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At our 12 weeks scan, the doctor said he could tell us the sex of the baby if we really wanted to know…and of course I did! You can catch up on my pregnancy diaries here.

Last week I went for my 21 week scan and it was confirmed…

Ten little fingers, Ten little toes
Two little eyes, One little nose
One little mouth, two little ears

So is it pink, or is it blue
We think it’s time that you all knew…
The doctor searched while baby turned
With his next three words here’s what we learned

He told us then, that it is true
We’ll be buying lots of BLUE

Gender reveal

I honestly thought I was having another girl from day 1 but God has his plans and even though I’m nervous, I’m super excited!!! I feel like a first time mom all over again and I’m not sure what to expect with a boy but I know it’s going to be an exciting journey.

Well…with a baby boy comes lots of expense for us since everything we have is pink!

Vije and I bought lots of pink (pink pram, pink swing etc.) when Kitana was born…now I realise what a stupid mistake that was even though the products are stunning!

Gender reveal

The stress of trying to find a buyer for our pink pram has worried me for weeks but then I realised I should just Gumtree it! I’ve used Gumtree for years and since I have loads to sell and buy, this is the best time to make use of their website. I have found all sorts of stuff on Gumtree, old, new and even services that was needed.  

This time around, I decided not to buying anything gender specific and instead buy neutral colours which will be easier to sell later on. I’ve also decided to purchase some pre owned items which will help me save loads of money. Baby stuff isn’t getting any cheaper, visiting the baby expo not so long ago made me realise how expensive having a child is. I wish I could get my little man everything new like I did with Kitana but reality has sunk in…With the cost of living today, I need to think long-term and save for my kids future and their schooling.

There’s nothing wrong shopping for previously used items especially when the items are in great condition. Gumtree has lots to offer for a mom-to-be, it’s basically a one stop website to find everything you need to set up your dream nursery on a budget!


I guess the choice is yours. Babies really outgrow things very fast and I have found that sometimes the eagerness of a new mom can be overwhelming. The second time round is more practical and websites like Gumtree enable me to combine the joy of having everything at a cost that I can afford. It has also helped me reduce my ‘pinks’.

Happy shopping mom’s – let’s make our money work for us. I have just recently read somewhere that “Only 21c in every rand is available to the average South African household to pay for living expenses,” You can read more here, so let’s make our cents count and get value for money at Gumtree.

For that matter why not turn your unused goods into extra cash?

I will be selling many of my “pink” items on Gumtree including the Graco swing below.


The beauty of this website is that it works both ways. 🙂

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  1. Tanya Jackson
    2015-05-27 / 09:59

    WhOop! WhOop! Congrats!!!! Awesome news <3 God Bless 🙂

    • 2015-05-27 / 10:03

      Thank you Tanya! 😀
      Did you guess right? Many said Girl…hehe

  2. Eleanore
    2015-05-27 / 10:15

    Yay congrats, now you’ll have one of each. I was right in guessing a boy then hopefully i’ll guess right with myself too. Hoping and praying for a girl.

    • 2015-05-27 / 10:54

      Thank you! 🙂 God has his own plans hey! Will keep you in my prayers.

  3. shakira
    2015-05-27 / 10:18

    Congratulations.. i said ul hav a boy.. they are little amazing souls.. i love my Son to bits..

    • 2015-05-27 / 11:01

      Thank you! Hehe why did you think boy?! Many people said because of the shape of my tummy… You will be giving me lots of tips! I’m so nervous.

  4. 2015-05-27 / 10:18

    Lol i am here jumping with joy for u and your beautiful family and newest edition to come 🙂 yay blue team all the way. Congrats

    • 2015-05-27 / 11:03

      Thank you for all the support! Congrats on guessing it right.

  5. Shelley
    2015-05-27 / 10:20

    Yay! Congrats on your pigeon pair!I guessed correctly :))

    I hope that when we’re ready for baby no 2 it’s a boy too!

    • 2015-05-27 / 10:47

      Thank you! You know the chinese gender calendar was right for me both times…weird!

  6. lameez
    2015-05-27 / 10:25

    Yay Congratulations 😀 so blessed now u have A Girl. And A Boy 😀 HappyDance!!

    • 2015-05-27 / 10:46

      Thank you! Yay for best of both but I’m so nervous…

  7. Donnaleigh
    2015-05-27 / 10:28

    Knew it congrats man boys are too precious…. We are also looking forward to welcoming our new boy and girl to the family

    • 2015-05-27 / 10:43

      Thank you so much! Hehe best of both… Girls clothes are so much cuter tho! 😉

  8. Tamsyn Adams
    2015-05-27 / 10:49

    Congratulations – i think i am going to have the same dilemma if i have another and it turns out its a boy! I didnt realise this until now!!!

    • 2015-05-27 / 11:05

      Thank you! Yes, you know I wish I thought about this the first time around… I’m struggling to sell the pram because it’s such an expensive product.

  9. saloshnee singh
    2015-05-27 / 10:52

    Congrats 🙂 so happy for you. Boys are as fun as girls and will keep you on ur toes. All the best

    • 2015-05-27 / 11:06

      Thank you! I’m hoping he sleeps better…This pregnancy has been sooo different!

