I never had siblings to fight with and I always got the last piece of chocolate cake but was that enough?

No, not for me…

To be honest, I hated being the only child.

I wish I had a sibling to play with and share secrets while we hide under the blanket at night eating marshmallows. OK I know not all siblings do that but at the end of the day you have someone to love and hate.

I always tell my mom how selfish she was having just one.

Being the only child

Having a sibling is so much more than having a partner in crime. It’s having the support of someone close when you trying something new without your parents. Getting advice from someone who understands you on your first day of college and seeing a familiar smile when you speaking to a room full of strangers.

I feel 2 Kids is better than 1. I know many people may not agree with me but this is my opinion. A second child is often regarded with more judgement than joy. The second is always the one you need to “think” about having. I’ve heard about how a second child can be a lot of work and how your workload as a mother increases. You now have to pack 2 lunch boxes every day and make sure you buy an equal amount of gifts for Christmas.

The pros of one child? It’s cheaper! But is one child enough?

Let me tell you how life was growing up being the only child.

Many people think the only child is the “Lonely one”. Well Yes and No. I was always surrounded by cousins but the feeling was never the same…When they left, I was alone. I used to sit and play with my “imaginary” friends and stuffed animals.

Growing up, I got everything. I wasn’t spoilt but I was always first in line and the centre of attraction at home. It was awesome but I always felt like something was missing. I envied my friends when they spoke about their siblings and I used to hate doing family drawings for school because it only included mom and I. My mom raised me on her own (my dad died when I was 8), her role quickly changed from a mother to a father and mother.

We’re a team and we do everything together. But even today, I miss not having a brother or sister.

Holidays just remind me how sad it is being the only child. I got no brothers to invite over for lunch and no sisters to swap clothes with and giggle about past boyfriends over a cup of hot tea.

Lovely brother and sister lying in bed at home.

Being the only child has given me reasons why I don’t want Kitana to be the only child. I love big families and more than 1 child has always been in my family plan.

I love hearing the echo of my daughter’s laugh at home and I can’t wait to add another laugh to it.

My husband keeps calculating how much it would cost to send two kids to private school instead of one. It’s ridiculous, but I’m willing to work hard to provide for my kids. I’m ready for the sleepless nights and I’m ready for a house filled with dirty diapers and broken toys!

Yes having kids in today’s world is expensive. The big question every parent asks is; can I afford a second child? The choice of having more than one kid is a decision only you can make. I know that not everyone has the choice of choosing how many kids they want and that’s a completely different story on its own.

This post is about me and I need to say that I’m not talking about single moms or the moms going through IVF. This is a completely different scenario and I wouldn’t compare myself to any one of them.


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