Magnum’s Red Velvet Affair

Magnum Joburg opened at The Zone in Rosebank on Saturday 1 November, in celebration of Magnum’s 25th Birthday. The pop-up store gives you the chance to customise your own Magnum and share the glamour of a quarter century of pleasure with fashion shows, jewellery displays and VIP events hosted by the country’s hottest celebrities.

Last week the store hosted an intimate master class with Danielle Postma from Moemas to celebrate the launch of Magnum’s Red Velvet Cupcake ice-cream.

Magnum Joburg

It was a night dedicated to ice cream and all things sweet. It was the perfect opportunity for me to indulge and experiment with my favourite ice cream. I’ve been a huge fan of Magnum for years, it’s one of those treats that I just wouldn’t share with anyone.

Danielle was charged with customising some of the toppings which form part of Magnum Joburg’s decadent topping selection. She says she is passionate about creating memorable occasions for people and believes that you should always give your best to everything you prepare in the kitchen.


Whilst reminiscing about her career in food, Danielle effortlessly prepared 2 red velvet-inspired dessert creations using Magnum’s Red Velvet Ice Cream and various toppings from her kitchen at Moemas – smooth and delicious cream cheese icing, their infamous chocolate brownie, red velvet macaroons, crumbled red velvet cupcakes, honeycomb, salted caramel sauce, decadent dark chocolate sauce and a 5kg slab of white chocolate – all ingredients she believes best compliment the flavour of the Red Velvet Magnum.

She captivated the audience as she spoke of her experiences in London, where her first job was at Baker & Spice. World-renowned food guru Yotam Ottolenghi was her head chef, before he left to open his own restaurant, Ottolenghi’s. Danielle worked at B&S for 2 years and loved every second of her time in charge of the kitchen and working with the head chef maintain the restaurant’s high standards.

Magnum Joburg

We had the opportunity to create our own desserts during the course of the evening. With Danielle as the main judge, three winners were chosen, each receiving a prize of a breakfast for 2 at Moemas. My husband won 3rd place (yaaay) with his Magnum PI creation.

Magnum’s Red Velvet Affair

It was a fun night filled with laughter and sweet conversations. An experience I will never forget.

Join Magnum and celebrate 25 years of pleasure your own way, by visiting Magnum Joburg at The Zone @ Rosebank until 8pm every day until 24 December 2014.

Magnum South Africa

TheMake My Magnum’ experience costs R40, which includes your choice of 3 premium toppings.

Toppings available: caramelised popcorn, chocolate-coated honeycomb, goji berries, chocolate & pecan biscuits, strawberry gems, pink peppercorn brittle and popping candy.

Trust me you don’t want to miss this experience.

Magnum South Africa

About Magnum:

Launched in 1989, Magnum was the first chocolate covered ice cream for pleasure seekers. Today, Magnum is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling 1 billion units annually worldwide, and is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams. Magnums mission is to inspire and encourage people to actively pursue pleasure everyday.


Follow Magnum on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate 25 years of pure indulgence! You can win some great prizes! Share the love via #MakeMyMagnumSA.

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  1. 2014-12-05 / 16:50

    Congrats to your husband for winning third place. I have heard of Magnum ice cream as i have see the ice cream in the store but I have never tried them. The pictures in the blog post look amazing though. It sounds like it was a fantastic night.

  2. 2014-12-05 / 17:19

    That is totally cool to be able to experiment and play around like that! I love Magnum bars!

  3. 2014-12-05 / 17:32

    I want in.. lol everything looks and sounds soo good!

  4. Masshole Mommy
    2014-12-05 / 17:57

    What an AWESOME event. Everything looks amazing 🙂

  5. 2014-12-05 / 20:19

    Wow this looks like the most amazing event. Very cool, all that looks incredible I’m slightly jealous!

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-12-05 / 21:48

    Magnum has been my favourite ice-cream since I was a little girl. I’d love to have the chance to make my own, what a cool event! So jealous 🙂

  7. 2014-12-05 / 23:47

    Wow!!! This looks like it was not only awesome but a delicious event 😉

  8. 2014-12-06 / 00:44

    I would love to go to an event like that. It must of been so much fun trying those yummy treats.

  9. Elizabeth O.
    2014-12-06 / 03:03

    I wish I was there! I’ve been craving for ice cream despite the cold weather.

  10. 2014-12-06 / 05:10

    Wow, red velvet is one of my favorite flavors. Glad Magnum has many toppings available now. I want to try everything!

  11. 2014-12-06 / 06:07

    Red velvet ice cream! Oh yes! Red Velvet cake is my favorite and ice cream…love!

  12. Michelle Hwee
    2014-12-06 / 07:00

    This is wonderful! 🙂 I love these “food”events 🙂 so much fun!

  13. 2014-12-06 / 08:21

    I really should taste a red velvet lol – wow a magnum red velvet totally something I should give a try soon,

  14. 2014-12-06 / 17:34

    This is amazing! I can’t believe some of the creations they made with their bars. Super cool.

  15. 2014-12-06 / 18:32

    Wow, I love red velvet with a passion; I’d love to try this!

  16. 2014-12-06 / 20:04

    What gorgeous ice cream bars indeed. I love the Magnums bars. Thanks for sharing.

  17. 2014-12-07 / 02:25

    What a fantastic experience! Everything looks good, too. Believe it or not, I haven’t tried a Magnum bar yet, but I have heard people rave and rave about them.


  18. 2014-12-07 / 03:00

    This would be such a great event to go to. I love Magnum ice cream.

  19. 2014-12-07 / 05:13

    What a fun event. I haven’t tried these bars before but have been meaning to.

  20. 2014-12-07 / 06:06

    Mmm… red velvet ice cream. That sounds so heavenly

  21. 2014-12-07 / 06:54

    I have never heard of red velvet ice cream. I’d sure like to try it though!

  22. 2014-12-07 / 12:47

    I’m sure this was a huge hit. I love the photos of the Magnums in their unsual Magnum looks. They were very creative.

  23. Melissa Smith
    2014-12-07 / 18:05

    I would seriously be in heaven! Especially since I kinda sorta have a slight obsession with Magnum bars.

  24. 2014-12-08 / 06:23

    Wow, congrats! Thats awesome! I always see Magnum, but have never tried it – those all look amazing though!

  25. 2014-12-08 / 16:41

    All things sweet? I have a sweet tooth. I should have been there. I’m drooling. 🙂

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