The Kärcher Steam Cleaner

Are you tired of trying to find the perfect cleaner for your house? Well I was! Honestly, I lost hope because in the past 3 years I tried several cleaning machines at home and they all failed me.

I’m a neat freak. And you know how neat freaks are! If I could help it, I would clean my house every day myself unfortunately in reality I cannot do that. So I try to buy the best cleaning equipment and detergents for my helper.

The reality is a mom has to think about her family before purchasing any product or service for the home. We try our best to buy the best item to suit our budgets, but sometimes we fail to realise that we actually spend a lot more in the long run. We look at a steamer, and we think that it is way too expensive, but is it really?

Before I was introduced to Kärcher, I never bothered about getting a steam cleaner. I never realized how handy it would be for a busy mom like me.


  1. Steam cleaners are a cost-effective way of cleaning saving you loads of money long-term.
  2. The absence of potentially harmful and expensive chemicals make it extremely easy and safe to use around kids.
  3. Steam kills well-known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella.
  4. Steam cleaners are more versatile than vacuum cleaners. You can practically use them anywhere.
  5. Steam leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and won’t stain clothing.

I gave you 5 reasons why you should consider getting a steamer, but before I introduce you to a brand that’s guaranteed to make a difference, I would like to do a real cost comparison.

Think about the number of detergents and antibacterial agents, and the cost thereof. Leave alone the cost to the environment and the price that is paid with the side effects that could be caused to your family’s health. That being said, I would now like to introduce you to a brand that’s making waves locally and internationally. I first learnt about Kärcher while I was watching one of my favorite YouTube Family: The SACCONEJOLYs. I was blown away by their review and considered searching for the product locally.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the brand contacted me! I was blown away. I knew I didn’t need to think much about this since I was looking into the product anyway. I received my own steamer to experiment at home.

Karcher steam cleaner South Africa


99% percentage of germs is eliminated with the Kärcher steam cleaner.

  • 4 rotating rollers
    Easy to manoeuvre, very stable.
  • Steam and vacuum cleaning
    Cleaned surface is dry immediately, increased comfort, one device – two applications.
  • Steam power
    No need for cleaning agents, hygienic cleaning results.
  • Steam quantity and suction strength regulation
    Can be used for a range of applications, increased comfort, easy to access.
  • Stainless steel boiler
    Long operating life, impact resistant, lower energy consumption.
  • Parking position
    Easy to use, pipe and hose do not become entangled, suitable for short working breaks.
  • Permanent filling
    No interruptions to your work, highly independent when in use, unlimited operating time, no heating-up time.
  • Safety lock
    Safe to handle, child lock.
  • Water filters and washable HEPA filters


The box arrived and I was surprised at how small it was. It made me think twice about the product and I kept wondering can a little machine like this have so much power to clean my house? I opened it up and found the pieces I needed to puzzle together. I hate reading instructions however I think it is important to read this one before you attempt switching it on.

Karcher steam cleaner South Africa


  • I love that I can use the cleaner in almost every room in my house.
  • It is effective and actually cleans my tiles so well.
  • Easy to move around the house (because of its size) and store.
  • I love that the hot steam dislodges dirt and neutralizes unpleasant odours in the carpet.
  • It can be used daily to clean my stove tops after cooking – The best part is, it’s now so easy to remove grease.
  • Cleaning the bathroom is easy peasy and I can actually use it for my shower doors too! I love that it cleans between the tiles.

Kärcher has a variety of cleaners to suit your family and needs. They have proved to me that getting a steam cleaner is worth it. Visit the website to find out more about their products.

You can WIN a Kärcher Steam Cleaner with Kärcher South Africa.


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  1. Ross
    2015-04-22 / 08:53


    • Daphne Monteverdi
      2015-04-30 / 17:45

      Yes,very much so.

    • Daphne Monteverdi
      2015-04-30 / 17:46

      Yes very much so.

