How to create the perfect playroom

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How to create the perfect playroom
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Once your toddler is on-the-move, it’s a good idea to separate her sleeping space from her play space. Having loads of fun toys within reach of a toddler with seemingly boundless energy can be a recipe for disaster–at least when it comes to your sleep! Create a space that is just for her, with child-sized furniture and decor that showcases her interests, fun games and toys that keep her entertained and help her learn, and an organizational system that will preserve your sanity! Read on suggestions to help you create the perfect playroom for your toddler.

1. Don’t Go Overboard on Toys
Have you ever been to a child’s birthday party and noticed that while the mountain of presents is exciting, it can also be overwhelming, leading to meltdowns? Also, only one or two of those presents ever really ends up in the regular toy rotation. Try taking a cue from the minimalists and Montessori education advocates and limit your toddler’s toys to simple materials that will help them develop their fine motor skills. Wooden blocks are great for helping children learn to count and develop spacial awareness. Animal toys are helpful for encouraging young children to try out new sounds and develop their speech. Display toys on a simple shelf to let your toddler practice decision-making skills and to make clean up time (which you can involve her in) that much easier.

How to create the perfect playroom
Via Modernize

2. Create a Space for Learning
What better way to prepare your child for school than to have a space that helps her play “school,” making education fun. Use chalkboard paint to give your child a giant space to draw and practice writing letters and numbers. Role play to help her get a sense of what school will be like, taking turns for various family members to be the teacher and the student. Give your toddler simple assignments to work on from her desk or table space to help her get used to sitting still and focusing on completing a task. Be sure to proudly display artwork to nurture your burgeoning artist!

How to create the perfect playroom
Via Modernize
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  1. 2015-07-20 / 14:17

    I love the last one. These are wonderful tips. I agree about not overdoing the toys and adding more materials for learning.

  2. 2015-07-20 / 20:44

    Great tips for a playroom. It can be so tempting to go nuts with the toys, but if you can reign it in, it definitely is a benefit to the kids. A great playroom is a wonderful space to launch imagination and exploration.

  3. 2015-07-21 / 01:08

    I sometimes wonder if all the toys ever get played with–you know the ones us Aunts and friends are constantly giving children. I hope if they are not that they are being donated to children less fortunate.

  4. 2015-07-21 / 01:33

    My daughter is 25 and I wished I’d seen these beautiful playrooms when she was young I guess it’s a good time to share this post with her though 🙂

  5. 2015-07-21 / 02:57

    Despite wanting to limit the amount of toys my daughter has, we somehow keep ending up with piles. I love the idea of painting a wall with chalkboard paint. I try to leave out paints, play doh and crayons to encourage creativity. Thanks for the additional ideas!

  6. klg1982
    2015-07-21 / 04:21

    I love these rooms! ( but my kids rooms wouldn’t look that neat). I really love the navy and green

  7. 2015-07-21 / 05:08

    Omg I’m loving all of these rooms!! I’m in the middle of trying to plan my daughters new play room.

  8. 2015-07-21 / 08:13

    I think it’s right not to overwhelm the playroom with toys. It’s also good to have a space for learning for them.

  9. 2015-07-21 / 08:39

    Those are some great tips! We don’t have kids yet but we’l definitely keep this in mind once we do have to make a playroom.

  10. 2015-07-21 / 12:52

    Thanks for this tips! Our new house is still at the construction state and we are planning to give the kids a room where they can play.

  11. 2015-07-21 / 13:01

    Great tips! I love the walls. My daughter has her own room, but it’s now mostly a playroom since she gets night terrors and has moved back into my room. I should do it up all cute like that.

  12. 2015-07-21 / 13:35

    What a cute room. I’m past needing a room like this but maybe I need to help a young mother out with a room like this.

  13. 2015-07-21 / 20:11

    The top playroom that’s featured is my favorite! My daughter would be over the moon if her playroom looked like that. 🙂

  14. 2015-07-21 / 23:20

    These are totally beautiful and perfect playrooms. The first two are so cool. I wish when my kids were little.I would have had a playroom like this for them. Ours was not so fancy. Thanks for sharing.

  15. 2015-07-22 / 04:12

    I definitely think less toys is a great way to keep a playroom nice. Love these playroom ideas.

  16. 2015-07-22 / 05:53

    these tips are great! My fav is def the last one. I will be sharing this with my sister bc she is in the mist of making a playroom for her kids. Thanks for the share!

  17. 2015-07-22 / 07:53

    What great tips on how to create the perfect playroom! Your photos make me want to come over and play!

  18. 2015-07-22 / 22:17

    great tips here! Our playroom is so cluttered with toys.. I need ot clean it out!

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