How to keep your home clean during the festive season

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It’s that time of the year again… The craziness and celebration of Christmas.


Crowded stores, Christmas decorations, screaming kids running around the house and… messy kitchens!

Messy kitchens… Why? Because the holiday is all about yummy food, right?

Christmas is about keeping traditions and cooking delicious meals, well… for my family at least.

We end up spending hours in the kitchen preparing a feast for Christmas lunch!

christmas lunch

It’s great celebrating but to be honest, the cleaning at the end of it sucks!

Almost every week during December, there’s a get together at my house. Baking, Arts & crafts and lots of pool parties!


My helper will be going on holiday soon which means that I will be spending a lot of time cleaning every day and on my own – with two kids who love to mess while I clean!

mr muscle kitchen cleaner

The cleaning has always made the holidays frustrating for me…

Well this year, I got someone to help me… especially with the greasy ovens and doughy table tops….

I got… Mr Muscle 5-in-1 cleaner.

mr muscle cleaner

I refuse to feel overwhelmed on my favourite holiday.

So I’ve decided on some ‘life hacks’ – even if it is just for my own sanity.

5 Tips on how to keep your home clean during the festive season:

  • Plan a cleaning schedule and set mini goals. So what if my house gets a bit messy. You are visiting me – not my house – Right?
  • Get the family involved and allocate chores to each member. Make cleaning fun, yes even toddlers can dust.
  • Break it down – focus on one room every day plus the kitchen (This needs to be cleaned daily).
  • Reward yourself for completing a task. Maybe a glass of wine? 😉
  • Invest in products that will help you clean quicker.

This is why Mr Muscle 5-in-1 will be my best friend during the holidays.

  • It removes tough grease & grime.
  • It disinfects by killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • It can be used on worktops, tiles, sinks and work spaces which is why it’s so convenient to have at home during the holidays.
Mr Muscle 5-in-1 cleaner
I’m so attacking those tiles after this picture!

With the Mr Muscle 5-in-1 kitchen cleaner, I won’t have to spend hours scrubbing my kitchen tiles and workspace during a party. I can spend more time celebrating with my family and less time cleaning.

Mr Muscle 5-in-1 cleaner

Christmas shouldn’t be about dreading the aftermath, so let’s leave that to Mr Muscle who knows what he is doing and get back to doing what the holiday is known for! Feasting, bonding and lots of laughs!

Christmas 2014

I laugh when I look at the old advert – honestly, I need a superhero to clean my kitchen – especially after cooking Christmas lunch. I don’t even want to think about roasts and the fat drippings, spilt gravy, smashed pumpkin that the kids have stepped on left beautiful orange marks on my white tiles.

Of course, this would get Kiaan’s attention and he would want to touch…. Need I go on….

Mr Muscle 5-in-1 cleaner
Time to clean!

Well, this Christmas, I am going to invest in products that will make my life a little easier at home.

I choose to dance in the rain, have fun with my kids, laugh at the water dripping after a dip in the pool, slide in the lounge, crawl on the floor, explore, experiment, laugh and live.

I choose the superhero in my home. Shouldn’t you?

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  1. 2017-01-05 / 23:23

    The holidays are always in full swing when I realize my house is a mess. People coming and going, and so much to do. It leaves little time to actually clean.

  2. 2017-01-06 / 03:50

    Oh my goodness, your little girl is so adorable! And such pretty Christmas decor. Thanks for the tips!

  3. 2017-01-06 / 07:05

    Cleaning double time since mid-December. With more people and dogs trekking through the house – means more dirt, naturally. I don’t mind the cleaning up though, means good memories were had, right?

  4. Wendy Polisi
    2017-01-06 / 12:55

    I’m really glad that you shared it, it’s really important to e clean your home during holidays.

  5. My Teen Guide
    2017-01-06 / 15:39

    This is really useful tips! I need to clean our house this weekend because of recently holidays.

  6. 2017-01-06 / 16:05

    This is such practical information. I struggle to keep up with my house, not only during the holidays, but after! It’s such a struggle.

  7. 2017-01-09 / 07:33

    It’s good to have a cleaning plan during the holidays. This year was the first time that everyone came and left and didn’t help out with the cleaning! I was cleaning for two days straight! lol

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