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Anyone who has ever had a chance to throw a kid’s birthday party knows that it is not an easy ride. Children’s birthday parties have changed dramatically since the time when we were kids when a simple but delicious ice-cream cake and a few games, like musical chairs, seemed enough to get the party started. Today, parents spend days and weeks organizing and preparing all the small delights and big surprises, trying to make a perfect birthday celebration for their kid. What they usually tend to forget is that children do not need much to be happy and will roll with whatever celebration they put on. However, even the simplest party requires some planning. Here are a few creative ideas how to turn a party planning with your child into a lot of fun and throw the best party ever that both parents and kids will enjoy.

1. Get your child involved in party preparations

Sofia the first party

Since it is all about your kid’s special day, encourage them to take part in the party planning as much as possible. Before starting with any preparations, you need to pick a theme together as it will help you with choosing the right decorations, food and fun activities. Let your kid be as creative as possible and come up with some great ideas. You can even start a small project by asking them to help you design invitations and make party hats together by using a pair of scissors, glue, stickers and fancy paper. It will make the whole process of planning even more thrilling and your kid will enjoy every moment of it.

2. Make your party food simple and creative

How to Throw Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Cupcakes are perfect for birthday parties as they are easy to grasp by children’s tiny hands, super-trendy and rather easy to make. Serve creatively-shaped sandwiches, fruit and cookies or simply hire a catering company who will prepare all those delightful treats for the little ones. Whichever option you go for, make your food theme oriented as it will make the taste even more delicious. Finally, make sure you have enough food and drinks to satisfy everybody’s taste buds and keep the food simple and fun.

3. Plan some games

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If you want to turn your kid’s birthday into a blast, having a few entertaining craft projects and organizing other fun activates is simply essential. Choose an effective warming-up activity such as coloring hats or balloons and get them involved in one of the games such as a scavenger hunt or Blind Man’s bluff. Kids like to be creative, so have them decorate their own faces or make them compete by drawing a familiar object. You can always hire a local kid’s performer or a magician who will rouse the children’s interest and create a truly festive atmosphere.

4. Keep your party structured

Sofia the first birthday party

Kids can get pretty absorbed in fun games and tasty treats, and as the party progresses, children become even more heated while anticipating the next exciting activity. Two hours is just enough time for children to feel the atmosphere, so keep it short and sweet. While throwing a big party sounds really tempting, it can be a rather challenging task as it can be pretty time-consuming and more difficult to manage. It’s always better to invite fewer closer friends who will easily make a bond and get along much better than in a large group of kids.

5. Be there for your kid

Sofia the first party

Finally, spend as much time as possible with your dearest one throughout the whole party as there is nothing more important than sharing those special moments with the ones you love.

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