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YOU, BABY AND I was created to build a support network for moms through the journey of motherhood.

We believe that every mom needs a tribe.

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MEET SHAN (Founder/Editor):

Hi, I am Shan.

I am a Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur. I’m the Co-founder of the award-winning blog – You, Baby and I. The aim of YBI is to share real stories and help moms discover new products and services. I created Momsays to assist brands with strategic and effective marketing – especially to first-time moms. Moms are market influencers and some of the most effective marketers in the world!

Meet Nadia (FOCUS: FOOD)

Photo credit: Madison&West

Hi, My name is Nadia.

I am a stay at home mum to two amazing little girls. My personality is a mass of contradictions, the most glaringly obvious being that I am an introvert and yet I choose to blog about my parenting journey and share my life on social media. I am also passionate about good food, fresh produce, and home cooking. If there’s a new product in the food aisles, you can be sure that I will test it out.


Photo credit: Odette Johaar Photography

Hi, My name is Eleanor.

A crazy-haired craft-obsessed mom from the Eastern Cape, who believes in the power of laughter, kindness and flavoured coffee. I come from a DIY focused family, both of my parents are “makers” and I grew up believing that with some thought and elbow grease I could create anything I wanted. From clothes to furniture and my ultimate favourite, gifts. My straight-laced former soldier husband is still working on ignoring the mess my son and I inevitably create but it’s all in good fun and helps me live a “champagne lifestyle on a beer budget”.

Meet MARI-LOUISE (Focus: Products and Travel)

Photo credit: Madison&West

Hi, My name is Mari-Louise.

A proudly South African, Pretoria mom who hates warm drinks and can’t eat enough salted tomatoes. In my pre-baby life I used to be a teacher, I used to be an artist, a world-traveller and semi-party animal. Then on the 13th of February 2012, life changed forever! Little Eliana Maria a.k.a Pickle, made me a Mamma (Most amazing title ever, right up there with becoming a Mrs. – EST. 2008). Fast forward a couple of years and a truck load of ups and downs to now… I am still married to Mr. Perfect, the Candi-clan is growing strong with the addition of Miss Lia Alexandra a.k.a Lillipit, back in October of 2014 and our calm cutie Ava Loïs in July of 2017.

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