The Hottest Toys for 2017 in South Africa!

Christmas is around the corner and I am sure you are looking for gift ideas for your kids. Don’t stress, I compiled a list of the Hottest toys in South Africa and overseas at the moment which includes some of my favorite brands; Disney, Hasbro, and Mattel!

Hottest Toys in South Africa for 2017 are:

in no particular order

1. Hatchimals Twins


Each twin has a unique personality! One twin loves to move, while the other twin can repeat whatever you say! Raise them from baby to toddler to kid and they’ll learn new things at each stage! Your twins will talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, play games and more! These Hatchimals love to interact with each other! They’ll say “I love you” and, like any siblings, they’ll even bicker! Find out more here.

2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike RAPTOR TRIKE


For the uninitiated its time to join the Nerf Nation at – Nerf has a wide range of blasters, which shoot soft foam darts providing hours of fun and safe, indoor and outdoor action. Strike with confidence and skill with the latest AccuStrike Series, which features darts designed for greater accuracy. Try out the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike RAPTORSTRIKE or customise your blaster for any mission with the fully motorised Nerf Modulus Regulator blaster, featuring SwitchFire Technology, with three ‘blasting’ modes to choose from. Expand the customising options with Nerf Modulus accessories and upgrade kits (each sold separately), to create over 1 000 different combinations.

3. Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life

toysCombining hands-on play with digital play, Play-Doh is now introducing fans to even more interactive play adventures with the first app-enhanced Play-Doh experience – Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio, watch your real world Play-Doh creations come alive in the digital world, in ways never before imagined.

4. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations


Junior chefs love the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations range including the interactive Play-Doh Magical Oven.

5. My Little Pony Canterlot & Seaquestria Castle

toys6. My Little Pony The Princess Twilight Sparkle Spike the Dragon Friendship Duettoys7. Transformers Autobot Sqweeks Remote Controlled figureTOYS

In the explosive Transformers: The Last Knight movie, new heroes must rise in an epic struggle to forge a future for all. Lose yourself in the world of Transformers and jump into action with the Autobot Sqweeks Remote Controlled figure featuring motion and sound effects. Activate blaster mode or boogie-down with dance mode. Unleash the fire-breathing, three-headed dragon from the movie with the Turbo Changer Dragonstorm figure with Cyberfire-breathing technology and awesome effects, including flapping wings and 20+ sounds and phrases. Transformers Allspark Tech 14 cm figures feature classic Transformers conversion with a twist. Unite them with the Allspark Tech cube (cube only available in starter pack; sold separately) to power motion activated lights, sounds, and phrases.  Choose your faction and #PledgeYourAllegiance on

8. The Yo-kai Watch season 2


Enjoy the antics of Nate and his Yo-kai friends as they embark on exciting adventures. The Yo-kai Watch season 2 range is now available in South Africa with over 350 character medals to collect, an updated Medallium Collection book and the latest Yo-kai Watch Model Zero (with Yo-Motion Technology). Insert a Yo-Motion Yo-kai Medal into the watch and watch as a Yo-kai animation is projected onto a nearby surface, medals can also be scanned with the Yo-Kai land app or the Yo-kai game with a Nintendo 3DS (sold separately) for more fun and games.

9. Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber


Star Wars fans can be a part of exciting stories of good versus evil in a galaxy far, far away with the latest Star Wars Episode 8 range of products. Fight like a Jedi and imagine the thrill of a heated battle with a Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber that opens with only a flick of the wrist. This 381mm lightsaber combines with other lightsabers allowing you to customise it to match your skills. Begin your Star Wars figure collection with Star Wars: Rogue One Figures. Recreate your favorite action scenes with these awesome action figures that come with movie-inspired accessories like lightsabers and blasters.

10. The Titan Hero Series Spider-Man Figure


Everyone’s favourite wall-climbing, crime fighting action-figure Spiderman is back in the new Spiderman Homecoming movie release. Imagine big web-slinging adventures with the Titan Hero Series Spider-Man Figure. This 30cm action figure features basic articulation that allows you to imagine exciting giant sized battle action with other collectable Titan Hero Series figures (each sold separately). Suit up like Spiderman with the Spider-Man Flip Up Mask with adjustable fabric that partially reveals the identity of young super heroes. The mask has a flexible band to fit most kids.

11. Disney Princess range

Little dreamers can create endless memorable Princess moments with the Disney Princess range, including tiaras, magical wands, hair play assortments and accessories, dolls and castles, movie inspired ball gowns and a whole lot more. Be Bold, Brave and Beautiful and live under the sea with Ariel, charm the Beast with Belle and become the fairest of them all with Snow White with the enchanting Disney Princess Doll Series. Play with your imagination and be the princess you choose to be.