  2. 2015-04-22 / 08:54

    Wow wow wow definitely with 2 toddlers I always want to be safe and use non chemical products in my house but slso make sure everything is hygienic for my kids.i sm blown away with the fact that it even cleans your stove tops and shower doors and tiles . Following on twitter, facebook and instagram.crossing fingers.this is something I really need for my home

    • Darshan
      2015-04-24 / 14:29

      Thanks for sharing this link on facebook cant wait to enter

  3. 2015-04-22 / 08:58

    Already a fan of Karcher south Africa on Facebook, yes chemical free cleaning appeals to me.sharing until I go blue in the face.tweeting @denise_tf

  4. 2015-04-22 / 08:59

    Absolutely! I rather have a chemical free cleaning approach in my home, this will add positive contributions to both my family’s health and the carbon footprint:):) I would love to win this :):)

  5. Shelley
    2015-04-22 / 09:14

    Yes most definitely!!

  6. 2015-04-22 / 09:20

    yes it does, todays chemicals are way to harsh

  7. nasika baijnath
    2015-04-22 / 09:37

    yes ,most definitely

  8. Hersha
    2015-04-22 / 09:37

    Yes chemical free cleaning appeals to me.

    • Pieter
      2015-04-22 / 13:24

      Yes chemical free cleaning appeals to me.

  9. 2015-04-22 / 09:40

    Yes, with 2 toddlers I always want to be safe and use non chemical products in my house

  10. Carey-Anne
    2015-04-22 / 09:42

    Chemical free is very appealing, not only for my families well being but also for my environment!! happy world day!!

  11. 2015-04-22 / 09:42

    I think every parent feel as I do, we want the best for our children and cleaning chemical-free is a great option – we all know children put just about everything in their mouths – thumbs up for Kärcher steam cleaners!!!

  12. 2015-04-22 / 09:47

    No chemicals is very important to us especially with a 1 year old running around. We pride ourselves in being an oganic family using only all natural products to clean our bodies and home with. Following Jessica Alba’s way of living with kids has really changed the parenting game for me and many of my friends so having a steam cleaner would just make my LIFE! Not only would I have piece of mind that no dust particles will be floating around the house as I clean one area to the next instead of using a traditional vacuum cleaner i’d be able to breathe afterward and not suffer sinus attacks or deal with pesky dust bags

  13. 2015-04-22 / 09:52

    Definitely! With a toddler around you have to continuously find child friendly products and make sure they can’t get hold of toxic chemicals you keep to clean with. So yes it does appeal to me

  14. ansie zaw botes
    2015-04-22 / 09:52

    Yes for sure chemical free cleaning appeals to me.for no more germs

  15. 2015-04-22 / 09:54

    Yes, it does. And also iimportant with pets in the house.

  16. Ginna
    2015-04-22 / 10:03

    Chemical free cleaning does absolutely appeal to me and my family as products with chemicals cause allergic reaction and irritation to our skin and eyes.

  17. Rajesh
    2015-04-22 / 10:06


  18. Chané Taylor
    2015-04-22 / 10:07

    yes as a parent chemical free cleaning appeals to me, keeping my kids happy appeals and healthy while looking out for the environment, well that should appeal to anyone.

  19. Elmarie
    2015-04-22 / 10:17

    YES now that I have a baby on the way it must be extra clean.
    I love a clean house

  20. 2015-04-22 / 10:24

    All ready a fan of both pages. Having 3 animals in the house I constantly “freak out” when my toddler drops anything – chances are that if its a food or toy item 99% it will go back in his mouth and even tho I am a SUPER- MOM I seriously lack in Flash’s power and cant stop him. So as clean as my house his (thanks OCD) I would love to insure that is bacterial free, pet hair free and keep my angel protected from all those nasty germs and bugs

  21. Rika Botha
    2015-04-22 / 10:28

    Chemical-free is the way to go, less products to buy for cleaning different surfaces, less waste, less worry about the chemicals in cleaners and the harm they can cause. With a toddler (who is a very messy cook) 3 month old and a puppy in the house this product will make my life so much easier! Shared, done and dusted, now fingers crossed!

  22. Jackie Katzen
    2015-04-22 / 10:32

    Most definitely – anything child friendly appeals, especially chemical free.
    tweeted @JaxxLisa and shared on FB

  23. 2015-04-22 / 10:45

    With allergies, sinusitis and hayfever the thought of chemical free cleaning and NO sneezing makes me what to jump for joy!

