It’s the month of love and whether you’re spending a cosy night in or a night out on the town celebrating, there is nothing worse than playing a casual game of footsie with a spikey mess.

Maybe you are just not into dinner dates or a night in with a nice home cooked meal. Either way you do not want to be caught in a hairy situation! The chances of that new recipe failing is high and anything could go wrong – so why not focus on the things that can be prevented? Preparation is key when it comes to special days like these so why not keep things running smoothly?

Tips on HOW to keep your legs silky smooth for a special night

Below are a few tips on how to keep those legs silky smooth in preparation for a special night.

Exfoliate! A great scrub will wash away all dead skin cells, leaving your legs polished and geared up for that moisturizer absorption.

Moisturize. This should happen at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before you get those 8 hours.

Be mindful. You want those legs looking slim. Before the big day, try to stay clear of excess salt and sugar intake and stay hydrated. It is so important if you want to reduce water retention and bloating.

Lunge and squat. To keep your legs lovely year round, get in the habit of squeezing in a few sets of lunges and squats every day. This will pay off – maybe not this Valentineโ€™s Day but definitely by next!

Keep your bronze on. Nothing slims and makes your legs look amazing than a great tan!

No matter the occasion and how your day of love is going, preparation is going help meet all those expectations. Feel free to visit the Veetโ€™s website to find more tips on how to keep those legs soft and smooth.

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