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When I think about the amount of baby brands I’ve been introduced to from pregnancy till now, it makes my head spin.

I wasn’t sure which brands to trust and what products to buy. I kept thinking maybe the expensive ones are better because they so pricey! Duh…but that’s not always true! As discussed before, it took me a while before I realised what brands worked for me and my child. I’ve learnt about new brands and I started to love brands I never thought I would. If I could go back in time, I would change a lot… I know the second time around, I will do things better. I’ve learnt to read reviews and research before purchasing.

Most of the time, we underestimate brands or we don’t give them the opportunity they deserve. We think the products we see on TV all the time is the “best” and that’s not always true too!

I always thought Mamas & Papas was this super expensive brand which I couldn’t afford AND because it’s situated in an odd location in Sandton City, I never find myself getting to the store. I was invited for their media launch not so long ago and I was totally amazed at the quality of their products. I regret not giving them the opportunity they deserved.

About Mamas & Papas

David and Luisa were first time parents and like all first time parents they wanted to give their baby girl, Amanda (first-born) the best. After realising that what they were looking for wasn’t available to buy, they decided to source the products themselves and start a boutique baby shop.

50 stores later worldwide, Mamas & Papas is a brand moms look at first. A brand that was started by first time parents in their home is now reaching thousands of moms worldwide giving them the luxury they deserve for their families at a reasonable price.

South Africa has 4 stores in 3 different provinces, you can find your nearest store here. I suggest you visit a store and get to know the products they have available.

My favorite: 

Mamas & Papas is seriously giving me baby fever… haha 😉

After doing some research on their website, I found some products which I would love to introduce you to.

1. URBO2 

This has to be my favorite product from the brand. I absolutely love this pushchair and I would definitely recommend it to any mom.

mamas & papas urbo push chairProducts I love:


mamas & papas


1. Breeze Crib natural

It’s recommended that for the first six months a baby sleeps in your bedroom. If you have space restrictions, want a stylish alternative or addition to a Moses basket then the Breeze Swinging Crib is the perfect first bed.

  • It’s Newborn friendly – lasts from birth up to 6 months.
  • Small footprint – takes up just 0.52m2.
  • Swinging motion – to help your baby get to sleep more easily.
  • Locks in place – crib locks securely into a stationary position when their asleep.
  • Rigorously tested – to ensure the best levels of support and safety.
  • Super-compact – the perfect cot for small spaces and bedsides.

2. Lotty play mat

Every baby needs play time.

  • The lotty play mat has an interactive touch pad and pull toys trigger lights and sound to stimulate baby’s development. Quality sounds and soft light bursts underneath the gym arch encourage sensory development.
  • Musical Fun magic card pack, toys and tummy time cushion, teething toys and movable mirror all included.
  • MP3 compatible so you can play your own music, rhymes and stories, and we’ll provide the light show.

3. Star lite swing chair

Fantastic new folding travel baby swing with adjustable light canopy, twinkling light shows and MP3 jack so you can plug-in your MP3 player for baby and you to enjoy!

  • It has a detachable and reversible canopy features a choice of light shows with two-speed settings.
  • Control includes five motion settings and lullaby function with volume control.
  • MP3 player compatible.

mamas & papas urbo push chair

4. Moses rocking stand

I wish I bought this for my baby because I think it’s so much easier for a newborn although it isn’t a must have product but it’s one that can definitely help for the first 6 months. The rocking stand is perfect to help baby fall asleep.

5. Ellis shoulder bag retro floral

Pattern Inspired Design – Made for mums that love to stand out, the Ellis comes in a range of vibrant colours and patterns, including some of the hottest catwalk looks. Take your pick from retro floral, to bold red poppies and super-cool Dalmatian spots to make your mark.

  • Warm or cold – Insulated internal bottle holder to help keep their milk at the right temperature.
  • Matching mat – Includes a stylish changing mat in beautifully coordinating colours or print.
  • Handy straps – Switch between carry handles and a removable shoulder strap for comfort.
  • Easy access – Extra-wide opening so you can quickly find what you need.

6. Baby carrier: Morph in plum

The multi-adjustable Morph parent harness is designed with different sizes and body shapes in mind, because everyone is different. With no-fuss, one-handed adjustable straps, Morph adapts to fit you and your partner it could not be easier. The multi-adjustable Baby Pod provides a host of features that work together with the Morph Parent Harness. This includes a five point pod fixing system that grows with your baby, including an adjustable head strap to keep baby close to you.

  • The one-handed adjustable design of the parent harness means that Morph can be easily adapted for a more comfortable fit with one pull of the shoulder and waist straps.
  • Baby pod fits easily like a nappy with adjustable waist straps to expand as your baby grows. The separate baby pod allows you to lift the baby onto the Morph harness and put baby down without waking them.
  • Soft, breathable and moulded pod structure offers ergonomic support and ventilation, while the thick, padded harness straps and easy-fit design makes it comfortable for parents too.