  10. 2015-05-27 / 11:08

    Yay I was right, congratulations to u and hubby and ur lil girl is going to be overprotective of her lil bro.

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:37

      Thank you so much! Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

  11. Nishana
    2015-05-27 / 11:12

    Yay:) congrats hun. I just knew it that you having a boy:). Boys have loads of energy and will keep u on ur toes but they are also mum’s boy’s…. if u need any help I’m only a message away.

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:38

      Eeeek you scaring me … lol I will definitely take you up on that! Thanks so much.

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:38

      Thank you! 🙂

  12. 2015-05-27 / 11:50

    I knew it! Your tummy is sitting rather low and as old wives tales go if your tummy sits high its pink, if its low its blue.. Congratz!!

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:39

      Hehe I don’t know much about the old wife tales but some were right! Thank you for reading. 🙂

  13. 2015-05-27 / 11:56

    So happy for you!
    {PS I guessed right. :-D}

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:40

      Hehe can’t believe we both having boys! Exciting times.

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:41

      Thanks for all the support! 😀 I feel so blessed to have such lovely moms as readers.

  14. Kershnee
    2015-05-27 / 13:20

    Hi there congrats

    Your pram looks like a stokke … Can u not get a kit in a different color to change your pram from pink to something more appropriate… I know there is a winter and summer kit … So maybe you can still use it … Good luck and all the best kershnee

    Amazing blog

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:42

      Thank you for all the support Kershnee, really appreciate it. I did contact them but they said it would cost around 6k which is crazy! I’m not sure if I want to do that but if I have no option I might end up doing it.

  15. 2015-05-27 / 19:47

    SO exciting! Little boys are the sweetest! Congrats!

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:43

      Thank you so much Lauren! I’m so nervous! Eeeek lol

  16. Tammy Perry
    2015-05-28 / 15:53

    Yay for a little boy, Shan!! Congrats!! How much do you want for those two items? My little girlie is 5 months now so I could use those!

    Super happy for u and hope ur little boy blesses your heart so much!

    • 2015-05-29 / 10:44

      Thanks for all the support Tammy, hope you well?! I will inbox you on Facebook with details. 😉

  17. 2015-05-29 / 11:36

    Congratulations. As an all boy mom, I can attest to the fact that little boys totally rock. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  18. 2015-05-29 / 15:39

    Great poem! – Very well put together! Super congrats on the new little one!

  19. 2015-05-29 / 16:00

    I have a girl and two boys. We really wanted to have at least one more child so when we had our first we got a lot of gender neutral things just in case the next one was a boy. I am glad we did because the next TWO were boys! Congratulations! Boys are a handful but they are so much fun!

  20. 2015-05-29 / 18:48

    Congratulations! On having a boy. I had two before I received my girl. My youngest is almost 15. I can honestly say my boys have been easier than my girl. I love all three.

  21. 2015-05-29 / 19:28

    Yay! I’m so excited for you. Huge congratulations 🙂 Such exciting news – I haven’t had children yet but I still haven’t decided if I will find out the sex of the baby or not once I do get pregnant 🙂

  22. 2015-05-30 / 04:15

    You have a Momma’s boy on the way. It’s totally different raising a little boy, but they sure are a lot of fun. Congrats on getting one of each.

  23. 2015-05-30 / 04:29

    Congratulations! I had my boys first. They are definitely different than girls.

  24. 2015-05-30 / 14:57

    Oh how exciting! Congratulations such a happy and Fun time finding out! A girl and a boy! How lovely!

  25. 2015-05-30 / 21:32

    Aw, that is wonderful news, and congratulations! Boys are so much fun, while girls are more expensive (I have a little toddler “diva” on my hands). 🙂

  26. courtneylynne
    2015-05-31 / 05:24

    Congrats on baby #2!!! How cute that it’s a boy!!! I don’t plan on having another, but if I did I would want a boy 😉

  27. 2015-05-31 / 14:44

    Oh wow! That is totally awesome! Congratulations on having a baby boy! I still remember that moment when our doctor told us that we’re having a boy. That was such a very special moment.:)

  28. 2015-05-31 / 16:56

    That is great you were able to find out so soon! I know that I had to wait longer. Congrats on your little man!

  29. 2015-05-31 / 17:24

    Congratulations! Boys are such blessings, just as girls are! And that poem is super cute!

  30. 2015-05-31 / 20:17

    What exciting news that is! I’m really happy for you guys! One of each is awesome!

  31. 2015-05-31 / 22:14

    I always thought it was a boy when i was pregnant and it turned out a girl. I have to look at this website

  32. 2015-05-31 / 23:52

    So exciting to have a boy on the way! I’ll have to check out Gumtree. Thanks for sharing.

  33. 2015-06-01 / 00:53

    That is such exciting news! Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! I have 3 boys and know that you’ll love it!

  34. Congrats!! You must be so excited! I have a 2 year old little boy and remember just how exciting it was when we found out what we were having. 🙂

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