How to create a Magical Christmas on a Small Budget

Can you create a magical Christmas on a small budget? That’s something I’ve always wondered because I was a big spender, but I have since learnt that there’s more to Christmas than expensive gifts.

This year, I’ve realized that bonding with the people that you love is more important. It may seem like a cliché, but physically things can easily be lost, but priceless things are the memories created. Treasure every moment that you spend with your friends and family because only memories last forever.

Bake cookies, do crafts, spend a day at a children’s home or watch a Christmas movie together.

The first thing many kids (like my daughter) think about when you mention Christmas… is gifts. We need to teach them that creating magical moments doesn’t have to be expensive and you should be grateful for whatever you receive.

christmas gifts

But you asked for a Christmas wish list…And I bet that you are regretting even asking for one…

Kitana has a long list (thanks to YouTube unboxing videos) and many of the items are over my budget.

Prices have increased, but the budget hasn’t. The saddest thing about Christmas is that people are going to extend themselves and go beyond their budget.

After all, it is a parent’s job to fulfil their children’s wish lists – right?

I have had some interesting requests for Christmas gifts from my daughter and the kids in the family. I needed rugby tickets, gaming consoles, and yes baby stuff – especially baby stuff because it’s my sons first Christmas and I really want to spoil him.

Christmas celebration

We try our best to get that big smile on Christmas morning but what happens when “Santa” is broke and is on a budget?

Well… I have found an excellent way to overcome this – I have now learnt that I can use Gumtree.

gumtree guide

I think that one of the best things for me is that not only can I buy baby or kids items from Gumtree, but it also provides me with the opportunity to sell the items that I no longer need – which I’m sure will help make someone else’s Christmas special.

They have the most fantastic options and now I can see everything on one page, thanks to their Kids Guide.


Gumtree gift guide

I can even compare Gumtree’s average prices to the average retail price which gives me an idea how much I need to budget for a certain item that I’m interested in. How awesome is that?

And if I can’t find what I’m looking for I can always place a free AD because just maybe someone out there wants to sell an item to me.

Now I can afford to spoil my family without breaking the bank….

Thanks to Gumtree, you can save on fuel, long lines and shop in the comfort of your own home.

Tip for wrapping presents:

Wrap everything even the smallest one because presentation counts. 😉

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    2015-12-16 / 21:14

    I am always looking to save money, so I will try some of your tips. You definitely don;t have to spend a fortune to have a great holiday.

  2. Elizabeth O.
    2015-12-17 / 04:30

    It doesn’t hurt to stick to a budget on Christmas. Normally, I would save what I can during the months before December so I have enough. But this is not really the case sometimes, we really don’t have the budget, so I wait for sales and discounts.

  3. 2015-12-17 / 07:02

    Love this! What I like the most is your last tip. Wrapping even the smallest gift always works wonders. It’s the presentation that counts!

  4. 2015-12-17 / 08:24

    Amazing tips! Everyone should be checking these out! I’m going to start doing some this year. Thank you!

  5. victoria
    2015-12-17 / 11:47

    I would love to try some tips. I love saving money

  6. 2015-12-17 / 13:18

    These are awesome tips to save money this Christmas and to know that we don’t have to break the bank just to be happy! It’s the people we love that makes Christmas meaningful and magical.

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