7. Juice highchair apple

High Chairs are great when you’re little, but eventually you need something a bit more down to earth. The Juice goes from highchair to a Junior chair that’s great for all kinds of activities for years to come. When they’re growing out of everything else in five minutes, here’s a chair they’ll still be using in five years.

  • Converts from highchair to junior chair.
  • Soft moulded seat pad provides ultimate comfort and support.
  • Removable tray makes it easy to pull up to the table at meal times.

8. Classic travel cot

The Classic Travel Cot offers great value for money and practical benefits. Constructed with four fine mesh sides and multi-locking mechanism for a safe and sturdy travel cot, it can also be used as a playpen.

  • Folds compactly for easy transportation and storage
  • Has a soft, padded mattress base that provides a comfortable sleeping place for your little one.
  • Padded frame that protects your child and covers which can be sponged clean.

Information about all products mentioned above can be found on the Mamas & Papas website.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2014-11-12 / 13:11

    Look at all that fun baby stuff. It makes me miss that age with my boys.

    • 2014-11-12 / 14:59

      I feel the same Robin… Hectic baby fever 😛 LOL!

  2. 2014-11-12 / 15:34

    They have so many fun things, like hte activity centers. I just love them!

  3. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-11-12 / 15:37

    Mamas & Papas have great products. I love the look of the pushchair you’ve featured.

  4. 2014-11-12 / 16:19

    These are really great products! I love that stroller.

  5. 2014-11-12 / 16:59

    I wish this was all available when i had kids, or even know about these resources. These products are great and i will pass them on.

  6. 2014-11-12 / 18:43

    They have such cute baby products and I love the name of the store as well 🙂

  7. 2014-11-12 / 19:08

    I always read reviews before shopping too! Thanks for your recommendation on this one. I will take a look!

  8. Catherine S
    2014-11-12 / 21:04

    They have some really great products. I don’t know what I would have done without my travel cot. It was great to have when we traveled to see family.

  9. Courtney
    2014-11-12 / 22:32

    So many fabulous things!!! That stroller though ahhh!!! If I had a little itty one… That would be mine 😉

  10. 2014-11-12 / 23:04

    Wow so amazing!! Love them 🙂 They are so cute and adorable! will def. check em out!

  11. 2014-11-13 / 02:09

    They have really nice quality product. It’s really nice that you discovered Mamas and Papas.

  12. 2014-11-13 / 02:37

    Oh these look some great baby products! Might make some good presents for my friends with newborns!

  13. Sandy
    2014-11-13 / 03:01

    With a new baby comes lots of new products. 🙂 It’s good to go to a store and have all the baby supplies and furniture there. It looks like you’ve found YOUR store.

  14. 2014-11-13 / 04:30

    I am not familiar with this store but it looks like they offer a nice selection.

  15. 2014-11-13 / 05:23

    Such cute things. I love seeing baby stuff! Makes me want another then I look at my son and all of that goes through the window. I’ll pass. Lol

  16. 2014-11-13 / 07:45

    Such an amazing store for first time parents, I really love all the products they sell!

  17. Elizabeth O
    2014-11-13 / 08:59

    Great review on these baby products. Top quality guaranteed.

  18. Pauline Cabrera
    2014-11-13 / 10:20

    That would be a good hand-me-down crib.

  19. 2014-11-13 / 19:08

    Never heard of this store, we were up in MN, maybe there was one at The Mall of America. Now we are in Florida, may be down here, my daughter just had her first baby, nice store for her.

  20. 2014-11-14 / 00:26

    What an awesome selection of baby items. I wish I would have heard of them when my kids were babies.

  21. 2014-11-14 / 00:36

    I love the wooden cradle. It reminds me of the one my dad made for me when i was expecting my son.

  22. 2014-11-14 / 02:24

    What a fun store! I’m not a mama yet but I def see some products on there that I would love if I ever take the leap!

  23. 2014-11-14 / 06:42

    I love reading reviews before making my purchases and with a baby shower coming up next month I appreciate your feedback on the Mamas and Papas brand

  24. 2014-11-14 / 13:36

    Hello where has this store been? We do not have one near but I’m in love with this store. I love shopping for baby stuff for baby showers. I’ll seek out Mamas & Papas

  25. klg1982
    2014-11-14 / 20:31

    I love my juice apple high chair!

  26. Juanita
    2015-07-10 / 14:08

    We loved them too. Got all the big ticket stuff from them. Cot, stroller, aton car seat….Not even 6 months later and the car seat’s sun visor is broken. They tell me it’s because of how I used it – REALLY! You think that someone that pays R3500 for something will handle it without care? I’d say its bad manufacturing. Read other reviews. This has happened before. Shudder to think what will go wrong if I start to use the stroller more often. And this brand is notorious for BAD customer service and after sales service.
    Cute is not always good and practical and durable – what I’ve learned the hard way 🙁

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