10 Tips on How to Dress your Baby Bump

My baby bump is growing and my jeans don’t fit anymore… I find myself standing in front of my closet, staring at my clothes for minutes thinking what can I wear that will be comfortable.

I never bought maternity clothing for my first pregnancy and I never bothered about looking good. My entire pregnancy, I felt like a penguin. I hated looking in the mirror because all I would see was a “fat” person.

This time, I promised myself not to feel that way again! I want to embrace my body and look stylish throughout my pregnancy.

My friend Nastassja from Mrs Rogero has been one of my biggest fashion inspirations and because of her, I’m learning to dress better.

10 Tips on how to dress your baby bump

1. Buy a black pair of leggings

Leggings go with almost anything and is still a fashion trend. It’s comfortable and can be styled with heels or flats.

Mamas & Papas Maternity Range

2. Accessorize

Accessories can change the look of an outfit and it’s something you can always use even after pregnancy.

3. Don’t be afraid to style your clothing with belts

I love wearing belts with dresses and I think it looks adorable on pregnant woman.

4. You can still use heels

I was scared during my first pregnancy but this time I’m rocking those heels! I prefer using wedges than pencil heels. If you used to wearing heels, don’t stop now.

10 Tips on how to dress your baby bump

5. Avoid overly baggy pants

I know, I think they comfortable too but the truth is it can give the illusion that you are larger than you really are. This was one of my mistakes during my first pregnancy.

6. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans

This might be the most expensive clothing item you buy during pregnancy but it will be worth it. I love jeans and I miss my skinny ones so I’m currently searching for a good pair that I can wear throughout my pregnancy.

7. Maxi dresses and skirts

Comfortable yet stylish too! I think every pregnant woman needs at least one.

8. Dress stylish but comfortable

Don’t try to change your style too much. Stay true to who you are but experiment when you can especially for those pregnancy pictures.

10 Tips on how to dress your baby bump

9. Wear Make-up/Style your hair

I’m currently breaking out because of my pregnancy but by doing my make-up, I have the confidence to still leave the house feeling/looking good.

10. Raid your closet

There’s definitely something there that you still use like an open-front cardigan, jacket, or a blazer.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for all moms and it’s important to feel good in what you are wearing, relaxed with no hassles or fuss. Fashionable maternity clothes are good for physical and mental wellbeing, showing the world that you are proud of your accomplishment.

Mamas & Papas plans take care of gorgeous moms-to- be with stylish comfortable pieces that are cut to accommodate the growing belly. 

Mamas & Papas

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  1. Eleanore
    2015-05-18 / 15:38

    I’m 13 weeks with my first baby 🙂 so excited 😀

  2. nasika baijnath
    2015-05-18 / 15:56

    I am 19 weeks pregnant and in that stage where nothing fits. This articl was so helpful, thank u

  3. Halima Shaik
    2015-05-18 / 16:10

    My second child so I can perfectly well relate to the story,I am currently 8 weeks.Fingers x shared on all social media

  4. 2015-05-18 / 16:20

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and not fitting in any clothing- carrying quite big already.

  5. Estee
    2015-05-18 / 17:49

    30 weeks pregnant and nothing fits anymore:(

  6. Lauren Palmer
    2015-05-18 / 18:37

    I’m 21 weeks on Wednesday

  7. Sid Govender
    2015-05-18 / 19:28

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant! Exciting times

  8. Kimmy
    2015-05-18 / 19:46

    Following on Twitter.
    Tweeted about the competition:
    Subscribed to your newsletter
    12 weeks

  9. Elmien Louw
    2015-05-18 / 20:00

    Im 32weeks pregnant with a baby girl. This prize will be wonderful…..on that stage that I need to buy more maternity clothes xxxx

  10. Zakiya
    2015-05-18 / 22:14

    im 30 weeks pregnant..thanks for the great tips!

  11. Aysha Motala
    2015-05-18 / 22:27

    33 weeks! Not much from my closet fits on me now!

  12. Gersa Prinsloo
    2015-05-19 / 05:26

    I am currently 17 weeks and 3 days with my 3rd baby amd cant wait for the next 4 days to pass to hopefully find out if it is a boy or girl although I think it’s a girl

    • Gerda Prinsloo
      2015-06-05 / 11:59

      I am now 21 weeks pregnant and found it is a baby boy not a girl!

  13. Soraya
    2015-05-19 / 06:53

    12 weeks

  14. 2015-05-19 / 07:22

    Wow totally loved reading this article gonna look stunning in my second pregnancy with these tips 😀 😀 😀 I can relate felling fat all the time and standing infront of my cupboard think what am I going to wear gosh that’s hard work lol 21 weeks preggie and would love to look gorgeous #fingercrossed 😀

  15. Donnaleigh
    2015-05-19 / 08:06

    I’m 25 weeks pregnant with twins so rather bigger then expected at 25 weeks, was literally in tears last week because I have nothing that fits anymore… These styling tips sure will come in handy. Thanks xxx

  16. Adele
    2015-05-19 / 11:12

    Im currently 28 weeks pregnant with our first, so far have gotten away with just wearing what is in my cupboard, but starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, and the pile of clothes that once fitted is getting smaller and smaller… Really need to invest in some new clothes! Love your tips on dressing your bump!

  17. roxy kotze
    2015-05-19 / 16:08

    21wks with first baby and it’s a Boy 🙂 can’t wait

  18. Relandi Bloomberg
    2015-05-19 / 16:11

    I am 26 weeks pregnant loving every moment!

