I love watching YouTube moms. One of my favorites is Britneyandbaby. I just watched her recent video where she vented out on being a parent. I thought about this and agreed with her on certain aspects.

My Question to you:

1. Is being a parent really hard work?
2. What makes this title so difficult for some than others?
3. Does money really buy happiness?


Not so long ago, I chatted to a young woman who isn’t a mother yet but kept on giving me advice on how a child should be raised and what I should do differently. I took it all in, came home.. realizing that my husband and I are thee only ones that know our daughter and her personality. How I’m I suppose to listen to someone who doesn’t even have a kid yet? Is that even possible?

I recently did a post on stay at home moms and how it’s not as easy as some people think it is. Multi tasking with a child can be difficult for a stay at home or working parent. I believe being a parent is hard but it’s also a choice we make. Right now I wouldn’t consider having a second child, reason being its difficult already with Kitana alone.

Parents that have 3 kids and pregnant with the 4th, are they still allowed to vent? Some say, you made your bed now sleep in it…but there are days where you want to wake up even if it’s for a minute or 2. If I have a second child now, I might become very emotional and lost. I don’t have the time to watch 2 babies and breastfeed both of them. Yes there are some mothers who can do it but there are many who struggle. Not everyone can afford 2/3 helpers like celebrities.


Please don’t compare me to Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian. I’m an ordinary woman whose trying to be a mother, student, entrepreneur and a wife.

There are moments when I feel like screaming or curling in a ball and just sleeping but that won’t help me at all. I still have to wake up at 6am every morning and look after a little person who trusts me and needs me.

Parents have the right to vent. We human after all. Sometimes I feel down and depressed and sometimes I want to pause the moment and let it last forever. For me, motherhood is a challenge. Everything that could go wrong, kinda did go wrong. I have a toddler who is a fussy eater, co-sleeps, breast feeds and who is extremely clingy. I’m still learning to deal with this. Each day gets better, I’m still new at this. First child and first time experiences but the question remains, will it get better or worse with the second?! It’s scary as you not sure what to expect, reality is very different from perception. What to expect when you’re expecting is a brilliant movie for those who want a little peek into parenting and pregnancy.

perception moms 2

Trying to change the current situation is not easy, it takes time and patience.

Moms need a break.
Moms need at least one day of sleeping in.
One afternoon off from cooking, cleaning and maybe half day off from being a parent.

When I say a day off from being a parent, I mean girl or pamper time!
I love meeting with friends and just catching up. It takes my mind of my busy schedule and allows me to be free. I know I’m a mom but I’m also a young woman. Parenting is never going to be easy! We just have to learn to make it work. Each family is different and each child is unique. Please don’t compare your perfect child with my fussy toddler. If you think parenting has been easy for you, I salute you! Please share your secret with the rest of us.

I don’t think I’m a perfect mom and don’t think I will ever be.


”Being a mom is hard work. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and downright stressful. If I knew how hard being a mom would be, would I do it all over again? ABSOLUTELY. I would just know that it’s okay to not love every minute of it!” Janet Casey, Founder of Tell Another Mom.

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