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This post was sponsored by Woolworths – Littleworld.

I am a mom of two kids under the age of 5 – and a mom who is about to have her third child in June. To be honest, the biggest worry on my mind now is how I am going to manage the monthly costs in my household.

We all know how expensive it can be raising one child, now imagine three kids with two still in nappies?! That and the fact that the price of everything has gone up! It’s ridiculous.

I’ve been on the search for the best rewards programs in South Africa that will benefit both mom and baby. I’ve signed up for a few already – which are helping a bit. However, I am a huge fan of Woolworths and shop at their stores almost daily!

I’ve been a member of the WRewards for some time now. This gives you 10% off instantly on selected items.


Did you know? You can track your spending and money saved on their website.

I know many of you may be thinking whaaat?! Woolworths is expensive!

It is, but the Woolworths WRewards helps and to be honest some of their specials are better than other stores. I’ve saved a good amount of money last year by just being on the WRewards program and swiping my card each time I shopped.

You need to become a clever shopper to spot the good deals. 😉

I just recently found out that Woolworths has the Littleworld Rewards which I think has some awesome benefits for moms and baby!


It’s not just one of those cards that you sign up to and get nothing in return except 10% off an item or two! Woolworths is trying hard to create a community for us parents and give us a spoil when they can.

What you need to know about Littleworld:

  • Littleworld is the free Woolies community for moms and dads with little ones up to the age 7.
  • You can register more than one child.
  • It is linked to your WRewards card so you don’t miss out on any other benefits.



As a Littleworld member, you automatically get all the WRewards benefits* PLUS:

  • An exclusive Welcome voucher.
  • free spa voucher when you spend R450 or more in your first 3 months of joining.
  • Entry into their monthly gift card competition.
  • A R50 Woolies voucher towards a birthday treat for your little one.
  • Regular updates on Woolies fashion, food, and events.
  • Special Woolies vouchers and savings for parents and their children.


Better yet, it’s free to join and if you join this month you and 4 friends stand a chance to win a tea party with Meg Faure, well-known child specialist & author of popular parenting books.


You and the 4 friends will also each receive a Woolies gift card to the value of R1000, plus a signed copy of a Meg Faure book.

How to enter?

Once you sign up as a member, keep swiping your Woolies card. Every swipe is an entry!

Ts & Cs apply*.

Competition ends 31 May 2017.


Woolworths is known for selling quality items. I’ve bought clothing years ago that still looks brand new! It’s one of those stores that I know I will get value for my money from.


They have a huge selection of clothing available in the baby range which even offers a selection for Preemies and a bit of gender neutral clothing for moms like me who don’t know the sex of our baby yet!

The kidswear range is specifically designed with the following key features:

• All metal trims are nickel (no allergic reaction) & ferrous free (so that it can pass through metal detection as a safety measure for pins etc.)
• WW UV swimsuit fabric is tested and rated to provide a UPF rating that gives you much-needed protection against harmful UV rays even when wet. Selected School shirt fabric is also engineered to give at least UPF 30.
• Popper attachment is regularly tested to ensure that they do not pull loose from the garment.
• A facing is attached to the top of the zip to prevent the zip coming into contact with baby’s skin.
• Fusing attached behind the embroidery to prevent scratching the skin.
• Pin-free policy – prohibits the use of pins on sewing floor at factories.
• All draw cords are kept short & tacked to the garment. No cords around the neck of baby wear.
• All buttons are lockstitched so that they do not come loose.
• Many products made with reflective trims.

The best part is that Woolworths always has awesome deals and end of season sales which sometimes has kids clothing that goes for next to nothing!


You are going to shop anyway, so why not be savvy. Sign up to Littleworld and start enjoying your rewards today!

Happy shopping! 😉

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  1. Kaylynn
    2017-05-19 / 11:30

    Been trying to sign up for my son since forever and it always says service offline. Sent a query through their customer service and they never come back to you so don’t think this is such a great programme. The usual WREwards programme is great though, super happy with that.

    • 2017-05-19 / 11:32

      Hi Kaylynn, send me your number via email. I will get them to contact you!

  2. Lelanie
    2017-11-21 / 16:19

    I have exactly the same problem when trying to register. Please help

  3. Aneeqah Mallick
    2018-02-01 / 13:14

    Site is requesting the following “Please enter a valid Difference card number”
    I have entered my correct card number multiple times, seems to still give the same response.
    Kindly assist.

    • 2018-02-06 / 08:32

      Hi Aneeqah, I wish I could assist but you would need to contact Woolworths directly.

  4. Firdouz Botman
    2018-06-05 / 14:11

    Hi, are you only allowed to join once baby is born? there are no options for expected due dates

    • 2018-06-17 / 12:40

      I’m not sure! Did you try?

  5. Nosipho
    2019-05-23 / 14:10

    Hi, I got a voucher for a spa treatment now I’m trying to make a booking but the number that is on the email does not exist, and the voucher expires at the end of June.

    • Shan
      2019-05-29 / 16:49

      Hi Nosipho, I wish I could help you with this but you would need to contact Woolworths directly.

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