10 things Mom REALLY wants this Valentine’s Day

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It has been 8 months since I gave birth to my third child and a lot has changed at home… yes, A LOT! I know I haven’t been blogging much lately and there is a reason behind that which I will share with you soon.

10 things Mom REALLY wants this Valentine’s Day

I’ve been living in sweat pants and walking around with dark circles under my eyes. I have no energy… to even pee anymore. I thought pregnancy was hard… postpartum with three kids is worse.

My house has been invaded by little humans who take up my space and my… everything! I know, I know… I am complaining too much but the truth is this mom could do with some alone time.

Dear Husband,

What your wife really wants this Valentine’s day…

10 things Mom REALLY wants this Valentine’s Day

1. A day off – one with NO responsibilities, No wiping butts or cleaning dirty toilets and no obligation to cook.

2. I would really love it if you would put the toilet seat down, refill the toilet roll holder and TURN OFF THAT LIGHT. Yes, that bathroom light you keep forgetting! Just for one day. Please…

3. A full day/night with you – JUST YOU, no kids. (Don’t get me wrong – I love my kids – it’s just that I need you too – and they would love some quality time with the grandparents…)

4. I’d like you to offer to fold the laundry, give me a foot massage and hand me the TV remote.

5. Sexy underwear! I’ve been stuck in granny panties and breastfeeding bras for the last couple months; I NEED some sexy underwear.

6. Dinner – You don’t have to bother about the fancy restaurants. All I want is a dinner where I don’t have to worry about a crying baby (because babies always cry when they see their moms eating) spills on the floor or a toddler who needs their food cut up. Cook me dinner with very little clothes on, but also, clean the kitchen up afterwards… to my standards.

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7. A lingering kiss – Like the kiss we shared on our first date. The one that gives me butterflies in my tummy.

8. Hot steamy sex! Not the “OH the kids are about to wake up sex”.

Valentine’s day

9. Look into my eyes and tell me how much you appreciate me.

10. I want to have an uninterrupted night of sleep – for at least 8 hours. Book me a hotel room if you can – in a fancy hotel. 😉

What would you love for your spouse to gift you with this Valentine’s Day?

Okay, now let’s hope my mother-in-law is not reading this post…

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  1. michelle thomas
    2016-02-09 / 19:06

    I would love a spa day for valentines day, being a mom keeps me sooooo busy

  2. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-02-09 / 19:32

    Love this post. We wife’s and mothers all just want the simple things and you just summed it up perfectly

  3. Carolyn Augustus
    2016-02-09 / 19:34

    I want quality time with my man and we don’t even have to do anything also but be together.

  4. Ruweida Muhammad
    2016-02-09 / 20:45

    I would love a full body massage; and a break from the kitchen.

  5. Ronnae Elliott
    2016-02-09 / 21:02

    To go to the movies

  6. Candice Challis
    2016-02-10 / 08:01

    I need a pamper day. Hair, Nails, etc. I haven’t had all this done in ages and it would make a world of difference to my mood.

  7. 2016-02-10 / 09:00

    Family Date: Get the kids involved! Help them plan a romantic dinner for my Family and I at home. They can make spaghetti with my supervision wink emoticon Decorate placemats…Set the table…Serve us dinner and serenade us while we eat heart emoticon Because after all, they’re the reason we celebrate…..right? It would be awfully boring with out them!

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