LEGO duplo “My First” sets – Perfect Gift idea!

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Looking for gift ideas for your little one this Christmas? Why not get your toddler their first LEGO Duplo set!

Christmas is around the corner and like most moms, I am running around like crazy trying to get gifts sorted and the house in order before Santa arrives. 😉

My little man is almost 15 months old and boy oh boy he is soooo busy! I’ve never experienced this with my daughter so I am always trying to find exciting activities for him to do at home to keep him occupied.

He LOVES the “My first” LEGO Duplo truck set and plays with it almost every day since he is so fascinated with wheels at the moment. We are slowly growing his collection of LEGO Duplo and I thought it would be great to let you know what exactly is available in the collection.

The “My first” LEGO Duplo sets is for the age group 1 – 5 years old and can be used to teach your little one about colors, numbers, shapes, animals and alphabets.

You can watch Kitana’s YouTube channel to see her unboxing videos on LEGO.

My first Lego Duplo sets currently available:

1. My first rocket

my first lego duplo

Encourage role play and help your child to develop early counting skills by matching bricks decorated with the moon, 2 planets and 3 stars with the corresponding number bricks.

2. My first caterpillar

my first lego duplo

Use the special decorated bricks to encourage counting an apple, 2 carrots, and 3 flowers—there’s so much to learn! You can read more about this set here.

3. My first truck

my first lego duplo

The truck is easy to build using chunky DUPLO bricks. It comes with 8 pairs of colorful food-decorated bricks—perfect for matching or memory games.

4. My first garden

my first lego duplo

My First Garden develops early building skills as toddlers stack the bricks to make their plants grow, with sunflowers, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes to choose from. Use the rain/sun decorated brick to help your child learn about how plants grow from the ground to flower or fruit.

5. My first cars and trucks

This is the next set we plan on getting Kiaan!

my first lego duplo

My First Cars and Trucks, toddlers will learn to combine the wheelbases and colorful bricks to make vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

6. My first tractor

my first lego duplo

Put the chunky pieces together to build the tractor, then stack and unload the colorful fruits in the basket. Teach your child about colors and fruits with the special decorated bricks.

7. My first playhouse

my first lego duplo

The special decorated bricks showing key parts of the daily routine provide talking points for you and your toddler so you can teach them about their day. The turnable night/day brick helps set the scene for learning and role play.

8. My first farm

my first lego duplo

Use the animal figures and special decorated bricks to teach any little farmer about life on the farm – talk about animal noises and the foods that animals produce.

9. My first bus

my first lego duplo

Let the board set the scene for learning and role play and introduce your child to their ABC with the special decorated bricks.

10. Creative animals

my first lego duplo

Use the inspiration cards to help your young creator assemble the easy-to-build giraffe, bunny, dog and worm, each with its own distinctive, bright color theme.

11. Number train

my first lego duplo

With numbered LEGO DUPLO bricks and 3 wagons, young builders will learn math skills while creating and constructing their own toddler-friendly train! Rebuild into a tunnel, building, dog house and more.

There are so many awesome sets available from LEGO Duplo, however, those mentioned above is perfect to start your little one’s collection at home. You can mix and match and play around to create an entire town of LEGO people, animals, and accessories. 😉

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  1. 2016-12-19 / 15:29

    My kids always loved Duplo blocks. It let them build like their older cousins but without the frustration of being too difficult.

  2. 2016-12-19 / 19:21

    My kiddo loved Duplo blocks when he was little. My nephew was now this age I think this might be a perfect Christmas gift for him.

  3. Ricci
    2016-12-20 / 02:08

    This looks like the perfect “first” lego set!! I think one o fmy nephews had this!!

  4. alalisainfo
    2016-12-20 / 14:08

    I think that Lego Duplo has the cutest sets ever. My son is due end of January and I can’t wait to raise him on Lego products!!

  5. 2016-12-20 / 16:57

    My kids all are Lego fanatics and started with these sets!! Duplos are still a favorite at Grandma’s house when they play with cousins too.

  6. 2016-12-20 / 20:29

    I love these Lego sets. They are a great learning tool and help kids develop fine motors skills while enhancing their creativity.

  7. adriana
    2016-12-20 / 22:25

    I used to love LEGOs! Who wouldn’t?! They’re so fun for all kids and I love that there’s so many different varieties!

  8. 2016-12-21 / 17:42

    It is absolutely the perfect gift, our toddlers have a toy box full of them and are getting more this Christmas. As an added bonus, Duplos don’t hurt nearly as much when you step on them :p

  9. 2016-12-24 / 07:56

    I love toys that teaches kids to be creative and use their imaginations. My daughter would love the “My First Garden” set.

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