March Favorites

So I decided to start a new series on the blog. Every month I will be sharing my thoughts on the products I’m using or the places that I enjoy visiting with family. March has been an exciting but hectic month for me. I have so much to share but I’m just waiting for the right time. ๐Ÿ™‚

My March Favorites are all about skin care products for Kitana and I.

March favorites

I love trying new products especially when it comes to baby products. Kitana has sensitive skin, I have to keep changing products during summer and winter.

I’m obsessed with trying different hair shampoos on Kitana at the moment because honestly its difficult finding something that works for her. Her hair is very coarse and thin.

♥ I decided to buy the Organics strawberry flavoured kids shampoo and to be honest I’m happy with it. At first I was skeptical because I didn’t really enjoy their adult range but once I tried this, I loved it. The smell is amazing, her hair feels and looks great afterwards.

Organics kids shampoo

Oh-Lief was one of the first brands I was introduced to when I started blogging. I fell in love with their hand wash and creams but this product stands out for me. It’s difficult finding something that the entire family can use to prevent mosquito bites but this insect balm works like magic for me. Read my full review here.


♥ I never tried any Good Stuff brand products before. This was my first buy and I would buy it again! This hand wash leaves an amazing smell after every wash. I’m looking forward to trying more products from their range.

March favorites

♥ I never realised how amazing John Frieda products are until I tried the Frizz-Ease. I hate setting my hair because it always ends up frizzy but I realised finding the right product is so important. It really does make a difference.

John Frieda

Oh So Heavenly is one of my favorite brands. I love their adult and baby range. I think I tried most of their products but the body lotion is still one of my favorites. I love the smell and feel of my skin afterwards.

Oh So Heavenly

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  1. 2015-04-02 / 19:12

    Love that insect balm. Safe for the whole family. I use it on Nicky’s insect bites and for prevention as well.

  2. 2015-04-03 / 15:33

    I love seeing lists like this! The insect balm seems interesting. Definitely going to check that out.

  3. 2015-04-03 / 15:35

    Those stuff looks great and you had great picks. I like the lotion looks good smell and my wife would love this.

  4. Paula Parker
    2015-04-03 / 16:14

    What great products! I love the strawberry kids shampoo. I will try it on my hair. I find that kids shampoo is great on my hair. Thanks for a new product to try out!

  5. 2015-04-03 / 16:35

    I love Bee Natural products they are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these other awesome products! Some of them I’ve never heard of before!

  6. 2015-04-03 / 16:35

    That’d strawberry kids shampoo looks so great! I’ve never seen that before. I’m always looking for new shampoos for my kiddos!

  7. Rosey
    2015-04-04 / 03:53

    I’d like to pick up the Strawbelicious. I love hearing about new products!

  8. Michele D
    2015-04-04 / 04:31

    Would love to try the insect balm. You don’t how many times my daughter comes home from school with little bites from playing outdoors.

  9. 2015-04-04 / 05:31

    Great favorites! I need to check Oh-Lief out, I’m in the market for a good buy repeller right now <3

  10. 2015-04-04 / 15:48

    These sound like all great products indeed. I would love to try John Frieda products for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight
    2015-04-04 / 15:52

    Mosquito bites are the worst. I have scars on my legs from itching, scratching, bleeding bites. I will have to give the balm a try. Thanks for sharing!

  12. 2015-04-04 / 18:31

    Is it wrong that I want to try out the Organics shampoo even though I’m not a kid? I want a strawberry scented shampoo!

  13. 2015-04-04 / 20:28

    Looks like some great products!!! I wanna try out that strawberry shampoo! I bet you my princess would absolutely love it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. 2015-04-05 / 02:09

    Ooooh that Good Stuff hand wash is my fave!! Sometimes, I find myself using it even though my hands aren’t dirty, just so I can smell that lovely scent… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 2015-04-05 / 03:18

    I bet my daughter would love the Organic Kids shampoo / conditioner. Sounds right up her alley.

  16. 2015-04-08 / 05:49

    These stuff you have here looks great. I’m sure my daughter would also love the OrganicS Strawberry Shampoo.

  17. 2015-04-08 / 21:44

    I love the Oh So Heavenly range as well! The smell is yummy and leaves my skin smelling and feeling great!

    Thanx for the feedback on what to use for frizzy hair. I got a problem with frizz and have tried many anti-frizz products with no success however I am eager to try the John Frieda Frizz-Ease since your word says it really makes a difference!

  18. 2015-04-21 / 09:57

    I love the Organics Strawberry Shampoo. Mila’s hair smells so great.

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