The honeymoon period of Pregnancy!

It’s my third pregnancy and to be honest, it seems like this is the easiest pregnancy of them all.

I haven’t experienced any hectic symptoms. At least none that is worth moaning about now except for C-section pains which are normal because my last C-section wasn’t so long ago and is still healing. There’s a reason why the gynaecologist advises you to wait for a certain period before falling pregnant again.

I’ve decided to tie my tubes after this pregnancy, it is something my husband and I discussed at the beginning of this pregnancy – especially since I fell pregnant while being on a contraceptive pill.

Even though this pregnancy wasn’t planned, I feel as if it was meant to be. Growing a tiny human is such a miracle.

I am making the most of being pregnant for the last time… ever! I’ve been demanding foot massages from hubby, mostly just because I can with my puppy eyes.

Isn’t it amazing to see how much men will do for women when they are pregnant? My husband even attempted to make me a cup of tea.

I cannot believe that the second trimester is over! Tick tock, time is flying by! I’m soaking up every moment. I’ve been taking out lots of pictures and eating whatever I want even though there are no cravings.

Weird, right?!

honeymood of pregnancy

No cravings at all but I am still eating junk food because that’s what pregnant women can do without having to watch their diet the entire time.

Some days I don’t even feel pregnant. I’ve got so much energy. I feel like I am ready to take on a marathon and all I want to do is CLEAN!

The nesting period has begun and I’m loving it since I am such a neat freak with very untidy kids around.

I’ve been living in tights and long tops for the past couple of weeks because nothing else fits anymore. has an amazing maternity range that doesn’t cost a fortune if you are interested. 😉

The second trimester is a lot like being on honeymoon for most women.

This is the trimester where you can really enjoy the little kicks, make the most of going out with your partner, still have good sex and enjoy the last few weeks of a good night sleep before the uncomfortable period begins.

My boobs are huge, my bum is out and my skin is glowing – Sorry to boast but can I ask for anything better than that? Those are 3 things I always hoped for before pregnancy!

The honeymoon period of Pregnancy!

My bump is growing – it’s beautiful to stare at but awkward… when I get random belly rubs from strangers in public places! Some of them even ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins?! Like really… I think that is a bit of an uncomfortable question to ask someone you don’t know. And when they find out I have a 19-month-old son, they freak out. “Wow, 3 kids… you so brave.”

When are we going to stop judging one another and start being supportive?

The good news is I haven’t punched anyone yet but that could change in the third trimester…

Many people have tried to guess the sex of my baby using the old wives’ tale’s theory. Some even tried their luck to try and measure my belly which I thought was hilarious!

The honeymoon period of Pregnancy!

My husband and I decided not to find out the sex of our baby because we thought it would be interesting since the entire pregnancy was a surprise anyway. We are going to wait until the birth, I think it’s going to be such an exciting but emotional moment! To be honest, I haven’t been one bit curious to find out (even though my gynaecologist has been itching to tell me at every scan)… but I do have a feeling about the gender.

The only sad part about this trimester is that I officially cannot see my vagina anymore, and I am starting to spend more time in the toilet odd parts of the night.

My other struggle is that I am finding it very difficult to find gender neutral baby clothes on a budget! Everything cute is either pink or blue which is so frustrating!

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  1. Naseeha Nishana Ramathula
    2017-04-25 / 15:29

    I’m the totally opposite am dying to know the gender of our 2nd baby as we already have a boy but this little one really wants to remain a surprise….it’s so frustrating cos I would like to go all crazy shopping but 25weeks preggies and every time we go for checks up baby is asleep:(

    • 2017-04-28 / 21:18

      Awwwh sorry about that! I say just enjoy and make the most of it. Maybe try some of the old wives tales tests for fun.

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