Milk for Change – Are you doing your bit in the community?

“Sometimes it’s not all about us, it’s about noticing an opportunity to make a change”. Kabelo, Milk for Change video.

As mothers, we are always worried about our kids and their future in this country. Sometimes we forget that making a difference in our community can help create a better future for our kids.

You don’t have to be a doctor or a politician to do your part in the community.

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Kabelo, Milk for Change video.

I didn’t realize what a big difference a carton of milk I donated recently could make to someone else’s life.

Milk for Change – Are you doing enough?

That carton of milk may have helped a child in a rural area who was lacking vitamins and nutrients needed to concentrate in school.

That carton of milk may have helped someone to make a pot of porridge to feed their family for supper.

I made a BIG difference that cost me a few rands which I would have spent anyway at the store buying something unnecessary.

Are we doing enough in our country?

Are we helping in making the change we want to see?

Occasionally I feel like we as a country is moving backwards, especially when I read the newspaper and see the trending articles on twitter but then I find brands like Tetra Pak that are doing amazing things who are genuinely making an effort to help us move forward.

Milk for Change – Are you doing enough?

These are the topics that need to trend on social media!

Tetra Pak, in partnership with Feed SA, initiated a campaign recently called Milk for Change.

A simple initiative that aimed to fight undernourishment among South Africa’s larger communities and to educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of long life milk.

Milk for Change collected long life milk donations by consumers across the country and donated it to the communities in need.

Do you know the benefit of having a glass of milk every day?

Milk for change

Tetra Pak committed to donating 10 000 litres of long life milk alongside donations by Clover, Parmalat and Woodlands to kick-start the process, bringing the initial donation to 33 000 litres.

Did you know?

Long life milk is the same milk by a different process.

Gisele Gurgel, marketing director of Tetra Pak South Africa says“Because of the packaging technology, it is convenient because it can be stored for longer. It’s available everywhere, because it can easily be transported where it is needed, and for longer distances as it doesn’t require refrigeration. Many families around South Africa don’t have adequate access to the infrastructure to store liquids and foods, or nearby commercial facilities to make them available. Long life milk is an ideal way to overcome those challenges.”

Milk and dairy products are nutrient dense. They provide high-quality protein and micronutrients in an easily absorbed form that can benefit both nutritionally vulnerable people and healthy people.

Milk is an ideal source of protein and calcium, and also contains a range of essential vitamins and minerals.

The next time you purchase a carton of milk, think about the difference you can make by simply being part of an initiative like Milk for Change.

To find out more about how you can assist, visit the website –

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  1. 2016-06-24 / 20:47

    That is great! I love that you’re helping shine a spotlight on this! I’m going to see if we have any sorts of programs like this in my area. We can always do more!

  2. 2016-06-24 / 20:56

    I have never heard of this program before. I wonder if we have anything like that here in Canada but this would be such a great program that could help so many people .

  3. 2016-06-24 / 21:54

    I didn’t know about this and will have to see if they are doing this in my area. Iowa does have a lot of cows so there should be plenty of milk to go around 🙂

  4. 2016-06-24 / 22:07

    We do not have that milk brand here, but I love what they’re doing. My husband so that we can so I have been in the country and there is a lot of turmoil and I’m glad that there is good there too.

  5. 2016-06-25 / 01:58

    I haven’t seen that milk brand around our stores. I love what they are doing though!

  6. 2016-06-25 / 20:21

    That is so cool! I love seeing people working together to do good things for the community and for other people.

  7. 2016-06-25 / 21:05

    Thats pretty awesome and i agree, we do need to make things like these go viral rather than celebs and things that dont make sense.

    Id love to help, im going to look into a program here.

  8. 2016-06-26 / 00:21

    This is an awesome idea. I love buying products that I know help contribute to those in need. Poverty is everywhere and your right if everyone in the community helped it would make a difference.

  9. 2016-06-26 / 12:03

    I don’t think I have seen this brand from our stores here. I love to help whenever I can. I am glad there are campaigns like this to help those who are in need.

  10. 2016-06-26 / 17:15

    It never fails to warm my heart when I learn about organizations or people who do their best to make a difference. We also help as much as we can.

  11. 2016-06-27 / 09:02

    What an awesome idea! It’s such a win/win for everyone involved! Will look into more of this! Thanks for the awesome motivation!

  12. 2016-06-27 / 15:36

    These are the topics that should be trending on social media. Growing up my mom taught me that change should start in my own backyard first.

    This is great, we don’t have this brand in my area.

  13. 2016-06-28 / 20:27

    Kudos to Tetra Pak for launching the campaign of Milk For Change.There are really a lot of people who needs our help and we should do our little part to contribute.

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