  24. cherylann
    2015-04-22 / 10:46

    Oh YES! A perfect way to keep germs st bay without chemicals!!!

  25. Emlyn Thomas
    2015-04-22 / 10:56

    yes of course because cleanliness is godliness

  26. Andries Bester
    2015-04-22 / 11:09

    For sure! Chemicals can cause all sort or respiratory problems with my child. I have had a bad experience with poisons and my child, so I am all for a chemical free cleaning!

  27. Janet
    2015-04-22 / 11:35

    Chemical-free cleaning is right up our alley – we already use chemical-free, pet-friendly end environment-friendly detergents and house cleaners etc, so a steam cleaner that aligns with our eco-friendly mentality would be amazing. X

  28. Janet
    2015-04-22 / 11:39

    We’ve been conscious about what type of detergents and cleaners we use in our home ever since starting a family – priorities change!! So for years now we’ve used safe, child-friendly and environment-friendly products that do a great job of cleaning and disinfecting without compromising the health and safety of our children, pets and environment. A steam cleaner in keeping with this would be fantastic! X

  29. Chrisna Smeda
    2015-04-22 / 11:40

    Yes! Always

  30. Debbie
    2015-04-22 / 12:01

    Yes, of course… ☺

  31. Gareth Wilford
    2015-04-22 / 12:46

    Karcher’s no chemical cleaning gives me peace of mind. Harsh chemicals are a no no in our home.

  32. Bronwyn Heitmuller
    2015-04-22 / 12:48

    As a mother of four, I would love a steam cleaner that cleans up the mess, toxin free

  33. Wynand Malan
    2015-04-22 / 12:54

    Yes, definitely

  34. Astrid Julies
    2015-04-22 / 13:45

    #Karcher – awesome…no more chemical mommy!!!

  35. Andrea
    2015-04-22 / 14:20

    Definitely, cleaning without chemicals is not just good for my family but also for the environment.

  36. Manoj Bhudhia
    2015-04-22 / 14:24

    Yes most definitely!! Would love this!!

  37. Patricia Moore
    2015-04-22 / 14:27

    Chemical free- I am hoping to win the steam cleaner

  38. lameez
    2015-04-22 / 15:01

    YES, Chemical Free all the way!! With Hayfever /Allergy this will help so much , I clean , dust and polish daily 2 keep the dust,germs ect away its Child safety , I will save time and money just amazing how a Kacher Steam Cleaner can be a huge help in any home and for the sake of our health2 🙂 I already a fan of both pages and subscriber of YouBabyandI and I follow on twitter 2 @hojokukitu 🙂 thank u for a chance !

  39. N Naidoo
    2015-04-22 / 16:03

    Definitely. Hate strong chemicals.

  40. rehana seedat
    2015-04-22 / 19:14

    Yes, chemical free cleaning does appeal to me. I have shared post via facebook and tweeted @rehanaseedat

  41. 2015-04-22 / 21:17

    Yes….not just for my childrens sake but for the environment to.

  42. 2015-04-22 / 21:33

    Definitely Chemical free cleaning is best. I have shared on Facebook and tweeted as Reshbalk.

  43. Este van Aswegen
    2015-04-23 / 02:18

    Yes it does I’m very allergic to dust and need a good cleaner in our house, think my little boy is also.
    So this is the perfect machine for our home

  44. 2015-04-23 / 09:41

    Eeeekkkkk, I want one! Got 2 kids, a husband, 3 dogs and a cat… so you can imagine what the cleaning is like. We have no domestic worker, and I work full time from home, so my hand are full, this would make life so much easier! Great product, great review.

  45. 2015-04-23 / 09:42

    Chemical free is very important!!! My baby is crawling, the animals are always in and out of the house, I don’t want to use anything harmful to them. Green is the way to go!

  46. Collette
    2015-04-23 / 10:02

    Amazing, Chemical Free is of utmost importance. Save our Environment and Family at the same time

  47. Steven De Longchamps
    2015-04-23 / 10:28

    Steam cleaning with no chemicals is the way!!!!