  19. 2015-05-19 / 16:31

    28 weeks preggers and could really do with a little pick me up. Most things are too small and I’m terribly tired of the few things that do fit.

  20. Geraldine Clarke
    2015-05-19 / 16:41

    I am 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby.
    Showing much faster this time round so definitely appreciate the tips 🙂

  21. Aadilah Suliman
    2015-05-19 / 17:08

    Im 29 weeks with my first i bought maternity clothes few months back but they all small now.. Need to go shopping again…

  22. lauren labuschagne
    2015-05-19 / 18:00

    Im 25 weeks pregnant tomorrow!! First baby very excited.. not finding out the sex..

  23. Bronwyn
    2015-05-19 / 18:25

    Great article, thank you:) Im 17 weeks pregnantvwith my first baby and would love to win this prize!

  24. Serena
    2015-05-19 / 20:00

    I’m 32 weeks with my 2nd baby and my old maternity clothes aren’t covering my bump this time around hehe

  25. Danielle Kotze
    2015-05-19 / 21:13

    I am 24 and a half weeks pregnant. I am expecting our first baby and his name is Levi Quinn! Yay! Unfortunately, i have been battling with my closet and maternity outfits as most of my husband and my finances are going to paying all the hospital bills etc cash. We have faith that it will all work out, and will not have fear 🙂 love the closet tips, it helps being first time mommy xx

  26. sam
    2015-05-19 / 21:31

    hi I am 33 weeks pregnant with nothing that fits in my cupboard. I can’t find any clothes that look good on me/my bump or that fits properly.. The maternity clothes I’ve seen are either priced out of my price range or are not attractive..

  27. Jacelyn Zwart
    2015-05-20 / 06:07

    I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd one and have to look professional for work and most of the business pregnancy wear are expensive

  28. christell
    2015-05-20 / 08:50

    Hi I’m 17 weeks pregnant feeling like a baggie hippo I can really do with meturnity clothes lol

  29. christell
    2015-05-20 / 08:52

    Hi I’m 17 weeks pregnant feeling like a baggie hippo I can really do with meturnity clothes lol I will be finding out the gender in a month very exited :):):)

  30. Kajal
    2015-05-20 / 20:08

    5 weeks

  31. Sophia Stopford
    2015-05-22 / 09:11

    Im 14 weeks pregnant having a girl!

  32. Sonia Le roux
    2015-05-22 / 10:06

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant

  33. jana
    2015-05-22 / 11:13

    I am currently 31 weeks and ran out of clothes. In desperate need of something to wear especially for work!!!

  34. Laurian
    2015-05-22 / 18:38

    28 weeks. Don’t know what we having, looking forward to the surprise.

  35. Kaylynn
    2015-05-24 / 10:07

    I’m 26 weeks pregnant. Was in the Mamas and Papas store yesterday and would love to get their classic white shirt! It would be perfect for work 🙂

  36. 2015-05-24 / 11:55

    Would be such a blessing to win this prize , lol nothing fits 22 weeks preggie and would love to look stylish like Shanny 🙂 🙂

  37. 2015-05-25 / 11:57

    Im a mom of a 3year old,9 month old baby and Im 21weeks pregnant again. After 6 miscarriages I doubt there is ANYTHING that makes me happier than holding my little ones in my arms,Lets be honest,NOTHING can prepare you for motherhood, Being a mother is TOUGH,its HARD WORK,TIRING,EXHAUSTING AND A SELFLESS ACT,Am I worthy enough to do this?Am i doing it right? Most times you dont get please and thank you’s and off course there is no salary at the end of the month for all your hard work, 😉 😉 😉 Without my kids my house would be clean,my wallet would be full,but my heart would be empty,but there is so much more REWARD, Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing the little pitter patter of my baby’s heartbeat inside me,the smile of my 9 month old can light up a room and make me feel like a supermom and the big squeezes and “I love you”s from my 3 year old melts my heart and makes me LOVE being a mom.Thank You,Baby,and I for helping me through this journey of Motherhood. Thanks for helping support my kids amazing growth and development

  38. Aziza
    2015-05-31 / 15:22

    20weeks !! Halfway there with first baby

  39. Shakirah
    2015-05-31 / 16:17

    22 weeks

  40. Adelle
    2015-05-31 / 17:27

    24 with my first child and the gender will be a surprise

  41. Christina Pappas
    2015-05-31 / 18:27

    27 weeks preggo. .. second time round. Even hubbies clothes don’t fit any more. With a toddler money for clothes is tight, so winning a lil shopping spree would be out of this world 🙂

  42. Henriette
    2015-06-03 / 09:12

    Great post! I’m 17 weeks pregnant with our first baby and my clothes are becoming very very snug…

    I have shared on twitter (@cronjehenriette) and pinterest (Henriette Cronje), following Mamas & Papas on twitter and facebook (Henriette Cronje), following you on twitter and instagram (@henriettecronje19) and I have tweeted and subscribed!

  43. Lizelle Wait
    2015-06-05 / 11:52

    3 months pregnant first child WOW great post loved it so much

  44. Tooba Tahir
    2015-06-05 / 12:03

    28weeks pregnant

  45. Antonette Harypursat
    2015-06-11 / 11:49

    28weeks plus 5 days! 🙂

  46. 2018-07-10 / 09:54

    This article was so helpful. I am now 17th week pregnant and i am so excited about this.

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