WIN a Book Hamper from Imagnary House!

It’s Day 14 of You, Baby and I Christmas giveaways! Today, we have 4 awesome books to giveaway thanks to Imagnary house!

About Imagnary House:

imagnary house

Imagnary House is a publisher and bookstore of creative children’s and YA books in South Africa. A boutique publisher and bookstore, their focus is on entertaining and imaginative children’s and YA literature, as we have a heart for children’s literacy and imaginations in Southern Africa and around the world.

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We got a book hamper up for grabs which include the following titles:

Lucy and Mum’s Shoes by Emily Child (illustrated by Warwick Kay)

Lucy & Mum’s Shoes is the story of a girl called Lucy who hears the world a little differently. She is fascinated by the sounds around her, especially the sound of shoes. She dreams of a life where she is surrounded by high-heels. She dreams of being grown-up.

Feeling brave one morning, Lucy sneaks into her mother’s cupboard and tries on her favourite pair of stilettos. An unusual and dreamlike day of high-heeled hope, happiness and hindrance follows, leaving Lucy a little less certain that she wants to feel grown-up after all…

Lucy invites children (and adults) to be a part of her unique and quirky soundscape. Infused with a surreal eccentricity, this story uncovers what it means to “love the shoes you’re in”.

Lucy and Mums shoes Imagnary House

Tina Tadpole: Witch in Training by David Bourke

Tina is a different kind of witch, especially being green and all. Going to school has always seen Tina being the odd one out, and she doesn’t mind one bit. But, that means choosing her pet isn’t quite so easy as her classmates find it. Which magical beast will Tina choose?

Tina Tadpole is a hilarious read with lots fun running from beginning to end. Prepare for nose snorting, hair pulling, belly aching, and eye watering laughs! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Imagnary House
Liebetland: A Colouring Book by Liebet Jooste

Liebetland is a wacky world created by South African artist, Liebet. A place where strange creatures of all sizes and shapes live amongst wonderful plants and things in colourful landscapes.

Liebetland: A Colouring Book is Liebet Jooste’s second colouring-in book for humans of any age, and a very grand entrance into her wild world of Liebetland where the most hilarious creatures hide. #LiebetColouring

Imagnary House
The Complete Guide to Being a Monster by Astika Chetram (illustrated by Danica Ricciardi)

Every little monster faces challenges while growing up. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone teach you how to deal with these challenges? The Complete Guide to Being a Monster is a fantastic read on how to be the best monster you can possibly be… have you practiced your roar? Have you embraced the dark for its glow worms and twinkling stars? Have you built a lair yet? Follow three adorable little monsters, Ike, Spike and Mia, as they discover what it means to be a monster, and learn what it means to enjoy being you.

Imagnary House



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    would love this for my daughyer as i think it would be a great learning experience

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