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On Monday I was featured as a Guest Mom on Great Expectations Lebo asked me to share my ideas for a party on a budget. Me being obsessed with the internet, I immediately searched and found great DIY items for theme birthday parties! I will be sharing my favorite ideas with you as I am busy planning my daughters birthday.

Glamorous Princess Party:

Every girl wants to be a princess or feel like one for a day. Planning a party on a budget can be a tough cookie because you not sure what to spend your money on. I decided to be creative and different when it came to decor, it would be cheaper to try doing things myself. There’s such great ideas on the internet that can make party planning so much easier and cheaper.

These DIY items can be used for a princess theme party or something similar. I’ve gotten these pdfs from various websites which I wish I could remember…

The shoe front can be done in 2 different ways, it depends how you want to do it. Instructions are on the page.

Credit: Hewlett-Packard Development Company for design and print.

You can open the pdfs and save them. Enjoy and dont forget to share your ideas/tips with me. 🙂











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