HONOR has only been in South Africa for a few months but already has a strong following of supporters who can’t stop raving about the brand and their customer service.

On Wednesday, I got to chat to Yusuf, one of the family members of the family of 5 from Cape Town who told me about how his entire family joined the HONOR tribe.

I was a bit stunned when I first heard this story but after chatting to him, I understood why it worked.

As a mom of 3, I’m most probably going to be faced with the same challenge when my kids get older. My 6-year-old daughter already thinks that she needs a phone, so I can only imagine how it feels when you have to think about buying 3 phones for 3 kids. Technology is part of our lives now and staying connected with your kids in this scary world is so important.

Yusuf mentioned that there are always 2 things that he looks at when purchasing a new product.

Will it give me value for my money? AND does it have what I am looking for?

Honor 10 lite

One of the things that caught his attention about HONOR was the camera and internal memory. He says the current HONOR promotion was too good of a deal to miss that it didn’t make him think twice about purchasing it for the entire family.

After 2 weeks of playing with the phone, he can confidently say that the battery life has been impressive, and the phone does take good selfies. He admits that the kids have taken out more selfies than him. The family are cyclists and love taking a selfie or 2 together when they are cycling through the mountains.

Yusuf says: “This is an excellent phone, it’s up there with some of the best phones, I would recommend it to friends and family.”

HONOR is only 5 years old and yet it has already hit the top spot in many countries like Russia. If you didn’t know already – HONOR is the sister brand of Huawei so you can imagine the technology and design that went into this phone.


I think Huawei has done a brilliant job in capturing their market successfully – however there has always been that gap that many technology companies have not managed to successfully bridge.

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford a 19K phone. The mid-range smartphone space has been a little neglected up until now. I think HONOR is going to give competitors a run for their money.

Honor 10 Lite Pricing:

The new HONOR 10 lite is currently selling at R4,599 through Vodacom in South Africa with features like 24MP AI selfie camera, 6.21” Dewdrop, 64GB Internal storage and more, I say it is worth the money!

Honor 10 lite

I received the phone yesterday as a gift from HONOR (they already know I’m a huge Huawei fan) so it was interesting to see how HONOR would compare. But here’s the truth, you can’t compare Huawei to HONOR even though they are from the same family. They both cater to a different target market.

Why are families loving the brand?

HONOR is a trendsetting tech brand which aims to target the youth. My 13-year-old nephew couldn’t stop talking about this phone when it launched.

HONOR strives to create stylish, high-performance products with a cutting-edge design at affordable pricing. It has an amazing selfie camera which is one of the reasons why the younger generation is so excited about it. BUT that doesn’t mean that mom and dad can’t have an HONOR phone too! It has something for everyone and that is what makes the phone even more attractive.

honor 10 lite

Are you looking for a new phone that doesn’t cost a fortune, looks good but also has the features you need? The HONOR 10 lite might be the answer.

You can find out more about the phone here or follow Honor on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

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