Mio’s Fit Skin For Life

Mio was first introduced as Mama Mio – which was originally developed to protect skin and body from the ravages wrought during pregnancy. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant! I definitely needed some help with cellulite and “love” marks. I found out about this brand recently when I came across tweets from South African Bloggers (Yes, I’ve lived under a rock for the past couple years).

Mio now offers something for the “everyday woman” who needs a little TLC to help her feel and look better. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I kept thinking: “What is all this noise about?”

Mio fit skin for life review

I’m one of those picky “eaters” who doesn’t taste everything at a buffet. I always look at the packaging of a product first before I purchase, because for me that plays a big role in whether I want to try the product or not. I guess it’s not suppose to be that way but who doesn’t love good packaging?

Mio deserves an award for eye-catching packaging, it screams out “pick me” and can be noticed from a distance. This fit skin for life kit is perfect to carry on holiday especially when you limited for space. The kit can literally fit in my handbag. It gives me the option to use it when I want, wherever I want 😉 … Gym of course haha! 😛

What’s in the kit?

1. Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer 30 ml 

mio Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer

Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer keeps delicate skin toned, bright and crinkle-free, plus gives super sag protection.

I love that it keeps lines and crinkles at bay so thin skin stays smooth. I’m not at this stage yet but it’s great to know I have a protection before I get there. Many of us are so self-conscious about our bodies, especially our breasts.

This product also helps with healthier, fitter, glowing skin within days. I decided to let my mom review it because I’m still breastfeeding and thus far, she’s enjoying it!

2. The Activist firming active body oil 30 ml

After taking the questionnaire on Mio’s website, my result was The Activist.

Mio fit skin for life review

The Activist firming active body oil

Mio says The Activist is “firming and strengthening superfood for dry skin.” I definitely agree with this because I can already see a difference. I’ve always had dry skin and even in summer it doesn’t get any better.

What it helps with:

– Strengthens, moisturises and nourishes dry, stressed skin.
– Vitamins and antioxidants restore elasticity and firmness.
– Sinks in quickly and smells completely gorgeous!

This is the best resilience-building antioxidant body oil you will ever use; seals in vital moisture for strong, supple skin.

Mio believes Strong is the new skinny and I have to say I love that slogan! I would invest in my skin any day over a new pair of guess jeans.

3. Workout Wonder invigorating muscle motivating gel 30 ml 

Mio Workout Wonder invigorating muscle motivating gel

Workout Wonder boosts you into action pre-workout and helps you recover quicker with an uplifting cocktail of herbs and extracts. It’s basically an energy shot for your muscles. I absolutely love how this absorbs into the skin and I will suggest this to anyone who works out.

All of Mio’s body care products are facial quality. That means they put the same amount of care, attention and expense into making Boob Tube+ as the cosmetic giants do into making their eye cream.

You can find your nearest stockists here or shop online at Wellness Warehouse. For my international readers you can visit Mio’s official website.

Have you tried Mio yet?

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  1. 2014-11-07 / 10:57

    I find Mio’s products unique and pretty creative – for instance, the Boob Tube.
    It’s great that women have more options skin care options out there in the market. I love how different brands are developing better products, too. Mio had me at the Muscle Motivating Gel and yeah, the Boob Tube.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    2014-11-07 / 13:40

    I need some of that firming cream. It sounds perfect for my hamhocks.

    • Courtney
      2014-11-07 / 14:04

      Love all.things skincare and this just sounds fabulous!!! Definitely looking into it!!!

  3. Fi Ní Neachtáin
    2014-11-07 / 16:00

    I’m so terrible when it comes to skincare and looking after my skin, I guess I’m just too lazy to invest in keeping it as great as it can be. These products do sound great though!

  4. 2014-11-07 / 17:22

    I agree that they have enticing packaging. This would really be excellent in toning the body and taking care of the skin.

  5. 2014-11-07 / 18:16

    I have not heard of this before.. i will pass it to my wife.. who likes to know about these products..

  6. Catherine S
    2014-11-07 / 18:53

    They all sound like great products. I just started workout out again so I would like to try the Workout Wonder.

  7. 2014-11-07 / 19:18

    I don’t consider myself vain, but I think I want to try one of those. We all deserve a little pampering sometimes, right? 🙂

    • 2014-11-12 / 16:23

      It’s amazing!!!

  8. 2014-11-08 / 02:33

    This is great, I haven’t heard of it but now am thinking it is something I should try! Thanks for the great review.

  9. 2014-11-08 / 03:47

    I love the look of the products, I would definitely notice it on a shelf.

  10. 2014-11-08 / 05:31

    I have not heard of Mio before. It looks like a great product line. I would love to try it.

  11. edwardsmom
    2014-11-08 / 05:34

    My skin can use some help. Old age is setting in here lol 🙂 Thanks!

  12. 2014-11-08 / 05:52

    It’s funny how much a name change can make a difference. I’m actually likely to try it now.

  13. 2014-11-08 / 05:56

    This sounds like the type of product every pregnant woman should use, the name change was also pretty smart; it sounded kind of like a restaurant with the Mama in it.

  14. Pauline C.
    2014-11-08 / 08:09

    Heard rave reviews about Mio products before. I’ll check them out soon!:)

    • 2014-11-12 / 16:23

      You should, it’s worth it! 🙂

  15. 2014-11-08 / 08:24

    I’ll definitely have to look into these products. I guess we all need some anti-aging / firming products. i’m curious about the boob tube.. though i’m hoping that since i don’t have much boob.. that it won’t be sagging much either. 😛

  16. Elizabeth O
    2014-11-08 / 13:27

    No, I haven’t tried Mio but some friends recommend it.

  17. 2014-11-08 / 19:46

    It seems I have been living under a rock too! The Skincare line sounds amazing

  18. lalegil
    2014-11-08 / 21:40

    I seriously need to start taking care of my skin. Im one of those who doesn’t use any cream and goes to bed with makeup on

  19. 2014-11-08 / 23:24

    I have never heard of these products before but sounds like a brand to definitely look into.

  20. 2014-11-09 / 02:52

    Oooh this is good. Never heard of it but I’m interested. 🙂

  21. 2014-11-09 / 04:55

    For me, too! Packaging does a big role in making me entice to try and go ahead and buy the product. That kit looks so simple but great. It’s perfect to bring during travels.

  22. 2014-11-09 / 09:55

    I have always been a fan of their products, especially their Tummy Rub Oil. I used it throughout my second pregnancy and I didn’t even get one stretch mark. I didn’t know that they slightly changed the name of their line. 🙂


  23. 2014-11-09 / 09:59

    I bet my oldest would like this. Happy to hear about (I haven’t until now).

  24. 2014-11-09 / 19:41

    Sounds like a great product based on your review. This will be a nice present for moms. 🙂

  25. Melissa Smith
    2014-11-09 / 21:21

    I’ve never heard of this line of products before, but they sound amazing! Especially that Boob Tube! After three kids, I think i need it.

  26. 2014-11-10 / 07:23

    Sounds like really great skin care products! Something to keep in mind!

  27. 2014-11-13 / 19:44

    It sounds like a product I would really LOVE. Thanks for sharing the info and I will look for it!

  28. 2014-11-14 / 00:53

    This looks like good stuff. I haven’t thought about my skin for awhile, it just quit bothering me.

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