Here’s why you should consider getting the Tinitell GPS tracker watch for your child!

Are you considering getting a GPS tracker watch for your child? Tinitell might be your answer!

Tinitell is one of the smallest mobile phones ever made, specifically designed for children. Yes, you read right! Your child can call you from the watch. How cool?


Super simple, fun and durable, Tinitell is the best option for parents looking to stay connected with their children throughout the day. The device is a healthier alternative to giving children smartphones at a young age.

About Tinitell:

With Tinitell, children can make and receive calls in a simple and secure way. The device straps around the wrist, like a watch, freeing up the child’s hands and mind and making it easier to play, skate, bike, run and climb. The GPS tracking feature allows parents to safely locate their children on a map via the Tinitell smartphone app.


When I first heard about the watch, I wasn’t really keen to review it to be honest because I assumed it would be like every other GPS tracker watch for kids however after finding out about the call feature, I was intrigued.

My thoughts on the watch?

Honestly, I am blown away by this product even though it is a bit on the steep side in pricing but I think it is worth it.

Firstly the design is a big plus for me. It is clean and trendy. It will even appeal to a 13-year-old because it doesn’t look like a “toy” like many of the competitor’s watches.

The watch can be confusing at first so reading the instructions properly is a MUST! The setup was the frustrating part for me and hopefully, that will change as they upgrade the product.


My favourite feature?

I love that it is water and dirt resistant.

Kitana loves the watch especially the design of it. She loves that she can call me so she got a bit too excited about that feature! Haha.

What needs to improve? 

It would be great if kids could swim with the product too! The product does need a few upgrades especially when it comes to dealing with the sim card and setup.

We decided to put Tinitell to the real test and get one of our Moms on the Momsays platform to review the product so you can have more than one authentic view on the product.

I think Carmen summed up pretty much everything I would’ve wanted to add!

Carmen Peters, a mom of a 9-year-old boy who is very tech savvy was chosen to be part of the campaign.


“My son has been asking for a mobile watch for some time now – this was not even an option for me as I felt that he is too young and also unnecessary as he has a phone which is only allowed to use on weekends for limited periods.”

Carmen’s Review on Tinitell:

The watch comes packed in a box with the charger, the manual, a tiny screwdriver, and 2 extra even tinier screws (be careful we lost 1 when trying to put the sim card in) which is probably why they provide the extras. We downloaded the app and it took us about 15 minutes to sync the phone, add the contacts and figure out how to use it.

Jaydon plays cricket at school and for a club – I work from home and have 2 younger kids so it is not always possible for me to sit through every match – since getting the Tinitell, I am able to keep track of his whereabouts and also call him to keep updated on when the match ends etc. He is also able to call me if matches are canceled or if it ends early so this has really made my life a little easier – because they are not allowed cell phones at school sometimes his games would be canceled and he would have no way of letting me know. He has a Cell C sim card on the watch and I downloaded the cell app to keep track of his data and airtime – I don’t want to have to open the watch up every time as the little screws are really small.


It would be great if the phone sent message alerts if the user went outside the range of certain distance and also being able to track location history given that this is a safety device – having the history is vital as the watch battery might die and being able to find the last location and the history will certainly help.

Overall I really like that the watch has limited features – this means the watch has limited distraction. I don’t have to worry about the watch breaking because of the clever design. The fact that the watch speaks when the owner presses a button is a bonus. The kid’s love it – very easy to use in an emergency as you just press a button. The watch also teaches kids to tell the time – it only uses minute increments and lights up corresponding to the hour and minute dials on a normal watch. To check the battery life remaining again a simple press of the  + button and it will light up around the watch there are 12 lights that go around the dial – 12 is full so kids will know when to charge the watch.

tinitell watch

  • What do you think about the idea of the product? I think it is a brilliant idea – making it kid friendly no screens that can break and dirt and water resistant it a plus. Jaydon thinks this is the coolest watch and loves that he can play sports without worrying about the watch breaking or getting damaged
  • Does it really work? Yes – it does but you need to note though that you need to have blue tooth enabled on your phone to sync to the watch (this can drain your battery life) and the sim card in the watch must have data to pick up the location settings.
  • How is the quality of a phone call? The quality is clear so good no issues.
  • What do you think can improve? Some added functionalities and the little screws get lost so easily so need a different way to keep sim cards safe. Add a messaging function to the watch where kids can send SOS signals without having to make a call which will be heard if ever they are in an emergency situation.
  • Do you think the price online for the product is fair? A little pricey for the limited features the watch has. But priceless for the peace of mind, it gives.
  • Would you recommend this product to someone else? Yes, I would, the watch is really simple to use and understand.

If you want to find out more about the watch, visit

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