Back to School Lunchbox Tips for you!

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It’s back to school… How has the second week been for you thus far? Last week was insane for me! Early mornings of packing lunch, lots of traffic and after-school activities that made me wish that I had packed a snack for myself as well!

Packing a lunch box for my daughter has always been my least favourite thing to do – partly because she is a fussy eater and has so many allergies. It took me a long time to get a meal plan together for her however I do think that she is outgrowing a few allergies – since we haven’t experienced any symptoms in the last couple of months. A big sigh of relief for me!

I am not going to lie to you – I am not one of those moms that send a love you note every day or makes sure that my kid has lots of veggies in her lunchbox. I give my daughter what she likes because I know that she will eat it instead of bringing it back home, but I also try to not include too much junk food.

back to school lunch box tips

Being a mom of 3 kids and an entrepreneur I really don’t have time to experiment with bento lunch boxes either, so I do what I can. This year I want to try to be more organized and creative in the kitchen.

lunch box tips

The good news is this: SASKO Sam is back and he is ready to help you prepare delicious sandwiches with the new SASKO Yummy loaf which is available in brown and white bread!

lunch box


Sam has a smile from ear to ear, laughing eyes, and arms that seem to invite you in for a soft hug.

The team at SASKO understand that January is often a crazy month with the New Year, back to work and back to school hype. They want to celebrate these important milestones with you, and having SASKO Sam with you during these moments, makes them all that more special.

With SASKO Sam Yummy loaf, lunchtime is fun again! And it’s best not to over think it.

lunch box

Get your kids involved in the kitchen – let them help you pick out what they want at the grocery store and get them to assist with packing lunch!

Lunchbox Tips for you:

1. Create a schedule for the week (trust me, I learned the hard way about this) – stick it on your fridge if you have too so you don’t get overwhelmed mid-week.

2. Invest in a good lunchbox and lunch bag – ideally one with separators.

lunch box
I’m using a lunch bag and juice bottle from Woolworths. Lunchbox is from Sistema.

3. Buy cupcake wrappers or small sandwich bags for fruit or snacks if you don’t get the above.

lunch box

4. Get creative with sandwiches

lunch box

Invest in cookie cutters and try creating sushi rolls with the sandwiches.

Lunch box ideas for kids

Sandwich Sushi roll for kids lunch boxes

5. Build a no-fail sandwich. lunch box6. Try to aim for a balanced lunch box that has food items that cover the main food groups:

  • Grains or Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Fats

7. Keep everything visible and accessible.

8. Water is a MUST! Freeze the bottle the night before in summer because it can also be used as an ice pack!

9. Always pack a treat – something for them to look forward too and try to include a note if you can – especially when they start learning how to read.

lunch box

10. Pack lunch the night before if you must and create a section in the fridge for all lunch box items.

Find cute notes to include in your kid’s lunch on

Lunch box notes for your child

Need some ideas on what to pack for lunch? Visit

Lunch box ideas for kids

SASKO is currently running a back-to-school promotion and competition. Buy your loaf of bread at your nearest store for more details on the pack. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter page for more information.

Share some of your lunch box tips and ideas with me!

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  1. Nerisha Moodley
    2018-01-24 / 12:35

    I need to find more interesting fillings for those sushi rolls, my kids are not fans of peanut butter and the school will kick me out if I try to use Nutella :D. I think mini pizzas are the bomb for school lunches. Don’t know how I would survive without my aifryer: pizza, nuggets, sausages, pastries all done in minutes with no fuss. I still don’t understand why the shcool won’t let them having flavoured milk though, like seriously even my trainer allows me choc flavoured Super M for crying out loud lol. Great blog, please consider a post about super fussy eaters, I have one with major sensory issues where food is concerned. I can count the number of foods she eats on one hand.

  2. 2018-04-18 / 12:05

    Think Outside the Bread Box – For a change from everyday sandwich bread, use soft tortillas for wraps, bagels, English muffins, pita pockets, fresh baked rolls, etc.

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