Before starting my YBI twitter account, I used to buy all my body products from the stores I visit monthly. I never realised how many hidden brands existed. Hidden as in a sense I have not heard of them before because I don’t see them on TV or in the shelves when I visit the store. At the moment I’m busy trying out a brand I am falling in love with.

100 % Natural. 100% Good.

Founded in 2010 by sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan, Oh-lief was born out of our love for nature and the desire to use products that would not harm our skin or the environment. The result was Oh-lief’s complete range of Natural Body products, made from 100% natural and organic, raw ingredients, sourced locally.

Oh-lief = REAL Organic Products, Made with Love.

The name references olive oil, which is the main ingredient found in all their products, as well as their love for all things natural. They products do not contain any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, petroleum, parabens, artificial colours or nut oils. They use a base of organic olive oil and beeswax, which is combined with the natural properties of a number of other organic ingredients to form a complete range of products that is ideal for all skin types.

I was lucky enough to be spoilt by Christine from Oh-lief who sent me 3 beautifully packaged items.

I received a hand wash, lip and insect balm.

My first impression of the products was: ‘Wow the packaging is so eye-catching!’

I love simplicity and these products describes that perfectly.

The hand wash fits in perfectly with my bathroom. I would display this in any of my bathrooms, however hubby insisted we keep it in our private washroom so he can use it too. Vije loves organic brands and hence he fell in love with this brand too! The first time I used the hand wash, I felt as if I was at Soulstice Spa. The fragrance immediately escaped the bottle and filled the air with its lovely aroma. I’m always trying out different hand washes, trying to find one that does exactly this and I finally found it! Before Oh-lief I was using an automatic hand wash dispenser. It worked for me but not for my husband. We had to buy batteries and refills on a regular basis which was extremely expensive and once in a while they would go a bit cookoos. I’m so happy that I discovered Oh-lief because I will be sticking to it!


The Oh-lief insect balm is perfect for me and my family! Yes the entire family can use it. It’s a BIG plus for me because mosquitoes are addicted to my precious blood 😛 I make sure my windows are closed by 6pm or I end up going into war with those tiny blood suckers. From a young age I would get bitten, scratch the bite which eventually became a scar. I’m so glad I finally found a product that works for Kitana and I. The only thing that used to work for me was the plug in raid spray. Unfortunately with a baby it’s not safe. You can use this balm for a 6month old baby and older.



My lips are extremely sensitive and only 1 brand seems to be helping them and unfortunately that’s not oh-lief yet. However Kitana and hubby love it 😉 I wish it was a bit thicker so it would be easier to put on.


My overall experience with Oh-lief products is amazzzzinggggg 🙂

Would I buy Oh-lief? Definitely!

Would I recommend it? Yes!

You can visit their website to see a variety of their products and the best part is you can order online too!

I want to try their hand and body lotion next 🙂

Hand-Wash-RC-150ml Body-Lotion-RC-200ml

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