Guest blogger, Mrs Rogero shares some important tips when it comes to Style.

1. Wear great shoes

Mrs Rogero

Let your shoes steal the show. On many days, I decide on my shoes first and then build from there. Invest in a statement pair (or a few!) – on days when you need to get out of the house in a hurry, you’ll look fantastic in great shoes – even in a jeans and t-shirt!

2. Get a haircut

Mrs Rogero

If you’re feeling frumpy, nothing picks you up like a fresh cut. Maybe you’re juggling a thousand things each day, then go for a cut that requires nothing but 5 minutes a day to style – you’ll be amazed how much time you free up, and you’ll be super chic.

3. Put on lipstick

Mrs Rogero

When I’ve had a sleepless night, nothing brightens up my face like lipstick. Go for a bright colour that suits your skin tone and be fabulous in seconds.

4. Wear your colour

Mrs Rogero

Learn which colours suit you best, and start wearing those. People won’t know what it is about you, but they’ll notice you look fresh and vibrant. When trying to figure out what your best colours are, take the colour to your face and see what it does. Your best colours will brighten up your face. Once you know your best colours, you can wear almost anything and look amazing.

5. Accessorize

Mrs Rogero

Even if you’re wearing the same pencil skirt and the same white shirt to work again, add a fun accessory like a statement neck piece, bold cocktail ring or a wow bag and you’re a hit. Accessories are great because it can transform your standard wardrobe into a variety of looks.

Nastassja is a Professional writer and Image Consultant. You can learn more tips and tricks on her blog:

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