I don’t do homework, I do home fun.


Homework is a debatable topic right now. Even though I am not a huge fan of homework, I do feel like bits of it is needed at home – especially since we live in an era where technology is becoming overwhelming for our kids.

Yes, technology isn’t going to go away, and Digital literacy already plays such an important role in defining your child’s ability to succeed, both in school and throughout their lives – but let’s be real! There’s a vast variety of content available online that doesn’t teach our children anything – except how to unbox a toy which costs a fortune. Now, more than ever, our kids need to be exposed to the right content, content that will teach them valuable lessons.


Instead of homework, I try to do something like “home fun” where its less frustration and more laughter!

Home fun is about getting the kids involved physically and allowing them to learn at their own pace. It should include arts, music and games and no TV.

Thanks to Vodacom’s e-school, I am clued up as to what my child is learning about in school and how as a parent, I can make learning more fun for her at home.

I’m one of those parents that likes creating a “challenge” every now and then for my kids so you can only imagine how much Play-doh we use, and how many treasures hunts we do.

I use the modules on the e-school website as a guideline to create fun activities for the kids. These modules are also perfect to use when you are traveling over long distances and need a few educational activities to keep the kids busy on the plane or car.


Filling in the letter that makes a word to match the picture.

The platform is FREE and has educational content available for Grade 0 -12.

How does it work?

  • Sign up, login and choose the Grade and subject you would like to work on. You can access the website on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

You can easily change from one grade to the other if you have more than 1 child in school.

  • Once you choose a subject, you will get modules to go through and under modules, you will find lessons.
  • You can either download the pdf files or work from the website directly (which I highly recommend).
  • There’s also a ton of video content available for kids to watch and understand the module in depth.

Vodacom e-school is zero-rated for Vodacom customers to access, browse and download files for FREE. Standard data rates apply for non-Vodacom users.

Why should you try it out?

Honestly, I wish this website existed when I was in school.

  • You can access FREE subject material and completed work taken from the school syllabus.
  • Your child can earn badges for doing well and completing tasks.
  • There’s a ton of revision questions available to test what your child has learned.
  • You can track your child’s progress, receive alerts and see other students’ progress to add extra motivation.
  • Vodacom’s e-school covers all major subjects including Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Science and Accounting.

Register here and begin your home fun journey!

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