Is Valentines day for couples only?

Is it a commercial day?

Do you even believe in it?

I remember Valentines day in school was such a big affair. We were allowed to wear civvies and buy gifts for each other. Girls used to compare gifts and see who received the most.  When you married with kids, things are a bit different. After doing some research on pinterest, I found some nice ideas that you can do with your child or surprise your partner with something that isn’t going to leave a hole in your pocket! Although its cheesy I think its way cuter then a R500 gift. I wouldn’t mind receiving any of these. Lets face it most of us want to get spoilt on Vday! Whether its receiving flowers early morning or going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, it is going to cost more than these below. If you are on a budget after paying e-tolls and with the petrol hike that recently bombarded us, I suggest keep it simple. I think picnics are perfect. You already have everything you will need in your fridge. Create a nice atmosphere, with soft romantic music and setup your picnic area. It can be indoors or outdoors. Vije and I did this twice on 2 different occasions and it was perfect! You can use some ideas from below to make it more meaningful.



These are little things with words that have big meanings. 

I will definitely be doing this with Kitana. This is my favorite.




As you should know by now that I’m obsessed with pinterest, So I ended up pinning my favorites for Valentines Day.


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