a huge selection. It’s great that you have a retailer that offers such a wide array of products. Great for moms to be!

  21. 2015-03-14 / 13:17

    This is great advice for new parents indeed. This store sounds amazing along with the product suggestions too. I love the red stroller and red is a great neutral color. Thanks for sharing.

    • 2015-03-18 / 17:21

      Is it your first? It’s always exciting shopping for the first but also overwhelming… Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  22. 2015-03-18 / 01:31

    George baby range are so cute as well as those nappy bags! Now you got me excited to shop for my soon-to-be-born baby’s things.

    • 2015-03-18 / 17:19

      You going to have a ball. 😀

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