  48. Brendan
    2015-04-23 / 10:30

    My boys make an absolute mess! With a Karcher steam cleaner my cleaning will be made easier

  49. roshika seonandan
    2015-04-23 / 10:53

    Yes definitely! chemical free cleaning is so much healthier for the whole family!

  50. 2015-04-23 / 10:55

    most definately. I have 2 young toddlers who are always on the floor.

  51. Anandi Schwarz
    2015-04-23 / 12:15

    Yes definitely! Chemical free means sooo much more when you have little ones

  52. Kristel Jansen van Rensburg
    2015-04-23 / 13:17

    Definitely yes. love it

  53. Jade Koen
    2015-04-23 / 14:24

    My twins are 3yrs old, and forever playing on the floor. Cleaning without chemicals seems like a must have!

  54. Mpho Rasivhetshele
    2015-04-23 / 14:26


  55. 2015-04-23 / 14:32

    Oh yes definitely! Between the 2 messy toddlers I have and the dogs, this would be the solution!

  56. Marlaine Reynders
    2015-04-23 / 15:28

    YES!!!!! I’m looking after my 4 grandchildren ( 2 more grandchildren are on the way, will be born July and November) and this Fabulous Karcher Steam Cleaner would help me so much!!!! Chemical free means so much more when you have little ones to look after!!!! 😉

  57. Yvette Hamilton
    2015-04-23 / 15:30

    Most definitely…especially with children in the house, I consider the environment in every sense of the word therefore I am very conscious about what products I use….I would LOVE to win this awesome prize…it would be a blessing to have a Karcher steam cleaner 🙂

  58. anita Dingwayo
    2015-04-23 / 16:16

    this is the best

  59. 2015-04-23 / 16:43

    Chemical free cleaning will be the best especially for kids and the environment as well.

  60. melane els
    2015-04-23 / 17:59

    Yes, I don’t like using hard chemicals in my house.

  61. Lizanne Fivaz
    2015-04-23 / 18:05

    Having a prem baby born at 26 weeks .. hygiene is of the utmost importance in my home

  62. annie
    2015-04-23 / 20:38

    chemical free is the way to go

  63. 2015-04-23 / 20:53

    Following Karcher on Fb, Following you on twitter. subscribed 🙂
    The KARCHER STEAM cleaner is a must for all homes.chemical free cleaning is a definite yes for me. As my family depend on me to take care of our home. I have to ensure i keep it clean, fresh and friendly in the most natural possible way.

  64. Wanita
    2015-04-23 / 21:30

    I have a 9 month old who is very mobile – important to have everything chemical free.

  65. Heidi
    2015-04-24 / 05:51

    For sure! Five fur kids.

  66. Brendan C
    2015-04-24 / 09:07

    Yes definitely!

  67. Craig
    2015-04-24 / 09:09

    Yes! Chemical free living is the way to go!

  68. Ross Cullingworth
    2015-04-24 / 09:11

    Yes! Grease coming off easily sounds great!

  69. Anni Kuner
    2015-04-24 / 09:12

    yes.. my kids are all grown up now, but the steam cleaner could do wonders for my home

  70. Esda
    2015-04-24 / 17:22

    Yes I love the idea! Would love to win this awesome machine. Ive done the subs, twitter follow etc

  71. 2015-04-24 / 17:57

    Yes. In my family there’s so much sinus and we try steer clear of all chemical products and also being pregnant I choose green cleaning products that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

  72. Michelle
    2015-04-24 / 20:30

    Most definitely!

  73. TonyD
    2015-04-24 / 21:04

    Yes and we love our Karcher hi pressure cleaner. This will be an awesome addition

  74. Hettie
    2015-04-24 / 21:27

    Yes less chemical still super clean

  75. Katalin Mercer
    2015-04-25 / 06:29

    Chemical free cleaning is the way to go, naturally!

  76. Carolyn Augustus
    2015-04-25 / 08:42

    Most definitely with a toddler in the house, I always want to be safe and use non chemical products but also make sure everything is hygienic.

