This morning I watched the brightFuture video which left me in tears… Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and emotional or maybe it’s because I’ve seen so much hope in these children’s eyes that it made my heart sore. Each one of them are hoping to make a difference. They have dreams and they are determined to change the world!

Unilever BrightFuture Campaign

It made me wonder… Are we as parents setting a good example for our kids?

What are you doing in your daily lifestyle that’s contributing towards creating a better tomorrow? Have you ever heard that we adults are merely caretakers of our children’s tomorrow? So what exactly does that mean?

It’s so disappointing to know that we as adults have lost faith and given up hope – without thinking that what we do today is going to affect our tomorrow. It’s going to affect our kid’s future and the world that they live in.

Right now one of the biggest issues in South Africa is electricity. Every day I visit Eskom’s page, I see a comment that makes me wonder if this person has kids. Yes we are in a crisis and we feel like we need to blame someone for it but how are we helping to solve the problem? They keep saying: “Minimize your electricity usage and turn off your pool pump”… A few do it but many ignore and continue doing what they have always done. Then load shedding hits and everyone is ready to fight and use foul language.

This is the perfect opportunity to show your kids how important it is to be energy-efficient and you can do this by implementing a simple task like turning off the light in the room you not present in.

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