5 easy steps to KonMarie your closet right now

5 easy steps to KonMarie your closet right now

Almost Everyone is decluttering their homes the KonMarie style thanks to the new Netflix show Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

Are you addicted to it? I AM! She has even inspired me to change things a little on my blog.

I have always been a neat freak (my husband used to think I am tad bit crazy because every time we went shopping, I ended up purchasing something for storage) but after the kids were born, things kind of went downhill from there…

Time became an issue and I became sentimental over many things like baby clothes and toys.

As much as I love Marie Kondo and her techniques, I won’t be able to clean up my entire house at one go so I am adapting the KonMarie method to my lifestyle.


My advice to you is to start with the easy stuff – things that can be done while the kids are playing near you in a room.

5 easy steps to KonMarie your closet right now

If you have boxes anywhere in the house, gather them together! The organisers and boxes that I have received from press drops over the year have become a lifesaver for me.

You can purchase them if you really want to.

1. Bras


As Marie says, “Keep the items that spark JOY for you.” I had a total of 32 BRAS – half which I haven’t used in the past year, some of which I purchased during my breastfeeding journey.

Now I have 11 which spark JOY for me and my boobs. 😉


2. Underwear

I did not realise how many underwears I had until I took out every single one and dumped it on my bed. I had a total of 53 – which I still can’t believe because it feels as if I have been using the same 8 all the time. I now own 34.

3. Socks


I have never really owned a lot of socks, but my husband did and had a little difficult time letting go of some but from 41 pairs, we managed to bring it down to 30.

Marie doesn’t give you an “exact” amount you should aim for. It’s all about when last you used it and if it does spark Joy when you hold it in your hand.


4. Towels

The kids and guest towels were in a mess – pools towels were mixed with bath and hand towels. I really enjoyed organizing this just because folding towels is so much easier than shirts. Ha-ha!

5. Shoes

Once upon a time, I used to live in heels – very high ones and I kept them thinking that I will wear them again soon but that never happened, so I finally got rid of them.


Over the next few months, I will be reorganizing, decluttering and cleaning each room in my house using the KonMarie method as a guideline. Wish me good luck!

Don’t feel the pressure to finish the entire house in a weekend, I think that it is extremely hard when you have kids around – however it is important that you fully commit to this exercise and think about your ideal lifestyle and what you want your house to look like when you are done decluttering.


Tip: Another thing is that de-cluttering doesn’t mean buying new things to make the place for old things. Try and work with what you have first before you purchase anything new to make a room or a cupboard look better.

Have you tried the KonMarie method yet? Has it worked for you and your family?

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As Marie says, “Keep the items that spark JOY for you.

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    Good for you. I think I must watch this show. Need to do some serious decluttering in my house.

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