It’s a… Surprise!

Want to know my baby’s gender? Well…it is a surprise! 😉

Yes, you read the heading right! My husband Vije and I decided that we will not be finding out the gender of Sprout until the birth in June.

With my first pregnancy, I wanted to know everything! From Day 1, I googled about life inside the womb and spent hours on YouTube watching Youtubers share their pregnancy journeys and gender reveal parties.

To be honest, I was scared. I felt like it was important for me to know everything about my pregnancy and my baby.

I was a first-time mom-to-be who had no clue as to what Braxton hicks were or what it would feel like when your water finally broke.

I was curious about everything and I wanted to prepare months in advance for my baby.

I wanted to have that big baby shower and do the cliché photo shoots every first-time parent is supposed to have.


With my second pregnancy, things were a little different. I knew what to expect but I wanted to soak up every little moment.

I didn’t want a baby shower but I was very curious about the sex of our baby. Since we ended up buying almost everything pink the first time around, I wanted to know if I needed to buy anything blue ;).

20 weeks pregnant

I learnt my lesson from my first pregnancy and I wasn’t planning to make that same mistake again. It was no more gender specific items for me!

I also assumed that it was my last pregnancy so I ended up donating most of my son’s newborn clothing 3 months after he was born.

As much as I love to plan, I also love surprises. And this pregnancy (my third) is the biggest surprise that I’ve received!

Gender reveal

I knew from the day that I found out that I’m pregnant that I didn’t want to know the gender of this baby. I’ve been blessed with a girl and boy so it doesn’t matter to me what gender baby number 3 is. I’m not hoping for any specific gender; all I want is a healthy baby!

I know you may be wondering why on earth I would want to do something like this but think about it…

In today’s world, we want to know everything so we can plan ahead. We live in a world filled with schedules and technology so advanced that you could most probably find out the sex of your baby at the 12-week doctor’s appointment.

Most of the time we know a surprise before it happens thanks to social media.

Not finding out your baby’s gender is one of those rare moments in life where you and your partner get to be surprised and share a special moment when the doctor screams out: “It’s a ….”.

I want to experience that feeling…

It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Gender reveal
20 weeks Pregnant

I didn’t think that I would have the willpower to do this but so far, I’ve been doing great! At every doctor’s appointment, thus far, my doctor has asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby and I kept reassuring him that I will wait until the big day!

Everyone in my family is extremely curious! They have been betting with each other and testing out the old wives’ tale theories.

It’s fun to watch and guess but it hasn’t really pushed me to find out the sex of my baby.

I’m anxiously awaiting the big day… but for now, I’m just going to enjoy every moment of my last pregnancy that seems to be going super-fast! I’m already 20 weeks pregnant, can you believe it?

Did you wait until delivery to find out the gender of your baby? I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. 2017-02-03 / 16:45

    It’s going to be such a special moment when you finally meet him/her and get to find out then! 🙂
    Oh, and I love all the preggy pics – so pretty!

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