12. Trolls

toysOur friends from DreamWorks Trolls are ready to give kids a hair-raising time. These colourful figures are the ultimate collector’s item, with 12 to collect, your child can swop them, style them and add onto their look with some really great accessories. Look out for the Dreamworks Trolls Hair Raising assortment of figures or hang out with the characters in the Dreamworks Trolls Town Podular Tree playset.

13. Furreal Friends

Furreal Friends may be your best answer to your child’s ‘I want a pet’ question. There’s a wide choice of ‘friends to choose from including; Pax, My Poopin Pup, Furreal Friends Boostie, Furreal Kami My Pooping Kitty as well as Furreal Buzz Pet Tiger, who responds to sounds and touch with over 100+ playful sound and motion combinations. Each soft cuddly pet has a unique personality and animal-like traits, providing kids with a great bonding experience.

14. Monopoly

Monopoly fans are in for a treat with the launch of two new Monopoly games:  Monopoly Gamer and the next generation Monopoly set containing the new token set.

The next generation Monopoly Edition features brand new tokens as voted for by you! Families will have a blast with new tokens such as the Rubber Ducky, T-Rex and Penguin tokens.

New Monopoly Gamer, adds a fun Nintendo twist to the popular board game. Featuring Super Mario characters, which will have you competing for properties by using special powers.

Look out for these awesome Monopoly games from Hasbro Gaming at your nearest Toys ‘R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamley’s, Lilliput’s, and other major retailers.

For more information visit or visit Monopoly South Africa on Facebook.

15. Toilet trouble

Which flush will cause the gush? Share some hilarious and suspense-filled moments as players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll, flushing the toilet handle, and hoping they don’t get sprayed with water! The number that turns up on the paper roll spinner dictates how many times each player must flush. Players are safe if they hear the flushing sound, but no water is sprayed. Who knows which flush will be the one that sprays water, eliminating that player? Continue taking turns spinning the roll and flushing until one player has not been sprayed. That player wins the game!

16. Fantastic Gymnastics

Get into the swing of things with this compelling and unique Fantastic Gymnastics game. Players time their speed and rhythm to gain momentum to flip the gymnast figure around the high bar. At the right moment, hit the release button to let him fly, and try to stick the perfect landing. Get him to land on the mat on his feet for the win! Play solo, head-to-head, or challenge friends to a tournament. Step-by-step instruction sheet also features tips for getting the perfect 100-point score.

17. Fingerlings

18. Hatchimals Collectibles

19. Barbie Dream Horse

20. TommyXGigi Barbie

Designed in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, the TommyXGigi Barbie celebrates the unforgettable runway event where Gigi Hadid was introduced as global brand ambassador for TOMMY HILFIGER womenswear. The doll is styled in a classic navy TOMMY HILFIGER flag hoodie, white shorts with red trim and brand logo, and white slip-on sneakers, matching Gigi Hadid’s closing look for the Fall 2016 TOMMYNOW experiential runway event at which the first TommyXGigi capsule collection was introduced.

21. Barbie Cupcake Chef Doll from Barbie’s Career Doll range

22. Hot wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

23. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

24.  Mega Bloks Lil’ Vehicles Dump Truck

25. Nintendo Switch (Tech)

26. PJ Masks

27. Paw Patrol

28.  Disney frozen tent

29. Oball

This is one of my favourite brands for toddler cars. Kiaan loves their products and now Kirav is enjoying them too.

30. Cars 3

31. Disney Emoji

32. L.O.L. Surprise

33. The New Wonder Woman LEGO Set

34. Disney – Moana

35.  Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Craft Kit

Does your daughter love lip gloss? This gift will definitely be a winner!

37. Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper Action Figure

38. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart™ offers an imaginative way to exercise important memory and sequencing skills. These skills lay a critical foundation for all other learning areas, from recognizing cause and effect to learning to read and count. Clement C., PhD, LeapFrog Learning Expert.

39. Shopkins ‘Tall Mall’ Compete Toy Playset

40. Funko POP Movies

41. Pie Face

To add to the family fun occasion, one of the most popular games for kids, Pie Face, is filled with excitement and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get spattered! Just add some whipped cream or a wet sponge on the ‘hand’ of this hilarious game unit and start turning the handle. It could go off at any time, so keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat in the face. This holiday season, get your family game on with Hasbro’s selection of board games, with a choice for everyone, you will keep the whole family entertained.

42. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Shake it baby! The perfect playtime pal for singing, dancing, and move ’n groove fun.

Who likes to move? BeatBo does! Get the dance party started by pressing BeatBo’s tummy or any of the buttons on his feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. This futuristic friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and he’ll remix it into his favorite song. Three modes — Dance ’n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along — “grow” with baby to make him a forever friend for years to come. And through all the play, BeatBo’s introducing baby to letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and much more.

