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Summer is here and it’s absolutely crazy everywhere you go! It’s hot, the shops are extremely busy and the parks are always full.

My kids love the outdoors and as much as I love taking them out, I also hate crowds. I prefer having a little picnic in our backyard while they play with their favorite toys. Kitana and Kiaan love LEGO Duplo and now that we have the creative chest set, it has become a big hit this summer.

lego duplo creative chest

We’ve been having lots of fun outdoors with this set. We’ve created a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a chick face.

lego duplo creative chest

I think this is one of my favorite sets from the LEGO Duplo range now because there is just so much to do with it! This set helps your child master basic building skills with simple models that encourage imaginative play.

lego duplo creative chest

LEGO DUPLO Creative Chest features:

  • A storage chest filled with colorful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, decorated bricks and accessories for building fun all year round.
  • Building cards give model ideas for every season of the year.
  • Accessory elements include a candle, grapes, flowers, ice cream cone and a cake base.
  • Includes bricks decorated as a gift, spider, snowman face, chick face and a double-sided brick with an awake/sleeping bee face as story starters.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands.

It’s perfect for kids from 1.5 to 5 years old. I think it is a perfect gift idea for birthdays!

lego duplo creative chest

LEGO Duplo is about building stories with your little one. Letting their imaginations run wild and allowing them to be free. There’s no restrictions and rules on how you play and that is what I love the most about the creative chest set. It takes you on an adventure!

lego duplo creative chest

It has 70 pieces which you can mix and match around with and build whatever you feel like. The bright colorful set is eye-catching and it allows anyone to feel like a kid again.

Kitana has a big imagination and I think that is one of the reasons why she has played with this set so often. She loves creating and building things, this set has allowed her to build many exciting and delicious sets.

I guess that life consists of little blocks put together and this is my way of teaching my kids that although there is a bit of an order in life there bigger picture is an outcome of all the little blocks that we put together. It may seem a bit huge for little minds… but think about it, in a world where we are taught to put everything in boxes – how cool is it that we can design the boxes. Lego Duplo helps us, big kids, to become little again…

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