  77. Nicola Meyer
    2015-04-25 / 13:51

    Yes it does as chemicals can be so bad. Fortunately my kids are older now so I don’t have to worry about safety.

  78. Michelle
    2015-04-25 / 13:56

    Absolutely a must to be chemical free, bacteria crawl in every here. Liked, shared on fb and twitter, signed up for more interesting news.following on twitter.

  79. Claire
    2015-04-25 / 13:56

    Oh wow!! this would be amazing to own… we have just recently moved into a new place and its fully carpeted upstairs and on the stairs. Im really struggling to keep them clean and with two small kids, its becomming a nightmare! we dont like using a lot of chemicals so love that you dont have too!! with this, my entire house would be incredibly clean… plus I struggle a lot with ashma and a tight chest so this would definitely help!! dust makes it worse so would be abôe to breathe better too 🙂 would love this!!! fingers tightly crossed xx

  80. 2015-04-25 / 14:04

    Chemical free?! Yes please! I have 3 young boys and this is very important!

  81. Merrilynn Rouse
    2015-04-25 / 15:28

    As a family we are always striving for better, healthier ways to clean our home with as little chemical cleaners possible, this awesome prize would certainly make my job so much easier

  82. Merrilynn Rouse
    2015-04-25 / 15:35

    Also shared on Twitter (Twitter handle @merrimommy)

  83. mandy
    2015-04-25 / 17:00


  84. Bongiwe Mavimbela
    2015-04-25 / 17:06

    My babies health is my number one priority so chemical free cleaning to me sounds like msic to my ears. Shared on Facebook, Google+ and on Twitter @XhosaCliqs

  85. 2015-04-25 / 20:19

    Not only as a parent, but I’m all for chemical free. It’s the way to go, as we have so much to preserve and protect!

  86. Sandra
    2015-04-26 / 09:39

    There is too many allergens in the chemicals that we use. As a parent, I try eliminate as much as possible to avoid the after affects on my family. I would definitely say it is not only a priority but a necessity. No compromise!

  87. Melissa
    2015-04-26 / 20:23

    I’m at least semi hippy so I would love a steam cleaner! Would be seriously awesome… Have a toddler and a husband and I’m not sure which makes more mess sometimes… 😉

  88. Illine
    2015-04-27 / 08:41

    Yes yes yes….. my mom bought a Kächer in 1994/1995 and it is still working. Love using it and wouldlove to have my own!

  89. Mariza Benrkia
    2015-04-27 / 12:48

    Yes it does.

  90. lucinda Alexander
    2015-04-27 / 14:40

    Yes I would absolutely recommend it and use it love it!!!

  91. Khauhelo Majola
    2015-04-27 / 15:32

    Most definitely!

  92. Rumbarani Naidoo
    2015-04-27 / 15:45

    Yes. I only use chemical free products.

  93. mandy fernandes
    2015-04-27 / 16:07

    The more we can cut out these chemicals the better!

  94. 2015-04-27 / 18:28

    Definitely appeals to me. The other side which I love is that you save money and having a child on the autism spectrum, the more money save, the better.

  95. Linda Laing
    2015-04-27 / 19:53

    Chemical free cleaning is like a dream in todays chemically choked up world.

  96. Grantelle82
    2015-04-27 / 21:34

    I definitely vote for a clean chemically free environment!!!

  97. Vanessa Webb
    2015-04-27 / 22:24

    Most definitely

  98. suraya
    2015-04-27 / 22:39

    Love appliances and am a clean freak so winning this would be great and really appreciated. I love the idea of steam cleaning and would have a
    field day using the karcher on everything!!!

  99. Saeeda
    2015-04-27 / 23:53

    I absolutely love cleaning so this karcher will be a dream come house is really old so I’m sure this would be the answer to all my cleaning problems!

  100. Justin Bradfield
    2015-04-28 / 10:00

    Definitely yes.

  101. Losh Kisten
    2015-04-28 / 11:45

    Absolutely PEREFECT present…Would love to win this amazing Karcher, cleaning free of chemicals…WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOP..I have liked & shared on FB, followed and tweeted on Twitter, on PInterest & subscribed to your newsletter

  102. Tanya Bryndzya
    2015-04-28 / 15:00

    You always want to give your kids the best, why not give them the clean, chenical free air to breath.

