Happy New Year

So I always wondered what parents with Kids do on New Years Eve.. Well when I became a mom, I found out.. For the past 2 years, new years for us has been at home.. half asleep… This year wasn’t any different except my husband and I spent more time alone. I did not want Kitana to be awake at 12 because I knew it would be a  nightmare to get her back to sleep. Her routine is already messed up ever since we came back from Durban but she decided to surprise me as she woke up at 3:30am! Yes from 3:30am she only slept at 9am.. Was horrible and all because she slept at 4:30pm the day before. As I said her sleep routine is sooo messed up right now and I dont want to sleep train her 🙁 … Very confused on what I should do at the moment. Everyday I am finding a new teeth popping up for her, at the moment she has around 13. Im guessing thats adding to the sleepless nights for me and her. I have a few gels and medicines. The best for me is dabbing brandy on the gums.

Today we decided to have a pool day! So Daddy bought Kitana this awesome water feature from Toys r us. Kitana had such a blast. Daddy even put her sandbox together, when she finds it tomorrow its going to be a mission to get her out.

Many people believe in new years resolutions, well I try to make some too. I started working on them already. Hoping for a successful year ahead for You, Baby and I 🙂


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