Its a Frozen date

It was a cold winter’s day, perfect for our movie date… What movie date you may wonder?

Once upon a time, Kitana and I decided to enter Samsung’s bloggers challenge. A challenge that offers established and aspiring South African bloggers the opportunity to compete head-to-head in a series of Missions. My daughter loves movies and so do I, what would be more perfect than entering a competition that offers us a chance to watch some more TV?! Intrigued by the hashtag #missionsamsung, I applied. Days later I received an email saying I was one of the finalist. Delighted by the news, I jumped up and screamed with joy…followed by a hug from Kitana. We were ready for the first mission which was a movie with 5 friends…

Samsung bloggers challenge

5 friends?! I was in a pickle, I’ve been surrounded by kids for the past couple weeks, where would I find adult company in 3 days?! I chuckled to myself, thought about it…decided on a movie and sent the invite: A Pajama Frozen movie date. Pjs, great company, scrumptious snacks and a big screen TV for a fabulous movie date with my baby girl.

The day had finally arrived, Frozen was the perfect selection for my guests which included 2 little girls and 2 boys who are obsessed with Olaf.

It was time to have some fun to set the scene before the movie began, singing our favourite song and getting ready for our interpretation of “Ellens selfie”.. Our welfie included a wriggly baby and a distracted toddler. Trust me, this was the best picture we could capture with them sitting still. They were eager to see the movie and decided to take front row seats.

Samsung Welfie

Munching on some popcorn, sipping on warm hot chocolate and cuddling with my favourite people made the perfect scene for a movie experience. We created fake snow, used fans to create wind and make a cold atmosphere for the kids to really experience the movie.

Frozen movie date

I was stunned to see Kitana sitting quietly and watching the movie. It finally hit me, my daughter isn’t a baby anymore.


Samsung provided an experience for my family. A movie should be experienced and not watched especially with kids.

Samsung bloggers challenge

The LED Smart TV has more vibrant colours for better images, full HD and offers different modes to improve your personalised viewing including a movie mode. You can even plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. It supports optical digital which I plugged into my external sound system giving me the full surround sound experience.

Movie Tips for a toddler

  1. Choose a movie that you think your child will like, something musical is even better.
  2. Try watching a movie at home before attempting the big screen and set it up like a cinema.
  3. Provide lots of snacks.
  4. Skip movie previews.
  5. Try watching a movie after baby’s nap so they have lots of energy.
  6. Carry a toy or 2 to distract if they get bored.

All pictures in the gallery below taken with the Samsung GALAXY S4.

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  1. Blog Addict
    2014-07-20 / 10:46

    Number 5 is great advice

  2. Chloe-Bianca Oosthuizen
    2014-07-20 / 11:02

    Thank you awesome blog, Samsung sure is the best and also love my S4 ♡

  3. 2014-07-21 / 09:29

    Well done on your decor and invites Just proves we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy ourselves! I need one of those TVs lol – every moms dream 🙂 whats better than singing Let it go with the surround sound on????? Love your toddler tips

  4. 2014-07-21 / 14:54

    Wow! Now I wish I was there. You should win, so that I can come over and watch movies with you guys!

  5. Mishka
    2014-07-28 / 21:34

    Love the welfie 🙂 cute!

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