  103. Michelle
    2015-04-29 / 05:16

    Love the chemical free solution, my tiles need a good steam clean, mops only spread germs, steam kills them.

    • 2015-04-29 / 05:57

      Absolutely! We have 4 dogs and 3 kids who loke yo share the same tiled floor

  104. 2015-04-29 / 13:41

    Chemical free cleaning does absolutely appeal to me and my family, this will definitely help with allergies.

  105. loveitha ramjiyavan
    2015-04-29 / 15:23


  106. Chantel Moorcroft
    2015-04-29 / 16:54

    Yes it definitely does. Less chance of my little ones ingesting something toxic

  107. Barbra bowman
    2015-04-29 / 20:44


  108. 2015-04-30 / 09:19

    WOW this really appeals to me,this makes a huge difference when you have lil ones,Im currently 18 weeks pregnant,iv got an 8 month old baby and a 3 year old boy,so not only do I need to keep things clean for them but i love the fact that its CHEMICAL FREE!!!

  109. Bongiwe Mbhele
    2015-04-30 / 10:11

    O yes, most definately chemical free cleaning is the best idea for me for everyone to consider .

  110. Talitha
    2015-04-30 / 10:31

    Definitely the chemical free cleaning!
    I find this most appealing.
    The absence of potentially harmful and expensive chemicals make it extremely easy and safe to use around kids 🙂

  111. Marlize
    2015-04-30 / 13:11

    Yes I have a 3 month old baby boy and having a clean chemical free environment means the world to me.

  112. Dawn W
    2015-04-30 / 14:00

    most definitely!!!! I have tweeted and following you on facebook and twitter

  113. MJ
    2015-04-30 / 14:04

    As someone who undergoes immuno-suppression treatment, this is an ideal way to minimise exposure to potential germs and/or infection contaminants.
    Keeping the home environment clean, is often a matter of life or death for me.

  114. Mary M-A
    2015-04-30 / 14:20

    As a Nurse, no matter the precautions, I often wonder what contaminants I might be dragging home and exposing my family to. Having a KÄRCHER STEAM CLEANER would certainly ease my mind in that respect, and of course there is little more a Mother wants other than the health and happiness of their family.

  115. firoze bhorat
    2015-04-30 / 15:53

    100% steam cleaning is an amazing way to clean up and protect the family from germs

  116. hafizah anwary
    2015-04-30 / 16:15

    Chemical free is best with both hubby nd I who have bad allergies nd a little baby who also seems to be extra sensitive, u can’t be too casutious with what u use!

  117. Lynne Alexander
    2015-04-30 / 16:49

    Absolutely without question!!

  118. Shireen
    2015-04-30 / 17:46

    Yes definitely

  119. Sibahle
    2015-04-30 / 19:55

    YES it does 🙂 @LadyS____ on twitter

  120. thea
    2015-04-30 / 20:06

    Yes it does as my son suffers from hay fever and is allergic to all kinds of stuff. He suffers a lot and this will help to clean the house properly. Liked and shared on fb and twitter .

  121. Heather
    2015-04-30 / 20:13


    • 2015-04-30 / 20:25

      Yes! Absolutely!
      I’ve just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and one of the triggers, could possibly be the toxins and preservatives in cleaning products and foods.
      So I’m starting out my journey, discovering healthier alternatives to a new way of life. This steam cleaner sounds like an answer to my prayers!

  122. Melane Els
    2015-04-30 / 20:47

    Yes i prefer to use no chemical products in my house

  123. 2015-04-30 / 20:47

    I will choose a steam clean over chemical cleaning any day

  124. hemantha
    2015-04-30 / 20:49

    This would be an awesome product for me to use at home…being a single mom…a career woman…a woman with so many health issues…and having a pup in the house…this steam cleaner will make life easier for me…chemical free…germs free…and my cleaning done in no time…giving me more time to rest…

  125. Nirvana
    2015-05-18 / 13:05

    The less chemicals we are exposed to the better!

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