Did you know fever remains the most common reason for parents to take their kids to the doctor? A thermometer is a must buy item for every mom to be but how many of them actually work like they suppose to?

Technology is rapidly advancing and the baby industry isn’t missing out. Who would have thought that one day we would get to use a wireless thermometer? Well definitely not me but it has happened and I’m loving it!

I was speechless when I found out about a product called iThermonitor. Being a modern mom, I’m always trying to find “clever” gadgets to help me do things a bit easier so when I was asked by the brand to review this product I just couldn’t refuse.

iThermonitor – a smart wireless thermometer

What is iThermonitor?

It is a smart wireless thermometer developed especially for children 2 years and older. The small comfortable non-invasive device attaches easily under a child’s arm using medical tape.

Bluetooth technology links the iThermonitor to your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to continuously and quietly monitor your child’s temperature.

iThermonitor – a smart wireless thermometer

I bought 3 different types of thermometers when Kitana was born and they all frustrated me because I never really understood them until after a few uses. Having to check your child’s temperature every hour can be frustrating for you and them, especially when they trying to sleep. I’ve had countless sleepless nights because of this and I always wished for an easier way to do this.

What I love about iThermonitor

  • You can set alerts for when your child’s temperature rises above or drops below certain thresholds allowing for immediate action and better control over your child’s health.
  • You can continuously monitor your child’s temperature on your smart phone or tablet while you are at work and your child is at home. How cool is that?
  • No need to keep putting a thermometer in your child’s mouth, and no need to wake them up to take their temperature.
  • Battery operated – It lasts for 8 hours per day, 120 days of continuous use.
  • You can clean the device with 75% concentrated medical alcohol. To find out more, read here.

You can check to see if your phone is compatible here.

iThermonitor – a smart wireless thermometer

Will Bluetooth harm your child?

The iThermonitor uses low-power Bluetooth technology, which has very low radiation. The intensity is less than one thousandth of cell phone radiation.

iThermonitor is non-toxic and non-stimulating. It complies with standards of biocompatibility and ROHS. The product is accredited – both FDA and European CE approval.

iThermonitor is available on takealot.com for R999 (about $86). It is a bit pricey but if you think long-term, it’s worth it especially if you have more than 1 child. It’s the luxury way of checking your child’s temperature.

You can connect with the brand on:

Website -> www.ithermonitor.co.za

Twitter -> www.twitter.com/iThermonitor_za

Facebook -> www.facebook.com/ithermonitor

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