Dear mom, you deserve the night off!

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Sometimes we feel too guilty to even say this out loud – I need a break! I am tired of cooking and changing dirty diapers – because mothers are not allowed to take a day/or night off – right?


Every mom deserves a break. You shouldn’t even have to think about it twice.

I don’t understand why some people still define moms as women who should do nothing else but cook and clean.


Do what works for you and your family.

Don’t let others tell you how to mother.


Sometimes motherhood feels as if you are stuck in a routine that you follow every single day. It makes you forget how to smile and enjoy the little moments.

Wake up. Feed the kids. Bath the kids. Change the kids. Cook and Clean until the day is over.

It becomes Overwhelming. Lonely… and Messy.

Sometimes I feel as if I am stumbling through this journey. I forget about myself and get angry at everyone around me because I am just purely exhausted.

Tired of the same routine. Tired of cooking… And I’m tired of thinking about what to cook…

The truth is that I don’t like cooking on a Friday night, but my kids need to eat so I always look for easy meals.

McCain reminded me that I don’t need to cook dinner tonight if I don’t really feel like it.

Fridays can be Fry yays with McCain’s easy, healthy, tasty and delicious range of products that help make cooking fun again!

Instead of spending 5 hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, spend 15 minutes and whip up something delicious that will make everyone happy at home and give you time to relax and unwind. Maybe with a glass of wine? TV? Or how about a bubble bath?

So, what’s for dinner tonight?

McCain Spicy Big Bites with Peri-Peri chicken for Mom and Dad and McCain Skinny French Fries and chicken for the kids.

I always find myself reaching for a McCain product when I’m rushing to cook before the kids fall asleep or when everyone stares at me with their hangry faces waiting!

Having 3 kids has taught me that perfection doesn’t exist in motherhood especially in the kitchen. I’ve got fussy eaters in my house; so sometimes quick meals are the only option to survive a tantrum. Let’s face it – who doesn’t love potatoes. And the beauty is that McCain has something for everyone.

McCain has 5 different potato options for you so that Fridays quick dinner meals will never be boring again. Mix and try new things with the products so you still have that nutritious meal you want your family to eat.

Don’t let others judge you for what you feed your kids because you know them best. Use McCain and #MakeItYours😊 Change it, spruce it, spice it and just define it.

Here’s to celebrating a weekend of MOM and taking a break from the kitchen!

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