43. Step2 Kitchen

The Decorative Living the Lifetsyle Kitchen with Five Electronic Appliances has it all! A framed window with working lights makes this kitchen feel alive. Pretend to wash dishes, cook in the microwave or on the stove top, and chat merrily on the play phone. Explore and experiment with the 37 piece accessory kit. This kitchen will become the most favoured area of play!

Other Information:

– Five electronic features: play phone, stove top burner, overhead light, oven keypad and microwave
– Decorative window in frame
– Dish rack for dishes
– 37 piece accessory kit

44. Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

It’s time to hatch! With your love and care you will hear your chick tapping and chirping from inside the egg, then when its time your chick will hatch and reveal itself.

Keep your chick save and sound with this Little-Live Pets Surprise Chick House, taking it everywhere you go with the carry handle. Your newly hatched chick loves to sing and the more you pet it the more you will hear its happy sounds.

Fold down the wall of the Chick house to provide a great nest area for your little chick to explore. Place your chick back inside the egg to relive the amazing hatching moment over and over again.

– Keep your Chick safe and sound in this Chick House.
– Hear fun chirping and tapping sounds from inside the egg.
– The more you pet your chick the more it loves to sing.
– Carry around with you wherever you go.
– Fold down the wall to provide the perfect nesting area.
– Re-live the amazing hatching moment.

45. Shimmer and Shine Teenie Genies

Make your little genie’s day with a Teenie Genies Genie Surprise Bottle! This mini, magic bottle comes with a mystery genie hidden inside! The bottle features a handy clip so kids can take their genies wherever they go! There are over 130 genies to collect in fun themes like Dance Party, Music Divine, Dreamy Genies, Genie Splash, Magical Market and more! Also look for ‘floating’ Teenie Genies!

46. Pixar Cars – Inflatable Radio Controlled

Drive and race your own jumbo R/C Inflatable Lightning McQueen! Complete with real engine sounds and at 48cm long this great R/C Inflatable brings the hero of Disney Pixar’s Cars to life in your living room!

47. Ben 10 – RustBucket Deluxe Playset

48. Ben 1o watch

49. The Original Stretch Armstrong from Character Options

50. 3Doodler

With the 3Doodler Start your creative kids can finally bring all of their wonderful and imaginative ideas to life in 3D. This kid-safe 3D printing pen melts plastic that cools and hardens rapidly, allowing kids to literally draw in the air!

Each Pen Set includes an array of mixed color Eco-Plastic and the 3Doodler Start Activity Guide, loaded with fun ideas and stencils to get you started. There are over 200 free stencils and projects available online, but if that isn’t enough you could always grab one of the DoodleBlockTM Kits or opt for the Super Mega Pen Set for the ultimate creative experience.

51. Lego Creator

52. Barbie cash register

53. Hot Wheels – Drone & Vehicle Set

Get ready for a revolution in vehicle play with Bladez Drone Racerz! Fly the drone indoors or out, flip 360º and try the drone gate challenge! Now connect the drone to the exclusive Hot Wheels car chassis included to drive, drift and race your friends – or use the ramps and gates included to set up the ultimate stunt challenge! Drone Racerz even work with Hot Wheels™ track (not included) so you can set up a head to head drag race or use track to build bigger and wilder no limits Drone Racerz stunts!

54. Baby Born

BABY born® has many lifelike functions like tearing, feeding, drink & wet and she is fully bathable.

55. Peppa Pig

56. Blaze and the monster machines

57. Play-Doh counting and numbers set

58. Zoomer show Pony

59. Disney Puzzles

60. Build a Bear at Toy Kingdom

Takealot Favourites:’s wide variety of toys offers parents plenty of choices this holiday season. There’s no doubt that the perfect gift can be found for any child. The battle between collectible fan favourites and tech toys continues this holiday season as all the big names compete for the coveted title of Takealot’s top selling toy. LEGO, Nerf, Paw Patrol and Hatchimals all hover on the podium, but the winning position goes to the Jeronimo Roadster – the chic model car with four-wheel suspension for mini off-roaders.

61. Jeronimo Roadster

62. Caterpillar Massive Machine

63. Hatchimals Surprise Pink Egg

64. Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series Alphahawk

Toys on a budget (under R500)

65. Barbie Dolphin Magic Snorkel Fun Friends

66. Paw Patrol Electronic Pup Pad

67. LEGO Clocks And Watches Boys LEGO Star Wars

68. LEGO Classic Creative Supplement Bright

69. Paw Patrol Large Plush

70.  PJ Masks Light Up Figures

Top Tech Buys for 2017:

71. Fifa 18

72. Call of Duty: World War 2

73. Xbox One S 500GB

hottest toys

74. PS4 Slim 1TB

If you are looking for more ideas especially for toddlers and babies, check out my 2016 post -> Some of these toys are still trending.

If you are looking for a GPS watch for your little one – I suggest you check out Tinitell. This safety watch is a MUST HAVE during the holidays.

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