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Looking for comfortable shoes for your little one?! You are going to love Jimi Atrik!

Jimi Atrik is the latest brand from Katz Footwear which recently launched in South Africa. The active footwear brand already has a huge range of shoes for toddlers and kids!

I’m impressed. I’m loving the bright colours!

I’m currently reviewing the product with 10 other moms on the Momsays platform – we will be sharing our review with you soon!

My kids wear shoes out extremely fast – especially my daughter Kitana because she’s always jumping around, running and she has narrow feet which makes it very difficult to find shoes that actually fit her properly and last for a long time.

I’ve spent several hours in shopping malls trying to find shoes for Kitana only to end up leaving with absolutely nothing.

It’s frustrating!

I am one of those people who like shopping around before making that final decision, but I also follow a checklist when it comes to shopping for shoes. Shoes are expensive and you need to put some thought into your purchases.

My tips:

1. Firstly, decide on the style that you are looking for. Example: Lace, Snap, Or Velcro? I prefer Velcro, just because it is so much easier – to put on especially when you are in a rush.

2. Read the tag on the shoe to find out more about the materials that are used. Trust me, it does matter when you are purchasing running shoes.

3. Bend the shoe and check if it is flexible and has a grip.

4. Check the fit and let your child run around a bit in the store before making that final decision.

Some of the best materials for kids running shoes are:

  • Mesh for breathability.
  • Foam for mid-sole cushioning.
  • Rubber for a long-lasting outer sole.


The first couple of years with a child fly by like a meteor – it is a time that is both fast, furious and …. exciting. These are the years when kids are extremely active and want to explore – so comfortable shoes are extremely important.

About Jimi Atrik Footwear:

Jimi Atrik footwear is designed to fit all tastes and needs.

Check out their toddler and kids range of active footwear here.

The range is currently available for 1 to 7-year-olds (depending on your child’s size).

All of their shoes offer the highest quality in terms of fabrics. They also boast their innovative Gravity Cushion, which will conform to the shape of your child’s foot with each step for the most comfortable fit. Gravity Cushion is a memory foam inner designed to make the footwear light and comfortable.

Jimi Atrik

These affordable shoes are built to compete with the best. When creating this product, the vision was clear – to create footwear that marries quality and aesthetics to improve your child’s world with every step. That sounds ambitious, but the brand has worked tirelessly to include innovative technology into each shoe, while also keeping up with international trends in activewear.

Want to purchase Jimi Atrik footwear? Click here

This allows your child to be at the forefront of the athleisure trend in South Africa, while at the same time giving you complete peace of mind in knowing that they have footwear to handle their active lifestyle.

Jimi Atrik offers good quality, comfortable, stylish and fun sneakers for active kids who are always on the move!

For more information, visit

Jimi Atrik shoes follow UK sizes:

Toddlers (ages 1-+-3/4)
• Sizes 4,5,6,7,8,9

Kids (ages+-3/4 – 7/8)
• Sizes 10,11,12,13,1,2

Jimi Atrik

Win 1 of 10 pairs of Jimi Atrik shoes for your child!

Jimi Atrik footwear


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  1. Allerise Waldeck
    2017-11-15 / 10:55

    My first impression of the Jimi Atrik Footwear range was: “Wow, finally! A footwear range that is both styllish and affordable for my two year old son. 🙂

  2. Luchae Williams
    2017-11-15 / 10:55

    Besides for all of the other really cool features, I mostly like the design and color options. Kari is 3.

  3. 2017-11-15 / 10:59

    I love how fashionable they look. My eldest likes looking good and I know he will find this to his liking. He’s also very hard on his shoes, and the Jimi Atrix looks durable and strong. He’s a size 1 at the moment.

  4. 2017-11-15 / 11:03

    my first impression was that their preciuos, something my son would adore and love to wear everyday.. my boy is 4 years old

  5. Tania Brewis
    2017-11-15 / 11:05

    They look so hip and comfortable! The colours are bright and funky! There are so many cool designs to choose from. My daughter, Mieke who is 3 years old would luv a pair!

  6. tasha
    2017-11-15 / 11:06

    It looks really comfortable and love the thick sole 2things I look for when getting my 1year old shoes

  7. Ruweida Muhammad
    2017-11-15 / 12:26

    My first impression is wow they’re so cool and trendy, they look super comfortable too. My son is 6 years and my daughter is 19 months old.

  8. Maria Kgapetsi
    2017-11-15 / 12:28

    They are stylish,comfortable,affordable and are of quality…I wouldn’t mind buying my 3 kids a pair each

  9. Faeza
    2017-11-15 / 12:41

    My 1st impression was wow these shoes looks so comfy and of good quality. And love that it comes in different styles and colors. My son is 9 years old and wears size 13/1

  10. Natasha
    2017-11-15 / 19:01

    First impression of Jimi Atrik shoes are comfort meets quality and style! They’re designed specifically for little human feet and they appeal to them, with their awesome designs! These would be so perfect for my little human, he is 4 years old.

  11. 2017-11-16 / 11:44

    Easy to clean, Comfortable, Durable,strongly made, hard-wearing, built to last – Velcro as an option just makes it all the better. All the colours to choose from – what more could a mom ask for. My boy will be wearing his JI’s just about everywhere! Son – 3 years old.

  12. Carolyn Augustus
    2017-11-23 / 13:14

    First impression of Jimi Atrik shoes are where comfort meets quality and style!

  13. Sayuri
    2017-11-23 / 16:32

    My first impression of these shoes are that they look so comfy for my child, my son is 2 years oldAZ

  14. Rehana Seedat
    2017-11-24 / 21:49

    stylish, cool, comfortable and trendy. My son is 2 years old

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