Milton introduces convenience & shorter sterilisation times.

Milton has launched a range to make sterilizing so much easier.

Milton Combi Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser
• Gives mum flexibility to switch between 2 popular methods of sterilisation.
• Unique, patented safety vent technology – automatic pop up vents allows safe pressure build-up in the microwave.
• stays sterile for 24 hours if left unopened
• Unique twist & lock lid – 100% spill free thus no risk of spillages in the kitchen
• Strong carry handle so it’s portable and easy to move around the kitchen
• Uni-directional design – can fit into all microwaves
• Adaptable to fit all bottle types – 5 wide neck bottles (240ml).
• Bright, modern design
• Free accessories – supplied with free tongs and Milton Sterilising Tablets 28’s
• RRSP R378,99

Combi Steriliser white box RET

Mini Soother Steriliser
• Unique method to safely sterilise soothers in and out of home)
• Unique twist and lock lid – 100% watertight, no risk of spills and perfect to pop in your change bag
• Innovative sponge – helps remove dirt from baby’s soothers and absorb the solution to avoid spills
• Integral carry strap – clips easily to handbags, pushchairs, prams, change bags etc…
• Use with Milton Mini-Tablets 50’s – fill with water, add one Mini Tablet and after 15 minutes the soother is sterile. Renew every 24 hours
• Small and portable – easy to use anywhere
• RRSP R104.49

Milton mini soother steriliser Blue Ret


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Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets 50’S
• Complementary new product, specifically developed for use with the Milton Soother Steriliser
• Available in packs of 50 tablets
• Easy to use:
– Remove sponges and fill Mini with cold water to fill level
– Add one Mini-Tablet
– Replace the sponges
– Add soother
– Wait for 15 minutes
– Ready to use
• RRSP R39.59

Mini UK tablet carton

Milton Solo Microwave or Cold water Travel Steriliser
• Gives mum flexibility to choose 2 popular methods
• Unique, patented safety vent technology – Automatic pop up vents allows safe pressure build-up in the microwave by gently releasing excess steam. This means more heat is created in the unit which, in turn, means better sterilisation and maximum protection for babies
• Unique twist & lock lid – 100% Watertight, no risk of spillages in your kitchen.
• Unique design – Fits most size bottles on the market
• Can be positioned sideways to fit most microwaves
• For travel, overnight stays or days out – Convenient to sterilise a single bottle whenever you need it
• Sterile for longer
• RRSP R164.99


Milton Sterilising Surface Spray
• Multi- Purpose Sterilising Surface Spray especially formulated for Babies
• Convenience – no mixing & diluting with water required
• Kills 99,9% of germs
• SABS/NRCS registered & will carry SABS logo (endorsement & credibility)
• Available in 500ml trigger spray bottle size
• RRSP R32.99



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